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wow, i though some serious love triangle was gonna form, thankfully the date ended so quickly~

Yeah but won’t something happen with like Quick going with the mouse chick?

Yer, things could get complicated pretty quickly. Lessee, Quick digs Chrissy, but might end up digging the mouse-girl, too; Chrissy is digging the teacher but might end up digging Quick instead(and then ending up fighting the mouse-girl over him, and being angry with him for not taking her out), and the teacher, jealous of Quick’s influence on Chrissy, might do his part in making Quick’s life hell.

Things are about to get interesting, whatever the case… *watches intently*

I wonder what Chrissy will do once she gets home and finds that Quick had tickets for her, but went out on a date with someone else. More importantly, will she find out that Skye is the one who set him up on his date and that he wasn’t looking for it.

Side note: I wonder just how long Reiko is going to let this go on. Then again, she does seem to like tormenting Quick, doesn’t she?

For those at home who are just joining…
Collecting what, exactly?

“quality time” with nekonny

quality time is that what we’re calling it now? Oh wow.


Poor Nekonny is gonna be the center of a Cat-Astrophe after the catastrophe lol

Yeah, he’s definitely gonna be feline it.

Aw, man. I was hoping for some twin incest yuri T^T

And as for collecting, good luck getting passed Kimi.

Two dual wielding sword pros that would destroy the universe for him, I’m pretty sure Kimi would end up half dead… Just sayin

And she’s the chosen one that transformed them into those sword wielders. So needless to say, she can turned them back into ordinary cats if she wanted to.

You say that as if turning them back into ordinary cats wouldn’t make things harder for her.

Although the arm issue on muna’s 3rd panel clothing is fixed, the right leg is not clothed like it should be

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