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Rascals Pg 151: Civet and Squirrel

Rascals Pg 151: Civet and Squirrel published on 31 Comments on Rascals Pg 151: Civet and Squirrel

Mastergodai: We’re Back  Had this one ready ahead of Schedule to start Work on more stuff which you saw a bit on my latest livestream ^_^ if you missed it shame on you haha just kidding you will all see hopefully very soon  ^_^ until then Enjoy Chrissy’s Bashful face in the last Panel  :3  oh and Milly ‘s Cameo here belongs to big time commenter BlackWind   oh and  P.S. just incase you have missed the memo Project Zero’s Prologue pages have started  see here 

Crimson: Now, where else could the seeds of romance and reconciliation grow… than at the bartop inside a strip club! Yeah, I know, talk about the irony; it’s the pink elephant in the room. But things may not be as they seem, and the end of this arc is fast approaching. I’ll have a Tom and Jerry, please! Heading off to write and work on class projects, yay… have fun for the weekend, furs.


I’m just glad that Miya was able to somehow smoothen the way for Quick to talk to Chrissy while teasingly concealing the fact that she was right behind him overhearing their conversation some, m’girl has a heart of gold at times ^-^ many thanks and also I’m certain that they might have a good long talk that may finally reach an understanding (c’mon into the bar folks my kitty don’t bite “much”)

Congrats BlackWind for your OC talking some sense into Quick there.

But in all due seriousness, I’m glad that they’re finally going to talk it out. I know Quick’s secret has been revealed, but I have to wonder what Chrissy is hiding from him.

And ironically, I’m somewhat surprised that no one is upset with the fact that they’re in a strip club…for now anyway. *insert evil laugh*

That’s kinda easy Chrissy is still Shaken up with her earlier encounter with Cody so she is relieved to know/hear that Quick will NOT let her go as he cares too much for her
And well when they do Talk Amp she may finally open up her little “pandora’s” box to him

Yay they finally get to talk and in a strip club no less, im sure by now Skye and Ravin are getting chewed out by the girls i cant wait to see there reaction on there faces, I mean now one likes to see relationship problems but there’s always room for a little drama. Oh and love BlackWinds cameo hopefully i can commission one soon.

wait wait wait.

Its been one day and he thought hed ‘never see her face again?’

What kinda teen romance is this? x3.

Its good to see them however talking after a long day at the strip club, man I know I’d be worn out. If you know what I mean.

Ravin she looks like your sister.

Looks like Chrissy just might listen to reason.

One more thing; Where the hell is that punk-ass Cody?

Do you really need to know where he is? Cause I’m certainly NOT missing him and neither is Chrissy

How cute. Course we’ll have to wait til next week to see how things fare…..the cameo’s make me think its a giant linked continuity! Or….its just a simple cameo…..

Damn that bartender is good (in a employee/customer relationship), well done bartender on making Quick tell what really need t be said.

YAY!!! They are having the talk all couples eventually get around to. The ever pivotal moment in EVERY relationship that has EVER been had. No matter the subject amtter there is ALWAYS this one turning point conversation.

And what makes this one even better is the background…

They are having the most important converstion of their lives…

In a strip Club.

Epic Hilarity Wins.

You are hereby awarded all of the Internets. The web is now your to command (bows).

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