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Rascals Pg 137: Here she is

Rascals Pg 137: Here she is published on 26 Comments on Rascals Pg 137: Here she is

Mastergodai: Yo Guys! It’s great to be Back got plenty of rest and we got a few new stuff on the way some of you know what diring the Livestreams ^_^ 

Crimson: WE’RE BACK!! And it’s obviously the next day. So, the aftermath isn’t looking too pretty right now, even if each of the girls do, in their own special way. I’m just wondering what Ravin had to say, that night, when Chrissy showed up… or did Zoey take charge of the situation…? Who really knows, right? 😀 Toodles!


I’m not going to lie here, but I have no idea what to anticipate since so much has happened within the span of just one day/night.

I mean seriously, not trying to be that guy or anything, but considering the unknown conversation between Ravin and Chrissy after the drunken fiasco (Pages 103 – 111), Chrissy’s phone call to her cousin for the background check (Page 116; special thanks to Blackwind for bringing this up again…told you I would give credit), to meeting/fighting/forgiving Liona (Page 123 – 126 & 130), to the sneak peak of Jazmin’s “unmentionables” (Pages 132 -134), and finally to the fight (the one referred to here on Page 136).

Hm…I imagine that the fight was actually more intense than what was illustrated back on page 136. It’s good to see that Quick still cares for her despite everything that has happened. But I’m speculating that he’s not there in the apartments/dorms based on what I’ve seen on tumbler. And I probably take it that Chrissy crashed there for the night…possibly crying herself to sleep or something.

Now I’ve noticed some rather “heated” discussion on Chrissy’s recent behavior and the relationship between the two. Until I actually receive some information about her past, I can only speculate on Chrissy’s past, which could in turn explain her behavior. And now we sit back and watch to see how these two attempt to fix it.

Oh…before I forget, this comment was brought to you, in part, by flashback. Whenever you know you have to explain what’s going on to the new readers, rely on flashback to get her done.

You mean Raven right? I don’t think Ravin and Chrissy have ever spoken in this comic.

Oh, I see what Crimson said. My bad. And yeah, Ravin has always ‘appeared’ to be a middle ground for Quick and has seemed to have shown some ‘Bro Respect’ when it comes to Quick and Chrissy. So, who knows. I don’t! 😀

And yes, just to clarify, Chrissy spent the night at RAVIN’s apartment. As in Ravin and Zoey. Not the mouse gamer-girl who has daggers for our wounded civet. Chrissy went to Ravin and Zoey, next door, and is now sleeping on their couch. That is all, furs. That is all.


Well, AMP, if ever I have a need of a flashback stenographer… I’ll keep you in mind. However, you might want to get your clocks adjusted, because the referenced comics cover WAY MORE than 24-36 hours. Way more. Like over a week. Just so you know. I mean, you’re traversing numerals big time, compadre; far too much compression on the time-space continuum. One of these days, Godai and I actually plan to hash out an official timeline with relevant stops and so forth, but for now… Just take it as it comes. The progression of time should be fairly natural as the pages come along… at least for me, anyway. Though I do so adore these attempts at minutiae; warms my heart, it does. 😀 Anywho. Just enjoy the ride until the car comes to a complete and total stop, buddy. Next ticket?


Ok now that we are back we now know that Chrissy didn’t go too far for the night.
But now the question is how did that happen without Quick not noticing and thank goodness
Zoey is almost always on the “look out” for the latest “gossip”.
Now wether Chrissy “cried” herself to sleep or not is debatable (only a flashback of the events
Afterwards might answer that buut it might not be necesary). Now we’ll have to hear the rants of the H8ters out there
That don’t want the two to get back together due mostly for Chrissy’s actions and personality issues
Well enjoy the long weekend people

Welcome back Well by the look of those bags under Zoeys eyes im guessing she didn’t get my sleep but i cant blame her though having a distraught (Deeply upset and agitated) kitty sleeping on your couch will do that to you.

I mean no disrespect to the creators, but I hope this plot isn’t like Scrubs where we have to wait seven seasons before Chrissy and Quick finally have a solid relationship.

Hmm. Actually, I think that would be more disrespectful to the creators/actors of Scrubs… because I think that’s a really-funny show… but no, I can safely say that it will not take seven arcs for things to be resolved between Quick and Chrissy. Maybe six, maybe eight, but never seven. 🙂


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