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Well, Kess does have the sense of a cabbage head at times πŸ˜›

As a vegetable, it still counts as a sentient being. Remember that with your next serving of coleslaw. ^__^

Why I got the feeling this isn’t gonna end well ?

I particularly love the way Ennek and Shie are glaring at Kess to make sure she won’t tell where Kilani is. As if both were saying “Kess, don’t even think about it”. Yes Kess, time to put your sisterly love to the test πŸ™‚

Like in mostly all battle. Sending a diplomat to ensure less casulties as possible. Like Troy or 300. And we all know how it ended XD. i hope im mistaken on this situation though.

*Looks at Cinder’s comment* Dirty tiger…really? That’s the best she could come up with? I mean there’s several potential insults, such as flea-ridden mongrels, feral savages, rug mats.

Also, is the cabbage referring the her head or her chest size? XD

I imagine the dragons have the upper hand in this fight as there are three earth dragons, and based on the dialogue, it appears that the tigers have little to no experience when fighting them. Also, totally stoked about seeing yet another amazing update. Now then, if you’ll excuse me…TO THE PATREON!!! *Fleas*

Thanks for your support! And chest size? I’ve never heard of cabbage–or ANY vegetable–being used as a euphemism for breasts. I think Kess might just resent being referred to as a leafy green vegetable when she’s clearly a carnivore. ^__^

What about melons? Some are considered a vegetable. XD
Also, don’t some tigers eat vegetables or are they all carnivores?

Hmm…interesting to note Kenzi’s (that’s her name, right?) reaction to seeing “yellowy” dragons, when apparently none of the other Tigers has even heard of them before. It’s been a while since I read the archives, but did she have any personal encounters of note with Earth Dragons? O.O

With any luck, we might learn more about what’s going on in Kenzi’s mind… ~__^

If I may, personal theory says that Kanti came home from the big battle (in chapter one) and told her sister, Kenzi, that they saw (and killed) a dragon type they had never seen before. Now, Kenzi’s remembering the story. Just a theory.

Interesting idea, though Kenzi and Kanti’s path haven’t been shown to have crossed yet. And even then, during Kanti’s exposure to Gaia, Gaia’s powers had been stripped. All she would’ve seen would’ve been a yellowy Dragon, but would have had no idea what she was about. As for whether, as a bard, she knows a song about those mysterious yellow Dragons…

Since time frame of the story is questionable, who’s to say that Kenzi’s group wasn’t in the village when Kanti’s group came back, before they left to rescue the others (since page 106 clearly shows kanti’s group)? During said time, some information could have been relayed about a mysterious yellow dragon, and coupled with song and potentially watching them rebuilding the wall, would know that they are earth dragons. Again, a theory.

Haaaah, interesting how just one letter off is something completely different XD And then which syllables to stress or not can do the same thing. And ooo, I think Kenzi might be remembering something from one of Kanti’s songs~ πŸ˜€

Kess’ new nickname is now Cabbage :V Thanks, Cinder!

Tigerian is full of those linguistic landmines. And as for “Cabbage,” if Kess survives this, it might stick. ^__^

Ooh, kind of like the German words for “love” (liebe) and “corpse” (leibe) differ only in the pronunciation of the vowels? =D

Ooh, great example! ^o^

English is called “The Great Prostitute” by translators, interpreters, and other language experts because it takes from and gives to every other language it bumps into.
From Paul Harvey:
“In what other language can your house burn down and burn up at the same time?
When the stars come out, they shine. When a lamp goes out, it doesn’t.
Your feet smell and your nose runs.
Blackberries… they are red when they’re green.”

Oh dear. They seem confused about Yellow Dragons. Seems the Dragon Race might have an ace with an “unknown”….

Lady Red’s decision may pay off yet. ^__^

Dun, dun, DUNNNN!

And what’s this? A Patreon Page? :3

It certainly is! You can pledge your support on a per-page basis to help fund the comic.

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