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Rascals Pg 144: a Master Plan

Rascals Pg 144: a Master Plan published on 20 Comments on Rascals Pg 144: a Master Plan

Mastergodai: Hiya guys a brand new day and a brand  new site stay tuned for more fun from all of us here at PS 

looks like the girls have a plan on how to help Chrissy get her act together


Crimson: Yes indeed, it’s time to allez cuisine! And how does everyone like the new site, huh? This is only the start, guys, especially with Project Zero coming out to be available for viewing… but more on that, later. Now, onto more news… WE HAVE THE FORUMS B ACK!!

Yes! You can register and login to the forums to post comments, chat about the comic, show off your skillz in fan-art (if you dun wana be part of the Fan-Filler Project, still running!) and just have good clean, furry fun. And we’ll actually respond! Go figure that, huh?

Really, guys… give the forums a chance, all right? I’d like to see everyone there. Hope to see you soon.


Well well a new comic banner links and fresh new look it’s pretty awesome looking
(But part of the banner is covering Chrissy’s dialogue on top) now besides that what is this the store room of PVN and Chrissy n Rei are cosplaying while Jaz n Zoey are in casual wear? and am I seeing things or are there 2 people “eavesdropping” behind the door’s glass?


Now that I’ve said that, let’s get to that comment.

I kind of figured that Rei would try and twist Chrissy’s words into…you know…all for good clean old fun, but that might be a little too much even for her now. And based on Jazmin’s response, I imagine that she knows about the whole “shower incident.” But this does bring up an interesting question. Can she cook?

And what’s this? A flashback perhaps?

Really like the new site design and nice job with the cosplay, maybe they could invite jolty over to make her special curry im sure that’ll help.but im afraid that for our favourite roomates a simple dinner probaly wont go as planned even though i hope it does.

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