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Rascals Pg 136: Who are you ?

Rascals Pg 136: Who are you ? published on 132 Comments on Rascals Pg 136: Who are you ?

Mastergodai:   Oh No!  just when things were getting better it went Worse real Quick! ( no pun intended )  now what will happen to the future of these two maybe it’s time for raven to strike while the pan is hot eh? eh ? EH? AHHH!!  this page closes this arc and i also would like to announce that I will be taking a little break for a bit to hash out some surprises for you guys ^_^ if you guys want to send in any Fan art or guest comics Please feel free to send to Crimson or if by some chance he is not available you can send to me from my DA page or FA page follow me on twitter for updates when the story will continue ( dont ask for spoilers 😛 )  some who tuned into my last Livestream saw a peek at whats in store ^_^ 

Crimson:  My email is on my DA page, accessible from any of my comments here on PS. If anyone has ANYTHING for the Fan-Filler project (comic pages, fan art, what-have-you), just send it my way. Seriously, guys, all postings will be done by random selection. I’d just love to have more to select from, you know? Keep my inbox full of fun!
About the break… yeah, I announced it during the LiveStream, so now it’s Godai’s turn to speak up. We’re taking a break for a while to restructure and get some awesomesauce items ready for all of our fans to enjoy. We’re not going anywhere, but we need to take a breath and work on some stuff. Time for the teasing to go away, but I’m sure that plenty of you guys will be surprised by the time that we’re done. We won’t be resting our laurels for long, however, so stay tuned for more Rascals when the pages return! 



woah woah woah! wait a sec, she broke up with him after learning he was rich?! ………wow……, normally i would make fun of that but i kinda wish honest girls like that actually existed. (in america atleast)

they probably exist it’s just they don’t have a sign over their heads indicating it that is why dating is such a tricky thing you never know if you found the girl of your dreams or a psychotic nut

I don’t think Chrissy is a nut. Knowing someones past is important. I do concede and agree she overreacted, but lets see how this plays out before we call anyone a nutjob or crazy. As Crimson stated, there is a reason for everything so lets see what the reason is! ^^

its kinda thought provoking though. i mean think: what would you do if you found out your significant other was loaded with cash? keep in mind you dont find this out till later and they never bothered to tell you.

I know i’ll sound like an a$$, but I’m glad they broke up. I don’t know…it’s just that when they got together I didn’t believe it, they weren’t developed enough I guess…..and I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw this coming i.e Quick was rich/famous. Great comic, really enjoyed it. :>

oh man :< ….. not again… i really hope that quick doesnt go out with someone else and that they patch things up.. their to cute a couple to be split up… but theres probably a good reason chrissy doesnt like bein lied to… shes probably been hurt so bad before… the mood is just killing me :< chrissy is reminding me of someone right now and it isnt good…. PLEASE DONT BREAK THESE TWO UP!!! T.T its to sad

Kia the only person that he might be “running” to indirectly when he tells what happend would be Reiko or Skye or perhaps his dearest friend Liona (whom she cares for him deeply) other than that the phrase he mentioned 2 comic pages ago Applies here
(Turn about is fair play) (if you wish to talk more about it Pm me in Fa ^^)

well frankly if the goal of this was for us to go “no don´t break up!” then that frankly failed, Chrissy has been nothing but a whiny paranoid, conflict avoiding little girl the whole time, so yeah I hope Quick find someone better. I emit Quick had his screw ups but she hasen´t haven´t acted to these in a mature manor at all.

After all the circumstances and everything that’s happend this is how it ends? With the “trust” issue taken over to the “breaking” point?
I for one find this unacceptable, if Quick let’s her walk off without as much as sitting her down like the last time then
It will be truly time to move on, and instead of that Mouse Raven stepping in I’D Preferr Liona to heal his aching Heart
As they have been childhood friends much closer to each other than anyone else to do so.

To Quick: NO, just no. Don’t take that Quick. If she wants to break up with you, it’s her decision. But don’t let her go without demanding at least and explaination and getting an actual conversation about her. She has issues, and obviously the only way she is going to resolve them is if somebody prys them out of her at this point.

Wow. I honestly think Quick should just let her go. If someone I was seeing for less then a week decided to run a background check on me behind my back, I’d consider that a huge breach of trust, and if I were Quick, I would have dumped -her-.

Wow. It really surprises me how many people think that Quick and Chrissy have been together for only a few days…

Guys, it’s been over twelve months that they’ve known each other. It has been at-least several weeks that they have officially been a couple, though probably closer to about three months. So, this is not a fly-by-night situation with the two of them; they have been together for quite some time.


And yet here for “amusement” purposes or to just see how we react you have basically split them apart on what seems to be a deep trust issue by having her cousin go behind his Back into HIS PRIVATE Life Without a shred of concern to the consequences of such an action!
And yet Quick tries to salvage the situation by having her listen to what he has to say buut in her depressed self has decided to end their relationship (or so we believe) while delivering a heavy blow onto Quick’s heart in which he is going to feel worse than crap. And that’s my thought on this

😀 Sadly, BW… for once, this is not for my own personal amusement nor to gauge reactions from our fans…. Nope, this time, there are actual reasons for everything that’s happened in this whole arc, from the very beginning. Sorry to disappoint, but… the rest of the revelations will be forthcoming in time. Toodles!


Wait…WHAT?! She actually had a background check on Quick done?! Seriously, I didn’t see that one coming at all. I mean, I imagined it had to be some dirt on Quick, but I had no idea she would be the one who initiated it at all. My money was on Raven or the teaching assistant. Guess I owe someone some money…but I have no idea who.

But anyway, I kind of knew Quick had some serious money back in the Beach Arc (have no idea what it was really called) and the restaurant scene and…hmmm… now that I think about it, we really don’t know anything about Chrissy and Quick’s past at all. Granted that they could’ve shared some of their past off panel, leaving us readers in the dark, but wow…to take it that far.

Now I do see both sides to this. Chrissy does have a right to know who Quick is; however, in my own opinion, it would probably t be better to actually talk to him rather than going behind his back. From Quick’s perspective, he does have an inherent right to privacy. I imagine that quite a few Gold Diggers would be throwing themselves at him if they knew he had that kind of cash.

With all this in mind, it begs the question…Why does it? Why does it matter that he has that much cash? Why does it matter that he kept her in the dark about his past? Why does any of that matter? Based on what was said in this strip, I can only surmise that Chrissy either had some experience with this or she’s somewhat tired of these random moments…of always being left in the dark…of not knowing the truth…

And so with that…we can only say goodnight to these two…

That’s why Amp I say it’s UNACCEPTABLE the circumstances the talk her being adamant about wanting to know about Quick’s past
Is kind of extreme, she’s not a Gold Digger but due to all the circumstances she has been thru I believe that her doubts and fears have made her a bit too paranoid, also she shouldn’t have done a background check on Quick without broaching the subject at a proper. Private time, I mean Quick has treated her with much respect and unfortunately even tho despite their brief intimacy with him it appears that sadly she has obviously had some bad relationship issues that she wishes to avoid but at this point she has declared (there is no Us anymore it’s over) but we know that is NOT Written in Stone (if you wish to talk more PM me in my FA page)

I imagined that it has to be along the line of her past, not Quicks. I’m guessing that she’s the one who had the bad experience that tearing her apart. I mean, seriously, she’s been going off the deep end as of late with her jealousy/paranoia, but I imagine there’s a reason for it.

Also the Gold Digger was somewhat of a joke (Title of comic).

Also, don’t have an account there. If you like, follow the link to my site and go to my contact sheet. We can chat via gmail.

Chrissy pretty much overreacted. Quick would have/ had dozens of GF’s when he wouldn’t keep it a secret.
How could he be sure if they’re honest?
It obviously was the best decision to keep it secret.
And in my opinion…leaving him just because he kept his millions a secret from a realtionship that lasted a few weeks was pretty dumb..
Doing a Backgroundcheck behind his back also shows that she wasnt trusting him at all…
She could’ve just asked instead…*facepalm*

*Quick*……… Hold it Right there Ms Mcloud! You are not walking away from me without hearing me out 1st afterwards you may do as you like but I am NOT a Doormat in which you can just step on over doing as you like and walking away without any comment. Now Please SIT DOWN!
*Chrissy* O_O; Blinks astounded and sits down quietly (to be continued)

Hnnnnn… (has it been 10 pages yet? I really don’t think so, but… hnnn.) I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but I didn’t think it would come from this angle. Who is this cousin Eliza? If Quick, Reiko and Skye could keep it a secret from Chrissy for this long, why was it so easy for Eliza to dig stuff up on Quick? There are hints at parts (as of course there have to be) as to how loaded Quick really is, but the situation at the time was never quite with the “AHA!” theme.
Okay, so Quick’s a millionaire. If Chrissy was just materialistic and a little suspicious, then she would just ask where it came from and stick with him, BUT if she were like that in the first place, this wouldn’t have gone on so long (that is to say, they wouldn’t have been dancing around each other for TWO YEARS). Instead, of course, she’s insecure and more than a little suspicious, so it’s more of a “How well do I really know you…? And why don’t I know you better than that?” situation where she’s more confused than she’s ever been about how things roll when Quick’s around. Or is that even close…?
Meanwhile, Quick… hmm. I’m thinkin he was trying to leave it behind, whatever got him to where he was, which is a reason behind keeping so many secrets (1= loaded, 2= childhood friends with Liona, 3= knew Reiko and Skye from way back when, etc.)… and besides that, the way they met kind of killed any way he could explain him being rich. “Yeah, I peeped on you, but hey, I’m a millionaire” doesn’t sound good as an explanation in most places. Nor does “I like you, do you like me, yes or no? By the way, I’m rich.”
HEYWAITAMINUTE!! Quick’s last name is Bourne? I coulda sworn it was something else, but… hmmm… dangit, something seems suspicious here, I can almost SMELL IT!! Could this be one of the main events leading up to that one new series who’s name escapes me at the moment?!
But the answer to these questions (and more) will have to wait a while yet. Specifically, anywhere from 6 to 13 weeks if my spy calendar is correct… meh. I will yet be entertained!

Ya know, I hate to say it, but I think this one falls on Chrissy:( She talks about not knowing who quick is, but she’s the one who had a background check done behind his back. She didn’t even give him a chance to explain his side of things. I mean, yeah, I was wondering where he got the money for the limo and all, but still.

I like this comic, but I have to say it’s getting pretty stupid. All this forced drama with Chrissy dropping Quick at the drop of a hat for any or no reason is just annoying. I know that this is supposed to be a romance-drama, but Chrissy is just becoming a poorly written character.

Again, though, I’ve been a big fan of this comic up till now so I hope it pulls away from this stuff soon.

“You betrayed my trust! I found out when I ran a secret background check on you!”

To be honest I expected Quick to be rich. I mean there were so many hints about it like the limo, the fancy restaurant, the expensive wine, the motorcycle, the get laid concert tickets, and the beach incident where Quick elbowed Sky.
Also Chrissy’s reaction to the news wasn’t wholly unexpected either because lately she has seemed insecure about something.

On another note am I the only one who detects the hands of Trevor and Ravin involved in this somehow?

The remote possibility of Trevor and Raven being involved in this mess are perhaps of a 0.03% at that
But the real “culprit” is the unknown Ms Eliza for providing this information in which has created a large Gap in personal Trust
Even more now

Overall, I’m disappointed. Its like Chrissy wanted the relationship to fail. Everytime you turned around she was having problems. Poor Quick, she should have talked to him about it at least. Personally, I don’t care for this turn of events – but it does mirror rl to well. Hopefully Quick has some balls and fights for her if he truely loves her.

that he does after all he could’ve portrayed a playboy with any girl he wanted but he gave her the respect she deserves and earned her ‘love’ but I guess circumstances were always there giving him the hard time and making him out to be someone else in her eyes u_u

Wait, what? That just came out of nowhere & doesn’t make any sense. What reason would she even have for doing a background check on him? It’s not like he’s ever acted suspiciously. Even if it did make sense, I challenge anyone to explain why Quick and Chrissy were / should have been together in the first place and why we should care about the breakup.
This situation reminds me of Friends when Chandler broke up with that annoying ex. She was paranoid and clingy and nobody liked her, so the audience didn’t care at all when he eventually broke it off and she vanished from the show since she had no redeeming qualities. Like Chrissy.

I’m gonna say this again (although you wouldn’t know anything about that) “You must be new here.” I’m kinda surprised nobody jumped on you the day you posted that, but let me shine a little light on your situation if I will…

1) what in this comic is NOT sudden/out of nowhere?
2) “We” should care about them breaking up because them getting together has been something of a silver star objective from page… what, 10? 15? The feelings were mutual and whatnot, and it’s kind of frustrating to see two people who like each other not really realize that they share teh same feelings and so on.
3) So “we” should care because that’s about two years of realistic misunderstandings, funnies, and random fanservice down the drain if– IF– this goes where we think it’s goin, capice?
4) While you might be right about the Friends comparison (I’m not gonna bother checking and I’m gonna be sexist and assume you’re not a guy even if your name says so, so “okay, maybe you’re right”)… just how much attention were you paying to the story up until this point, again?

… That seems to have come off as a flame to me. Sorry. Make of this what you will.

*Darth Vadar voice*: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that happened so quick(no pun) and so fast(no pun). She has a millionaire boyfriend that treated her like a queen with a limo and a 5 star resturant to boot… She should’ve pounced on him more and make more lovey dovey… Soon Quick will probably get a VERY expensive wedding ring and show it to Chrissy soon… I hope… :S

ok this page alone makes me want to stop reading.. things dont happen like that and its a bad turn for a story, this isnt a cheap soap you know..
I strongly suggest u redo this page with better outcome and rethink where its going cos this turn of events badly thought out in my oppinion.

Well, Bob… while I am saddened by the fact that you don’t care for this arc right now… there are no plans to remake any Rascals pages at all. Rest assured, there are valid and rational reasons for EVERYTHING that occurs in the comic; nothing is done at random and very-little is shown for shock value. So, we are not comparable to a cheap soap opera, thank you. And oddly enough, it surprised me to find this out… background checks on people, especially in relationships, is swiftly becoming a commonplace thing. Lots of personal-investigation websites and web-checks available from a search engine; a couple of sites even advertise on primetime TV! Can you believe that?

However, right now, without MASSIVE spoilers, I can’t really go into the rationale and reasoning behind all the character’s actions… but very soon indeed, many things will make a lot of sense, including a certain civet’s actions and responses. I hope you can stick with us through this momentary miasma of confusion to enjoy the bright revelations soon to come, hmm? I know that you can…


Hmmm….This breakup situation ends up being quite a bit like my first breakup….What a koinky-dink 😛

Anyway, you two have fun on Hiatus, I may or may not gather the energy, focus and skill needed to whip something up to send to you (Dont hold your breath, I draw worse than a four year old trying to watch tv and do art at the same time). But you can bet on my being here checking weekly for your next update.

As for this stuff between Chrissy and Quick, well, I really cannot come up with a response that hasnt already been said. Is she treating him unfairly? You betcha. Should Quick have told her he had cash out the wazoo? No, he didnt need to. Maybe he has a reason for hiding it? Maybe he wanted to live like a normal person, without the celebrity aura that surrounds people with plenty of money. Chrissy has no reason, WHATEVER her past may have her think, to run a full background check on her boyfriend out of the blue like that. Thats invasion of privacy, thats the king of all distrustful acts. Im actually rooting for quick to give her the verbal raging of her life. But I know hes too cool for that.

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy seeing them as a couple. They have that whole “Last piece of the puzzle” Vibe going on. But hell, if Chrissy cant try harder to get over her doubts, Quick oughta find someone else, cuz that cats gonna be a LOAD of problems.

Thank you for listening. And now for something, Completely different. ^^

Oh man this is getting good. You guys just make it so we have to come back. Kind of a middle finger with the break, but its understandable. I kind of had a girl friend break up with me like that. Out of the blue and no explanation. It HURTS I mean A LOT! Quick could possibly do 2 things after this. One become mad as the Hulk and go on a rampage. Or two become depressed as …..some emo kid (I couldn’t think of a reference) I hope it turns out OK for him and I hope for you guys to keep up the good work.

sorry but I don’t believe Quick throwing a Tantrum is going to make things better right now and as for being an EMO kid is not exactly a bad thing after all being heartbroken is kind of a tough feeling to roll off, if Chrissy does not wish to speak with him anymore for the night the mature thing he will do is leave her be for the time being and if someone else is there (Rei or Skye) and they ask what happend well he might talk about it and see how it goes from there

*Chrissy* who are you really Quick Bourne? tell me the truth for once
*Quick* who am I you say? i’m the man whom you fell in love with,
the man who has always been straight with you,
the man who has Never Cheated on you,
the one who has given you Respect and treated you like a Lady,
i’m the man who didn’t ask for anything from you except to like me for who I am and not for what I have,
and most importantly I am the man who has always forgiven you for any wrongs done to me by you and i’d still be willing to forgive you
if you trust and believe in me like I trust and believe in you that’s who I am. now if you want to know more about me come and ask me and I’ll tell you all if you do the same for me

I want to like Chrissy but….argh.
I really hope Chrissy. grows up…even if it’s been 12 months, she’s been very stupid and childish during almost the whole relationship…there must be something really wrong with her to do a background check on him and then break up with him just because he turned out to be rich. Some women would “kill” for a hot rich guy to take interest in them…

It’d be one thing if he had been suddenly acting possessive and creepy once she agreed to be his girlfriend (or something similar) ….but that’s not what happened so doing a background check on him wasn’t cool…

It doesn’t make any sense for her to break up with him over that….

Do your read ‘questionable content’ by any chance? They have a similar plot line where a women breaks up a relationship due to their own insecurities/ issues rather than their boyfriends. Both plots also include the girlfriend refusing to respect the boyfriends privacy and then having a strop when the boyfriend objects, breaking off the relationship in the process. The female characters are quite similar in that regard.

Hey there, not trying to be “that guy” or anything, but have you guys thought about getting an editor? Just saying since there are quite a few spelling errors and missing punctuations in the commic pages.

*growls at Chrissy*
After this a severe dislike if Chrissy is now definite loathing. Little Miss “Center of the Universe” 2011 needs a foot in her ass and a ticket for “Gonesville”.
You earn trust by trusting and being trustworthy, not by deceitfully spying into your (supposedly) Loved one’s past. If you want to know you ask, if they do not share it openly, there is likely a reason that is important to them. I have had, and currently have, friends and Lovers that I do not know much of their history. Of all of them, only in one case was their reason for keeping quiet a bad one that proved bad for the friendship.

I know ppl are gonna hate me but I do feel sorry for Chrissy. From what I’ve been reading of her, she’s very insecure and I think things about her pass probably have something to do with it. I don’t blame her for breaking up with Quick… too many secrets and lies to deal with.

but Aspen that’s just It Quick has NOT Lied to her at all just because he hasn’t said anything does not mean he has been keeping secrets or lying to her if she just took the moment to simply ASK! this would not have happend in the 1st place

omega your comment/rant may be valid but we have to be able to look beyond this, as I have the distinct feeling some Righteous circumstances may right this terrible Wrong in due time, but as of now we have to believe that this will work out in the long run

Well….. that sadly didn’t last long. And over what, she doesn’t know him? So stupid. If you didn’t know him(bullshit), then maybe you should have tried to get to know him. Or you should tried to get to know him BEFORE you started dating him. Stupid girl. >_>

Ok, this will be my first time to comment for this comic But I have to react to the situation first.

*ahem* What in the seven hells just happened!?! THEY JUST BROKE! UP!!! And Bourne, as in the Bourne Identity and the trilogy! NICE!!

Ok now to the comment.

It seems both Quick and Crissy have a dark past. I can already guess that Quick’s past must’ve hurt him real badly before when other people still knew about him being rich. I can wager that he had a lot of “not real” friends and a “not true” lover. With Crissy, hmmm…. I can wager that she had a rich boyfriend before. She thought that his lover to her is true but it turns out that she is just another trophy girl for the guy and deeply hurt her that left an emotional scar. Now she thought that Quick is the same since he is also rich and thought he can betray her. She did said that “History repeats itself”.

Also I want to see who is this Eliza character and what does she know about Crissy that no one else know.

I’m looking forward to the next page once you two get back.

Sigma!!! X’s sworn enemy!! (Joking around) but seriously friend please take proper time like on a weekend if not busy and read this comic from page 1 to the current page so you can be well informed on the current events
Wether Chrissy may have had another BF whom was wealthy does not imply that the same is happening with Quick n her
And the impending future will reveal their respective pasts in flashback or so as to let us know why they act the way they do
And as to whom Eliza may be will be presented in it’s due time, for now this week’s update might be some content provided by us fans and the followers of this series

Hold on…. I’m sorry if I messed that one up but I’m just trying to find the possibilities. And I did read this comic from page one. Ok I messed up at that part with Crissy, maybe someone else once close to her is wealthy. And I’m standing on my own side here, and I’m no one else’s henchman.

But still I really felt Crissy’s sadness in this chapter as everyone else. I’m pro Quick-Crissy throughout the story so don’t put those target reticules away from me or I’ll have the 1400’s from “Clear Skies” pointed back in return.

Honestly, if Chrissy is going to go behind Quick’s back like that, then perhaps he’s better off without her. Maybe Quick just wanted to make sure she was in love with him for him, regardless if he was rich or not. Way to go Chrissy. >__>

Anytime the phrase, “I had you checked out.” come into play, you just feel betrayed, heck, Quick never background checked Chrissy! Not cool!

That was a snake move that chrissy did. if u wanted to know more about quick, asking would have been a better idea. I mean if i’m not mistaken i never seen her ask quick once about his past. instead you go behind his back and run a background check on him? that wrong period. that betray of trust. If i was quick i would be very piss off at her. and i think quick will be a real jerk if he even tries to settle things this time. she got the wrong idea last time with raven and clearly she got it all wrong this time too. to me she can’t be trusted and I say let her go. plenty of fish in the sea and he got the money to back it up (as if he ever needed the money in the first place).

I may look like an ass for this but to quote Nash of Radio Dead Air,


Trying to get someone more is great but if you do something that is borderline invasion of privacy, that’s crossing a line. But to simply dump Quick simply for being extremely loaded is one of the most ass-backward logic I can think of. There was no mention that Quick had mob money, drug money, Ponzi scheme money, or any other kind of ill-obtained finances which would have backed Chrissy’s motive to leave. If Quick let it be known that he’s filthy rich, he’ll be up to the ass with moochers and con artists.

yes, furthermore, he would be surrounded by moochers instead of real friends. Gold diggers instead of real girlfriends. And he will come of as a total elitist asshole for throwing his money in people’s faces. He is not only rich, but he has a good personality and lives modestly and responsibly.

They dated for 3 whole weeks, its not exactly the time to be ring up “hey I am loaded”,and she went and fucking hired a private investigator? Also, why didn’t she ASK him anything?

ok, people…as someone who has read every single page of this comic (some of them twice), I want to throw a few things out here in an effort to reduce the confusion.
First, there’s the pacing of the story. As Crimson and MasterGodai have stated, the story to this point has played out over the course of a year; it just doesn’t seem like it, because the story arcs have been fairly brief, all things considered. There hasn’t been a lot of time spent on the day-to-day minutia and possible side events, both related and un-related, to the storyline. This is what makes it seem that less time has passed than is indicated…we’ve only been “hitting the high points”, as it were.
Second, Chrissy has been much maligned here recently; but if you go back and re-read the pages to this point, you’ll see that she has come a long way, indeed from the shy, naive little civet girl she began the story as. Also, it was obvious from page one that she had some issues in her past, probably due to a lost love and/or a betrayal by/because of that person. She’s broken, yes, but in her relationship with Quick she learns to love again; her battles with Raven over Quick show that she’s grown a backbone and isn’t gonna just let people run over her. Yes, she’s made some mistakes; yes, she’d made some errors in judgment; and yes, she still has some major trust issues, but as one commenter said, we don’t know everything about her, and nothing about her past
Third; Quick’s background has been hinted at somewhat…at the beginning of the comic, it was inferred that he was/had been a bit of a player, but he has changed his ways, for whatever reason. Sure, he wasn’t/isn’t obligated to tell Chrissy about his wealth, especially in the early stages of their relationship: but given how Quick’s been presented in the story, it’s quite possible that he would have told Chrissy about it himself when the time was right. Quick’s honesty and character do not preclude him from keeping SOME aspects of his life a secret; that’s his right.
Fourth…this part is a W.A.G. (wild-ass guess) on my part, but I’m willing to bet that the current difficulty between Chrissy and Quick is an almost virtual repeat of the incident which so thoroughly destroyed Chrissy in the past; in all the comments made about this, no one has twigged to Chrissy’s comment that “History always repeats itself”. This indiates that she dealt with something in her past that totally shattered her…and now it’s happening all over again.

But in the end, only one thing is certain…if we want to know the answers, we’re gonna have to wait until after the break to discover them.

This comic has its good moments, but seriously… It jumps around way too much. You need to have more fluidity in there. Have more day to day scenes so we actually have a chance at getting to know the characters somewhat. Personally, There is no feelings to be had for Quick and the gang, because there are no details on their lives given. You seem to throw things together in a random mashup with some vague idea of a plot. Reading Shadowknight’s comment mad much sense. A year has passed, and yet most comics only have maybe a week, a month max in these amount of pages.

I kinda have to agree with this. The story has had a nice little flow for a while but this seems to come up out of nowhere. More time could have been spent on easing into this argument. I mean really something like this should have at the very least been three pages I feel.

Ya’ll think this isnt a probable situation? HAHAHA you dont know women my friends. They do this kind of shit all the time. She just threw the evidence in his face. In real life she would just be doing this because she is simply looking for something to BE wrong. Thats what women do sometimes, they manifest a problem for the benefit of having a problem.

Ya’ll think this isnt a probable situation? HAHAHA you dont know women my friends. They do this kind of shit all the time. She just threw the evidence in his face. In real life she would just be doing this because she is simply looking for something to BE wrong. Thats what women do sometimes, they manifest a problem for the benefit of having a problem.

Yeah… Shot to the heart! and you’re too late. [Darlin’ you give love… A bad name.] You played my heart, and you played your game [Darlin’ you give love a bad name] Bad name!

Sorry, almost all of these “Arcs” have a 80-00s song that fits 1-1 with these situations.

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