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Anything for that good time Reiko. Kidding aside, I’m surprised that they’re actually heading out to class, and Pysch too. A little boring when I took it. Also,dang Reiko. Is it just me or did they get bigger?

Yeah she’s totally like that…only if it gets her close to Skye XD

At the risk of getting shot…

If she’s not like that now, she probably will be by the time Rei get’s done with her…..

First test: Jumping Jacks then we’ll really see them bounce. Knowing our luck the next page will cut away to Quick and Crissy or something like that, Then we’ll see the aftermath of what happened between these two lovely ladies later.

Oh Rei your such a tease and thats just the way we love you.

Panel Level 1: Fan: Hey, I didn’t ask you to those are some nice assets you got there, eh?
Reiko: So you like?

Panel Level 2: Fan: Yes, I… wait, I don’t swing that way!
Skye: Yeah, right, aaanyway, we have class, so..

Panel Level 3: Fan: On second thought I do!
Reiko: Listen, how about we see if you’re ready for this, and if you are, you can come with both of us.

Panel Level 4: Fan: … Wait, what?
Reiko: (puts on sunglasses) Yahtzee.

Reiko is getting a little “chunky” at the waist/hips/legs area… >.>

u think she’s bad, have u seen thunder th- I mean Jazmin… we’re talking a new rank in big right there. *turns around at Jazmin* Mercy….?
*channel 32 news reporter: and in other news a 21 year old males was just shot lsate last night, we’re not sure what happened but we did find what appears to be pink hair at the scene of the crime, that’s all for now.*

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