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Ummm… what IS Jabby? He seems to have a serious mustache poking over that scarf of his, but it also looks like he has a reptile tail…

I get the feeling she means break in literally. Also….why must the bunnies be so sexy *stares at cute bunny tail*

Because bunnies are like the symbol for anything sexual.They have like soooo much um……intercourse…O_O

but what about the kitties or puppies….mmmm, Dawn *stares at one of Bernal’s best, distracted*

lol I’m guessing beastiality feddishes,but don’t get any strange thoughts ok? ^_^

you did not just say that. Time for a lesson on the English language.

Beastiality: sex with HAIRY PEOPLE
Bestiality: sex with animals (note the missing a)
Furry: the common slang for Anthropomorph. What you would get if you took a random mammal (Lizards are scaleys and avians are featheries) and forced them to evolve to the same evolutionary plateau we occupy while keeping them in an environment that would prevent the loss of animalistic traits such as bunny ears and tail, border collie’s muzzle, cats’ eyes, etc. In other words, a sentient humanoid animal. note the word SENTIENT in this definition. Congratulations, you’ve just passed The Difference Between Bestiality and Beastiality 101 *nods*

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