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Rascals Pg 152 : The Second Circle

Rascals Pg 152 : The Second Circle published on 49 Comments on Rascals Pg 152 : The Second Circle

Mastergodai: sorry for the Delay Folks , we had a few snags but here it is  Look like the guys got Busted!

Crimson: Better late than never! And it seems Ravinism has one fatal flaw; it doesn’t work well on girlfriends! I feel soooo sorry for Skye right now.


Poor Skye. You knew that this was going to happen once Reiko got to him. Minor literary quibble though…I thought that those in the 7th circle of Hell were punished for violence; the 2nd circle was reserved for the overly lustful.

As a side note, where’d Liona get to?

:glances at the page, then this comment: ….!


Lemme see if I can recall these off the top of my head.

Aver… I can never remember that word…
Uhm… missing one. Shiiiiit….

Oh Treachery. (Looked the last one up.)

Personally, they, in my opinion, need to move a few of them around. But its the circles of hell, whatya gonna do about it?

its avarice, it the same as greed, 9 circles of hell, should be 7:

i know you got that from Dante’s inferno XD

Chrissy not being mad at Quick and both being glad to see each other and eager to make amends.

Seems right, natural, and actually fits right in. I like it. If anyone deserves to get out of Ravinism ok, it’s those two.

Skye and Reiko…

Since Skye immediately ratted out Ravin, that gets him a little lee-way, I admit since yeah… it totally IS Ravin’s fault.

As for his punishment, which he definitely deserves for a) falling for Ravinism and b) having Quick along for the ride, I think Reiko’s “No Touch” teasing will definitely do the job.

However, I expect her to keep that punishment of “No Touching” to last for a while so that Skye learns not to do this sort of thing without her again.

As for Ravin and Zoey…

…give him hell Zoey. Give him hell.

Again. Highly doubt shes going to give him hell. She even asked him if they were bigger than his. Considering they left without telling anyway, I doubt the hell he is going to get is the hell you want him to get.

That also being said, I could say its not really Ravin’s fault. x3. Noone put a gun to Skye or Quicks head. The promise of boobies is a tempting one, but every man must follow their own steps. The path of Ravinism is a long and twisting one, some may easily fall off the path. Tread lightly.

I still say that the path of Ravinism should end with L-shaped, flacid genitalia brought by woman’s wrath at her cheating bf.

Ohh Ravin you silver tongued devil you’re so slick you’d sell a candle to a Blind man and Ice cubes to eskimos that’s how convincing your character is (not implying that you are tho) he did not have to put a gun to neither’s head all you did was whisper sweet temptations and lead the way and let “fate/desires” do the rest, or am I mistaken

Well now did anyone else notice that “generous” tip Reiko is giving Tanichan? That’s 1 happy Benny snugged up in there XD
And jeez Skye giving Ravin Skidd marks that’s gonna leave a mark o.o;
as for Liona she’s probably in her limo awaiting for them to come out I guess and quite possibly to hear what happend in there (unsure if she wants to be there for Quick in case of something, because let’s face it Liona likes Quick too y’know) just respecting the fact that he’s taken and not knowing that he was “free game” for a bit

HA!!! The only one that looks like he got away without any retaliation would be Quick…for now anyway.

Hm…seems that Ravin might get away with it since Zoey doesn’t seem to care as long as her knockers are smaller than hers (might be a tie).

But man oh man, I feel really bad for Skye right now, considering he’s going to have to watch Reiko and Tina’s “performance.”

Now that I think about it, all the fault resides with each one equally. After all, they didn’t have to go along with Ravinism, which apparently doesn’t work well with GFs or GFs that also want in on the action.

And now for two quick questions:

1) Where’s Liona? I wonder what she’s doing.
2) Is Jazmin always this surprised with women and big breasts?

Amp Buddy you have to remember that Jazmin is not like Reiko she is not used to the exibithionism and shameless antics her older sister displays, she is trying to hang on to her morals and decency at best so her being at a strip club unnerves her at the fact that there are other women that enjoy showing off their bodies for total strangers for money, this simply baffles her and kinda makes her slightly curious about it but not by much, she could possibly be thinking of the current actions of people to attract another’s attention (mainly someone she has a crush on)

I like how Reiko and Jaz and Zoey all hear Skye say Ravinism but kinda just accept it. xD No weird looks. Its like ‘Oh okay. That explains everything.’

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