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Rascals Pg 153: Release the… RAVIN!

Rascals Pg 153: Release the… RAVIN! published on 62 Comments on Rascals Pg 153: Release the… RAVIN!

Mastergodai:  Heh Done  took a bit to do this due to a horrid head cold enjoy folks and also Rascals: Goyoku’s Prolouge has begun check it out !

Edit: * Due to numerous complaints I have translated the line to English  i deeply Apoligize if it Offended anyone * – MG

Crimson: Yeah, speaking of Project Zero and Goyoku, partner… furs, there are a few things you guys may or may not know about the Bonus Comics. So here I am, to make sure we’re all on the same page. Have a seat and buckle up; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Bonus Comics, which are gonna be Project Zero, Goyoku, KnuckleUp, Strype Force and Rascals: Under Covers, will all be posted onto the site on their own individual pages here on Petite Symphony… after they have been paid for via cumulative donations into the site via the buttons provided, with the assistance of PayPal. Here’s what that means; you see the total prices there on the buttons? If the TOTAL donations that we receive for any one specific comic reaches the price listed, we post another page, on Tuesdays, for whichever one reached that total. If it’s Project Zero that got to the price, we post another page of that comic the next Tuesday; if it’s Goyoku or any of the others (when they’re ready!), then we post that next comic page. As Godai mentioned, and you all have seen, we’re also posting small three-page free prologues for each of the comics, so that you guys get a little idea of what’s going on… but we need your help, guys, if the bonus comics are gonna continue. We’ve got a lot in store for everyone, and Rascals will ALWAYS be gratis, no matter what… but we really want to expand what we can do for Rascals and for all of our fans. And we need your support and help in that regard.

If anyone has any more questions, just login to the PS Forum; there’s an area where I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can, regarding the Bonus Comics and their future, as well as other stuff about Rascals, to a point, heh. Can’t give EVERYTHING away, yanno? Have fun with Cody’s whupping; we all know you wanted it to happen, anyway…


things are starting to turn up
and what did Raven say?

O.O; ooohhh kay then #1 who the heck is Jackson? That got paid to track down Chrissy for that miscreant Cody? Aaaand is Ravin actually starting the “Downtown stomp” on Cody’s Misbeggoten miserable face?!?? STAY TUNED Folks!!!

And just as the smoke starts to clear here comes the fire starter once again, but this time it’s a cute villian. I’m really a sucker for an a** of a bad guy, it makes the character, and Cody has it down to the last fur on his tail. He’s just a sign that looks aren’t everything, don’t trust a beautiful face. I think he had that punch coming, good job Ravin, I applaud the use of I believe German?

Keep up the great work Godai and Crimson, I look forward to the next update. ^^

The dude’s still standing? Somewhere out there, Captain Falcon is disappointed.

Hauen sie, arschloch?!?! wtf should it be german? i don’t understand that….greets from Hamburg, Germany

Welcome from USA, Plauschi. We’re not linguists; I am a writer and Godai is an artist. Most times, we have little resources when it comes to languages. Thanks for being a fan.


I don’t think that’s fair. As the writer it’s your job to research if you’re going to use German or any other language. “Welcome to the internet” doesn’t mean much since the internet is multilingual and multiregional.
No need to be a butt just because an actual German pointed out it didn’t make sense in his/her native language. Why not just ask them what the actual translation is for future reference?

Still a fan, though. Looking forward to the bonus paid comics too! I’m always happy to support stuff like this if it means getting more into the world you guys have built. ;D

Boobles, I am not “being a butt”. However, this has come up EVERY SINGLE TIME we happen to use something other than English. The internet is multiregional, yes, but we are not multilingual. Sometimes, we screw up a particular statement in another tongue. But we can’t ask for translations for EVERY language we are going to use, because it’s a single statement. Ravin is not going to say that again; it’s not a repeatable catchphrase. So future reference really doesn’t mean much… and I don’t know someone that knows German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Perhaps you do, and if so, please let me know. Until that point, however, it’s getting to the point where we don’t want to use other languages, because we hear this EVERY SINGLE TIME it occurs. So please, give us a little slack, guys? Please??


Quick note; use google translate. Type it in, and to double check, reverse the translation. So in this case; type what you want to say in german, then copy the translation, reverse it to ‘german to english’ and see if it says what you wanted. If not, try again 😛 It works, too. Had a whole conversation in Swedish like that lol

i don’t mean it bad, but it’s confusin, you know

sry for my bad english

Being a writer and a linguist are two different things. Its not uncommon for individuals to mix up sentences or phrases. You don’t see me chopping into your lack of English. I think its fair we all make mistakes. Thank you for helping us out. <3 We can research all we'd like but a lot of the times google or other translation software lack proper knowhow of most languages anyway when it comes to punucation or vowels. Like when I read some latin work, it makes me /cringe/. But its no big deal.

Also, its very impractical with Godai now working several comics to try and ask for someone something in German. Sure, its easy. I admit. Yes we could easily ask. Holidays just past, hes working on, what two more comics now plus commissions? Think we should cut him a little slack before you try to fry his balls over one sentence in the comic in a language he doesn’t know.

Back to thee abyss winch ye came!

I wasn’t talking to Godai, he’s doing fine work and the art is amazing. Isn’t Crimson the writer?
In fact, I wasn’t even criticising his writing. He made a linguistic mistake, that’s perfectly acceptable. Happens all the time in anime when they use other languages & we all got the general idea. It’s not like I’m gonna stop being a fan.
I agree that asking for translations every time would be hella tedious. Just his attitude to Plauschis confusion made him sound like ‘a butt’ in my opinion.

Ravin should’ve have some brass nucks around his hand instead of bare handed to Falcon Punch THIS asshole of Cody person douchbag sack of emptiness. D:<

My two cents on this.

Hit him again. Harder.

quick question, what species are ya?

Wolf, German. Born in Darmstadt.

I thought it said it in the about section, it doesn’t. People seem to assume hes more feline because of his slender shape and wider ears. But its large fluffed tail says otherwise.

Okay for my real comments. I just woke up when I saw this and had like… 30 people.

Ravin’s got a nice hook, needs to work on that form. As the badass sweedish viking god would say, ‘dat wettle pussay needs tou pawnch harter.’ x3. Nah, Great hit man. I am sure Reiko and Jaz are jealous.

But having a brawl right outside of a club? I think this might attracted some attention. From the ladies, more free lapdances, amirite?

Oh gods. Im a horrible person when I wake up. x3. no seriously. Great job, hes got a moral compass still despite everyone saying hes such a horrible person because they don’t understand his lifestyle. I hope people can see him from a different light now.

Hm…I’m somewhat interested to see what happens behind closed doors when he’s gets back to Zoey’s place.

But in all due seriousness, nicely done in defending Chrissy’s honor. Now that’s one way to do something for her.

But a small piece of advice. It’s not the best idea to pick a fight in front of a strip club. Don’t get me wrong, you could get some attention from the ladies, but if your arrested, you’ll be getting some more attention from the men, especially since there’s more security around those places [intended to be funny].

Sweet!!! The new page is finally up.

Now that’s one way to help.

Hm…No offense, not the best idea to fight outside a strip club due to heightened security. Then again, if word picks up of the reason you did it, then that might entitle you to some free lap dances, especially with that Tina girl.

Also, everyone take it easy with being overly critical of the German. It’s hard to learn, but after you understand the basics, it’s a snap. Besides, there are multiple ways to say the same thing in German.

Now it just leaves to see who this Jackson fellow is.

Wow…I find myself wishing I had long hair like Ravin’s now, highlights at the tips and all. He certainly makes it look stylish, that’s for sure. 🙂

Thats how my hair is IRL, minus the highlights. Its just pure red. :3.

Im a soulless ginger. x3

Your hair is really that long and red? You lucky guy, you! I bet it leaves a lot of room to style it in a variety of ways. 😀

Its also really thick… I have to straighten it after I take showers or I get these super thick irish water curls. And they arnt like, small curls either because of my long hair but thick spirals.

and yeah. I do style it in a lot of cool ways, though I normally leave it tied up and back with my bangs frailed out in a Japanese pony tail.

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