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Rascals Pg 150: Grateful & Still Truckin’

Rascals Pg 150: Grateful & Still Truckin’ published on 32 Comments on Rascals Pg 150: Grateful & Still Truckin’

Mastergodai: I would Like to take this moment to Say Thank you to all of You for reading my webcomic and for sticking with me this far you guys are amazing and I really cant wait to give you more of what shoots out of my cranium Also Thanks goes out to Moon ,Doo ,and Saint for taking me on thanks guys ^_^   I also would like to thank Crimson for Helping me with editing and  giving me some awesome ideas . I really have alot of fun making these for you guys thanks so much for giving me a chance Special thanks goes out to all who inspired me  you know who you are ^_^    Thanks for reading  guys — Kelvin” Mastergodai” Challenger

Crimson: First off, my partner, it is ever a joy writing for you, working with you, and forging golden grains of awesomesauce from the iron pyrite we both start with. I can’t wait to see #300 together with you, Kelvin. Secondly, to our fans. Furs, what a long strange trip it’s been, so far, riding with you, living with the Rascals gang. There’s a lot coming down the pipeline, as we wanted to show with all these characters here. Get used to seeing them around; they’ll be back! And there’s lots to come for Rascals, as well. I can’t give away too much, but even with the humor and the pastel de fromage, there’s going to be a lotta growin’ going on, uh-huh-huh! :Elvis-pose, grin: Have fun with this special page, forgive us our nihongo, and have a great weekend, furs!!


Understatement this has been one spectacular Ride with lots of ups and downs happy times sad times and angry times too
Some of us have created a bonds of friendship while others have become rivals or such
All in all this little story has grown into some of us some more than others and will continue to do so with the passing of time with newer readers joining in and getting drawn in by the story the art and the situations that the cast gets into and then some
Thank you Master Godai and Crimson for making this an entertaining weekly ride

whos the fox with the red hair an red cape?

A nice group pic here! It’s not even apparent that there is a 9/4 girls to boy ratio! A great 150th comic picture! 😀

Although what’s up with everyone getting all emotional? You guys act like the comic’s ending! There’s still more pages yet to come!

Congrats on the 150! I’ve been a fan of your works since the day you joined us. The PS team just wouldn’t be the same without you guys. Great teammates and great friends. Can’t wait to see all the works you’ll bring us in the future to come!

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