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Rascals Pg 147: Change of Scenery

Rascals Pg 147: Change of Scenery published on 50 Comments on Rascals Pg 147: Change of Scenery

Mastergodai: Hey guys i was so worried that i would not have this finished in time but i made it by the skin of my teeth now to go back to taking care of my sick family Enjoy this one Folks ^_^ 

Crimson: Yeah, the bunny sisters are about to get lethal on Cody’s tail… and we finally know his name! Meanwhile, the guys are heading into a strip club, where Ravin is so thrilled, he’s speaking in tongues! And now Liona saw them go inside… with Chrissy so heartbroken, what could happen next?


Hm…interesting. Very interesting indeed. Based on this page, I take it that this “Cody” fellow was Chrissy’s ex and that he supposedly took care of her financially I imagine. I’m going on a limb here and take it that this somewhat influenced her break up and background search.

And now we have Liona seeing Quick step into a strip club. This probably wont end well.

Also, why does that woman’s hair cut look oddly familiar? Did PhotoFinish/Brilla inspire it?

now now Amp where does it show they are entering a Strip joint they are merely in the street and by bad coincidence Liona just happen to spot them which is NOT a good sign, as for her assistant who knows she’s just another character (passing by of sorts) great hairstyle but IMO just an extra character for scenery purposes I believe

Oh Ray. Real mature there..
Also I really wondering what this Cody guy has on Chrissy
As if she’d need this to add to her issues at hand

A very good question indeed!

All I know is that he scares the crap out of Chrissie and is intentionally trying to threaten her.

All good reasons for him to get his ass kicked six ways from Sunday until his face is an unrecognizable mess.

As for Skye, Quick, and Ruh-Roh Ravin, aren’t they coming OUT of a strip club as opposed to going in it? Wouldn’t it be weird for Ravin to go in with a bra ALREADY on top of his head?

And seriously Skye, PICK A SIDE! Are you with Quick and his relationship sensibilities, or are you with Ravin for “ZOMG! BOOBIES! BBBBBBBBBBBBB!”? Man up already!

ok now this is a fine mess that has just gotten much more complicated
#1 @$$wipe jerkwad Mr Cody is now confirmed to be Chrissy’s EX BF and he appears to not be one to quit as he says he’ll be in touch
#2 bad fortune kicks in with Liona spotting Quick with company downtown coming out or going into some joint (which leads to the “jump the gun” conclusions that get misinterpreted by others)
#3 Reiko looks ready and steady to lend a helping hand to Chrissy with Jazmin close by as a Tag partner to do the “downtown stomp” on the Jackasses face which in turn they let him get away with the message that he will be back. so now the plot thickens big time and our hero is still clueless to the current events, ok people back to you

Hey doesn’t get more sophisticated than that.

“Wow Man that guys such an asshole”
“Hey you don’t know him he could be a nice guy”
“No im defiantly an asshole”

more like a punk scum gutter trash pampered rich boy with an abusive personality,
I believe when and if Quick comes face to face with this guy the “sparks” will fly til one is left standing (but then again that’s just me)

Just who is this guy? And who the hell does he think he is to talk about Chrissy like that? I really want to know who this guy is to her. Definitely no friend, that’s for sure. I can’t tell if it’s him that scared her so badly or the thought that if he’s there, someone else she’s afraid of is there too. Man I hope Quick gets to Chrissy soon.

We’ll it’s obvious that there’s more to him. He’s probably her ex but apparently he knows something about her – I mean – she said “how did you find me” the implacation being that one of the reasons she left her home town or wherever she used to because of him and what he knows or has done. At least I hope tere’s more to that than he being a douche and she dumping him.

So. This guy is more than likely the reason Chrissy acted the way is did towards Quick. I don’t know who did what to who, but I am anxious to find out. As for Quick, It looks more like they just came from a strip joint (i.e. the bra on that guy’s head.) Nevertheless, with Leona seeing Quick there can only mean more trouble for him and Chrissy’s ‘relationship.’

Axel walks into the room and see’s Crissy crying and also sees this pampas jackass looking all high and mighty “Oh Hell No he says as he grabs Cody’s arm and tosses him out on his ass “Step one foot in this door and you’ll lose an arm” Axel says as he slams the door he then walks over to comfort the crying kitty.

The current events taking place will definitely take a turn and not for the better as always, and Quick will find out that exploring the “Laws of Ravinism” will bring him more Misfortune as Liona Clearly spotted him with Skye no less downtown thus possibly complicating things plus giving Liona a different opinion of himself that he does not realize all in the name of the circumstances “game”

There’s only one real mistake that was made by the characters here in this page.

Rei and Jaz gave Cody 3 seconds as opposed to ninja kicking him to the face to begin with.

I prefer the “punch first, screw asking questions” method.

Well evidently that was NOT in the “game plan” otherwise it would have been done and it would have been a waste after introducing a “nefarious” character into the mix wouldn’t you say?

But the “nefariousness” hasn’t been built up yet. To be truly nefarious, the reader has to be aware of what they are up to while the other characters don’t. In this case, Chrissy’s reaction alone is enough to show that this guy has left mental scars on her once before.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s enough for a ninja kick to the face.

Did I miss something?

It seems like there should have been another page between this and the last. Her starting to cry out of nowhere and his remarks are way too abrupt. I actually hit “back” to see if I accidentally missed a page.

Oh well. No big.

Rascals should be on Tvtropes. Anybody agree?

Trust me if Rascals were an animated series it be funny but it would have some content like that comic strip that’s on BET with some language and sex situations (forgot the name but popular of sorts)

Really, I wish something happens to this “Cody.” He is such a coward, and I hate people like that. I can see this turning worse for Quick, but I can see Quick as well gaining some points (after losing some- unless Leona actually has her limoman pull over) by confronting that loser.

Classic victimized reaction from Chrissy. Seriously, the instant fear and loss of emotional control are textbook symptoms of abuse . So whoever this guy is, he hurt Chrissy, and bad. Hell, a mere ex-boyfriend is the best-case scenario at this point. Whoever this guy is, I’m guessing that he should be behind bars for the things he’s done.

his eyes say he’s done worse than break up with her, and I’m glad she’s got two Ninja’s, a wrestler, and most importantly Quick, in her corner.

Well the 2 ninjas yes absolutely, if by the wrestler you mean Skye might be unsure about that he seems more concerned with seeing more of his bunny gal in kinky outfits n such so he’s led astray, as for Quick in her corner well perhaps but the fact still remains that she did break up with him (for no good reason but suspicion only) a mistake she Clearly now regrets, but Quick feels it was 1 sided so he’s willing to help her out (once he knows what happend)

I think this is how it’s going to go in a nutshell. chrissy is gonna get back together with quick, cody the @$$hole is gonna come for another “visit” and quick is going to completely beat the shit outta the guy… dont ask why i did the thing with ass and not shit i really don’t know XD

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