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Rascals Pg 138 : Ravinism

Rascals Pg 138 : Ravinism published on 67 Comments on Rascals Pg 138 : Ravinism

Mastergodai: Here we see the Guys Trying to Cheer Quick up  hmm I wonder what the Laws of Ravinism contain  hehe actually i know, Get ready for the hilarity ahead. XD 

Crimson: All hail the Sacred Laws of Ravinism! All hail! ;D Aaanywho, yeah, you’re all going to find out the Laws son enough. And yes, there was some… assistance… in creating the Sacred Laws by someone well-known around here. However, there will come time for that soon enough; in the meantime, school starts for a certain crew later in the day! Toodles!


Shit, just got real.

To answer the question about the multi colored hair. I had updated my OC hair like… Nearly seven or eight months ago to have red tips. His original hair IS red (notice the eyebrows) and its dyed and layered black. So you all know. I actually never asked Godai to adjust rascals because the non cannon version of my OC they use for it is generally theirs for whatever they want to do, or abuse.

Infact, the only thing I did request is they have him stop wearing green. I loath the color green.

Hey Ravin. Random question. What’s up with your eyes? Did you lose a contact len?

Anyway…bottom panel looks awesome! How do I get involved with Ravinism?

I am blind in my left eye.

Did you get into an accident?

You could say that.

Hmm. The author pulling a Hitchcock with a side of Stephen King… nice. I like the difference in the hair though. Solid red would have clashed with the fur too much I think. Your icon looks alright but that is the size of a dime too.

Hmm… ravinism sound debaucherous; I want some. Can I be a guest star or background extra in this list of laws arc?

Hello, Aflac. Well, I do appreciate your allusion to some of the literary greats, but really… most of these concepts came from you-know-who, not yours truly. I must give credit where it’s due, after all. However (and this is for EVERYONE) if you want to have a cameo, they are available on a case-by-case basis with dual approval and character information provided for the paltry sum of only $25USD per page requested. Considering what you’re asking for, I would have little doubts that you’d be approved, Aflac, so just send the character info for us to look over, we’ll provide in-reply the PayPal address to send the payment, and things will go from there. Kosher?


Based on the observations from several pages (specifically Pages 91, 107, 108, and 120) and going with the assumption that he’s the Lady Man (Pun intended to relate to that one movie), I imagine that this will involve yet another woman or Chrissy possibly watching Quick in one of his “lady encounter” moments (referring to meeting with Raven [spelled it right this time], Jazmin, and Liona).

Hm…I never noticed this before, but Ravin has different colored eyes. Is he blind in one eye or does he suffer from Heterochromia?

Im not sure how Godai and Crimson express it, but my OC is blind in that eye. Youd have to ask them specifically.

Well, yes, the red eye is the one that is considered legally-blind. Interesting that you noticed that, AMP.

Also, kind of forgot to mention this yesterday, but that subway train is pretty empty. Furthermore, did Ravin dye his hair. If memory serves, was’t it all red at one point?

Ill possibly post a journal on FA showing key highlights in character changes between Rascals and my actual OC… because technically I do my best to keep my OC info buried and only on FA, away from Rascals. 😛

(Edited for links upon request. Crimson.)

Wait you said that the red right eye is blind but Ravin says that his blue left is blind.? I’m confused. I guess that is why his hair is covering it in the first panel. Great job drawing the random fox person sitting in the back.

Yes, that statement was made by our Ravin…. however, this statement was ALSO made by him, that the Ravin within Rascals is a separate entity that is somewhat similar but different from our own Ravin’s character and persona, therefore we are able to do what we will with that character as we need to. Therefore, there is NO contradiction here; Ravin’s persona is blind in the blue eye, Rascals’ Ravin is legally blind in the red eye. I hope this addresses your concerns, thank you.


Sorry, but I gotta say this, Quicks ears have gotten friggen huge. Maybe they’ve just been growing through time since back in 4b they look to be large enough to cover roughly a third of his face each ear, 135 they look big enough to cover half his face each, but now they look like they’d cover his face and then some.

Looking back over the pages myself, Saburok, I do concur; you have a point. Quick’s ears have grown in relation to his other facial features. However, within every artist is constant evolution of form and figure, unless one reaches a plateau in which they are comfortable. Neither of us have done such a thing yet, so much like Skye has changed visually and otherwise, others may as well.

However, I must agree with you; over 130 pages, spanning an unspecified amount of time exceeding twenty months in-canon, Quick’s ears have indeed grown. Good looking out for those nuances, Saburok; thanks for the thought.


Quicks ears have grown =/= Jaz’s Ass and Reikos Breasts along with Chrissy’s. IMO. Its all in the sub matrix ratio of TnA. Bigger TnA, Bigger ears Quick has. It helps him detect the jiggling.

True story.

gotta say, I like that explanation. Larger ears are necessary to hear more of the mentioned jiggling. In that regard, I envy the man.

Oh, and Crimson, it’s not so much that I was looking for it, it’s just that when this page came out and it showed Quick head-on, i just paused a moment and my brain asked itself “Were his ears always that big??” To which it replied “I don’t think so…. maybe?” And yes, my brain is prone to asking itself questions. Offline, I rarely come across people that are capable of good conversation, so my brain has had to converse with itself many times.

Wow i love Ravins new hair colour (red tips instead of completely read hair awesome) and im actually surprised that people didn’t notice his different eye colours before i noticed it the first time i saw it and thought it was awesome buy the way. My char Axel has different colour eyes (brown when hes relaxed, yellow dragon eyes when hes mad and red when hes pissed off.

Im guessing he got his blind eye during the seduction of a woman when he either said or did something wrong or perhaps in a similar situation to when he hit on Liona and a mob of guys beat him up i mean he was in casts and bandages after that.

Oh and the laws of ravenism, This is gonna be fun.

That’s Ravin after his cast came off? Funny that looks like a girl to me as I never saw Ravin with white Tiger
stripes on him, also IMO if Quick goes by Ravin’s Standards (being a skirt chaser) it will put him in hot water than he is now, also who’s that back there reading a newspaper nonchalantly? A spy of sorts? O.o;

Well, ummm… two things, BlackWind. One, the stripes are on his SHIRT, not his fur. Though, that is an interesting look for him, anyway…. Two, no that’s not a spy, but if you look around some other comics that Godai and I peruse, you may have seen her before. 😀

I gotta say I like the evolution of your art style M.Godai. Every character has gone through it, some times its suttle like a characters physique or more detail in a characters hair style, but other times the actual characters themselves are different,but still themselves. Take Quick for example, he started out just a nerdy guy with glasses, but now he has a more prescence (hope I spelled that right) the way he carries himself, his actual frame even seems more atheletic, he has a more mature face, and even his body language has slowly changed. He isn’t our old derpy Quick anymore, he’s a man in pain now.

Sacred Laws Of Ravinism:

Law 1: Make it sound like some bullshit you pulled out of your butt to get the other person to talk.
Law 2: Go and find some hot little thang to bump uglies with in your crib while doing the nasty in your… wait, what was I talking about again?
Law 3: No matter how much, pain, punishment, or law enforcement officials are called on you, keep asking her out.
Law 4: Don’t wait for the girl to say yes to be prepared. Have clean bed sheets, protection, tissues, disinfectant, and anything else you may need to hide the body and evidence afterward.
Law 5: ???
Law 6: PROFIT!

Hey now. I have standards. This hardly fits them. You give me too little credit. :3

You Do?! I thought they were:

IF person.gender == “WOMAN” AND person.attractiveness == “HOT” {
Do Her;
Don’t Do Her;

Im actually Bisexual.


No, just frustrated because now I have to recode the damn thing. Hate it when the client changes things up at the last minute.

Also, I take it that means that you enjoy taking it up the butt as much as you enjoy going up the butt of others.


Okay, new topic.

is that the concept of romance written out as a computer program script?

Remember Otaku.

Its always worth it.

For that note. I never said I like to receive. My personality is far to dominate to be submissive. That being said, I do not mind a cute femboy dressed like a girl or a trap.

I have a secret weakness for surfer boys. -Coughs into his hand.-

I have a feeling that this “Law or Ravinism” won’t last long… In fact there might be a feud between another cult following soon. Just don’t got a name for it yet, but it has to deal with Monty Python, Weird Al, Ponies, and Happy Days… >_> And let’s not forget Transformers.

Out of curiosity, hwat ever happened to those monthly cameo’s of random fans? So far, we’ve seen RAvin, the one Joltion, and the mouse guy that dated mouse woman.

As mentioned to Aflac, cameos on Rascals can be achieved through a donation submission basis through our email system for perusal and acceptance. Also, Ravin is not a cameo and Lloyd was a koala, thank you.

also, why I have you hear. How come we never see any humans here? The only one is this MrAMP fellow.

There have been humanes in Rascals before. Look back through the archives; they are there. But yes, humans are rare, for a reason.

Short Answer: Because this is a furry anthro comic. Welcome to Rascals.
Long Answer: In the natural diversity of animal species versus slight differences in hair, skin-tone and facial features for homo erectus, there is a greater chance of individual profiles for several different characters, than appearing to repeat the same art multiple times for different characters, giving a greater range and chance for evolution of both the visual art as well as the characteristics of the native animals for each character. Welcome to Rascals.


ah, quick just got pwned into talking. theres no such thing as ravinism. science and hormones shall explain the acts that are sure to become depicted in this way of love life gobbledy-gook.

Actually. The whole point of Ravinism, not even applying to Rascals, is the attempt to explain why when I RP people seem drawn to talk to or be around me.

Ravinism in Rascals, however, is a completely different complexity and has an in-depth explanation. Which you will see later on.

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