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Okay, situation is getting sad, but at least it makes sense, unlike half of the sitcoms EVER. At least she knows he likes her. And it seems that she may like him to some degree as well…

Thank you for writing this strip so well. I am able to love it so much more with the situations that are relatively commonplace, but you write them in an original way that makes sense! WAHOO!!!… sorry. But I like it that much. hehe :] (blush)

This may be a stupid question…What does ODST mean?

“Orbital Drop Shock Trooper”

I like these heavy things x3

Just so I’m clear… Which one is which?

I think Muna is the blonde, and Mika is the silver haired one.

wether those “things” are heavy or not trust me girls they are what “gets you noticed” XD

xD Girls, keep your minds on the task at hand. You can compare and contrast them later 😉

outfits remind me of Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

How so? symphogear’s are much more bulky. Unless you mean the base leotard that wear

I feel I should run through the entire archives just to count the number of times…

Wish there was a archive setup here. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the comic after 5+ new pages everyday so far.

There is i had to read it to catch up on what i missed it should normally be in the middle in white box in between the arrows, but for the life of me i cant seem to find that box on my computer, on my android device its there so i no clue where it went to.. and loving the arc so far although i just thought something that Cecilla hasn’t turned anyone into right now and i checked… can you guess what she hasn’t turned everyone into yet…

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