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Ok i like this direction better we finally get to see what happen with Cody and Crissy, It explains alot that kinda money would change most people and it sounds like it got to the point where he just thought he could have what ever he wanted and do what he wanted and thats where Crissy came in. Power can be a real bitch like that, Ya’know

ok, now I’m really confused. there is too much going on at once in this cahpter. FIND A PLOTLINE AND STICK WITH IT!

Ah the power of Greed in money, I think I know what happens next…. Cody’s Father gave his son some money to let him buy a engagement ring and a wedding ring and to plan a wedding and moving to a new home after college(maybe), but Chrissy was thinking it was too early or not ready for it yet, and Cody was in FULL RAGE mode and probably after that he is a complete jerk after that situation…

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