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Rascals Pg 146: Sunny Side Up ..?

Rascals Pg 146: Sunny Side Up ..? published on 40 Comments on Rascals Pg 146: Sunny Side Up ..?

Mastergodai: My Back was giving me problems as of late feels much better today  Thank heavens So I bring you the This weeks Page Looks like someone from Chrissy’s Past has found her Why now of all times?

Crimson: And now we see someone from Chrissy’s past, yes indeed… someone capable of shattering the civet with a few simple words and only a glance. Who could make her tremble like a kitten with only this? Who could have affected her so badly? You’ll find out in the near future, furs… but here it comes! The finale of this arc approaches swiftly!


And on a side note, guys… we’re all on the Forum fairly often (well, I’m there often, at least) and there’s plenty of places to post and chat about Rascals with us. In fact, there is a new topic on the Rascals forum, “Questions for the Staff”, that lets YOU post questions for us, that can be answered publicly! Go ahead and check it out if you’re a member already… and if not, join in and register; it’s easy and free!


Kill it with FIRE

I meant the food.

You can kill this douche with fire too.

agreed, or slowly torture him with burns untill he begs for death, then kill him with fire XD

You’re thinking too small why not get a syringe with car battery acid and inject it into his back and let it eat him from the inside out >:D

this guy looks like he might be Chrissy’s previous Boyfriend from that statement and the look on her face kinda confirms it unless mistaken

funny thing is we don’t even know this guy and already sounds like a “smart@$$” makes one wonder if his sudden appearance is coincidence or part of a “plan”

I like how everyone is having a negative reaction to this guy. No one said who he is yet. For all we know, he could be a positive addition. Maybe a good friend or a family member (like a cousin that she hasn’t seen in a loooong time.)

Granted, I get the impression like everyone else that he’s her old BF since dialogue and events indicate an appearance like a neon sign, but never know, this could be a curve-ball.

Sabourok trust me this guy’s 1st appearance has this “jackass” smart mouth written all over him with that brief remark and smirk on face,

I get that, but nonetheless everyone IS jumping to conclusions. Ever heard the saying about first impressions and judging a book by its cover?

I don’t think Quick’s gonna like this.

I love this page especially Crissy’s i did face.

Everyone says EX-boyfriend but i think it would be funnier if he was her Smart Ass older brother.

My first thought, too. (The brother-thing, not that he’d be an ex)

I don’t know many people that would call their ex “kitten” (GF, maybe, but not ex-GF), however, I could see a brother calling his sister that. ‘Specially if she’s the younger one.

As for her being shocked by his appearance… How would you react if your brother popped up out of nowhere?

Blaze 1 thing about family members is an average resemblance in their physical look and this guy DOES NOT look like Chrissy in the Least, plus a former boyfriend would use a play in words to an ex as he knew her before Quick ever did so might know her personality n Habits than anyone else so to speak

I played with that notion, too, but then I image-googled “civet”. This gave me pics of both brown and black civets. He could be her brother. And, if that isn’t good enough for you… He could also be a half-brother, as noted by the comments below.

Mwahaha… dangit, I’m so late…

For some reason, first things first, I smelled a new art style when the site look changed… not sure if my senses are legit or not, but hmmm…

Two: Since Ravin started introducing the guys to the laws of Ravinism, we’ve had no word from them… for all we know, this knew guy IS Quick in disguise.

… I know, I know, bad joke, but somebody did point out that he looks a bit like Quick, but with a different color scheme. But the shot in the second panel screams to differ.

Second thought would be “someone related to Quick and yet somehow already knows Chrissy from before” but that would be a “waht a twist” moment that makes next to no sense.

Third thought: ENEMY SPY. More on this with next week’s update.

And with that, I apologize for not commenting on the number of pages since the “haitus”, (even though I doubt my opinion was missed that much).


Jericho trust me Quick would not go as far as disguising himself to go n see Chrissy
And the fact is I don’t believe he would referr to Chrissy as “same old Pussy” and calling her Kitten unless he was very intimate with her in which case he hasn’t been plus that would have been a tremendous personality change from shyish respectful guy to smart ass obnoxious jerkwad

This guy could be a half-brother that ended up being a Prom date for her then dumping her for another hot girl. Or could be one of those jackass jock types that has been caught cheating and broken up, OR could be a VERY old friend that acts like a jackass and acts like a brother to her… All those options still has the word “Jackass” written all over his face… Screw the food and fire I’m getting my SPAS-12 with Slug and Flechette rounds!!! D:<


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