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Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It!

Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It! published on 27 Comments on Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It!

Mastergodai: Remember Folks when tasting bad food if your gonna swallow it  remember to hold your breath while doing so to not hurt your friends feelings if his/her cooking stinks 

Crimson: Yeah, Chrissy needs some help, it seems. Those of you that know me, are well aware of my own skills in the culinary arts… and I can even make beef & broccoli! Sounds like Zoey and Jazmin have their hands full at the moment, though. If at first you don’t succeed… make sure you don’t have to taste-test your own cooking!


I feel sorry for Chrissy with her cooking skills, she needs more practice…. Now as a torture challenge it’ll be her’s and Rei’s vodka sauce to the MAX on Quick and some other unlucky fellows… *Points to Ravin* >.>

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