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Rascals Pg 135: Home Sweet Home

Rascals Pg 135: Home Sweet Home published on 58 Comments on Rascals Pg 135: Home Sweet Home

Mastergodai: it’s the letter ! what’s in it? is it a certificate to comic con ? …what over already awwww 

Crimson: Well…. looks like things are not always as they seem, huh? More will be revealed before long, but anyone wonder about that HANDSOME red wolf that got shot down so viciously, hmm? Anyway, things are slowly coming to a head, after quite a long time coming… so don’t turn aside now, furs! Your patience will soon be rewarded~!


Generic Goofy anime guy:did someone say Handsome?

lol yeah crimson werent you chasing after some bunny tail now your after chrissy? shame on you :p

so yeah all it took to get chrissy and quick talking (somewhat) is someone asking a chrissy to come back to his place and have her play with his jolly roger Xp talk about random (or at least it seems that way) also secret message waiting for chrissy at home? potential Drama Ahoy!

Ah yes, the common trap of the man not knowing what to say and the woman wanting the guy to say something but with an interesting interruption from the restaurant patron. Maybe he should’ve said something earlier.

Joking aside, this strip does present an interesting observation that could explain Chrissy’s “overly jealous” persona. I believe that she’s afraid of the stereotypical male view of women coupled an aggressive attitude. To elaborate, assuming that a significant amount of time has passed, Quick has not yet said anything to Chrissy and vice versa. The other is simply waiting for the other to say something, a common RW scenario. But it gets interesting whenever we see the patron (no idea what the species is…fox maybe) hitting on her. Granted she did bring it upon herself based on the events in the last strip, this clearly emphasizes her fear of men wanting the material rather than the spiritual element. Finally, Quick attempts to defend her in the typical macho-man manner. Yet despite everything that has happened, she cries because she knows deep down inside Quick truly loves her and that he’s not that guy. She’s simply afraid that he’s only wants a good time, kind of like Reiko did with Skye two pages ago. Of course, it doesn’t help that he has the wondering eye (two strips ago) and tends to put himself in awkward situations (entire series thus far). But then again, that’s just my take on the situation

Also, why I’m here, I would like to address some comments on the previous strip. I know that has been some more “overly assertive” comments as of late with Chrissy’s “b*&^%”(censored just in case) attitude, the change in storytelling (centering more on the romance side rather than action),and the relatively slow progress in the story. You have to remember folks, this is a webcomic. If it were an anime, we would see more interactions with the characters and events that would explain what’s happening now. You just have to accept it and go with it. In fact, I would have to say the series has significantly improved as of late. Not to say that it wasn’t good with to begin with, but the story has now entered a point where the characters are maturing and expressing their feelings more, kind of like the journey that is college life. So good job you two…good job.

I guess we’ll have to wait until next week (hopefully) to see what this “urgent” message is all about.

And finally, introducing the jacket that apparently came from nowhere.

*siiigh* Mr Amp *pats your shoulder* listen the current events going on if you think about it properly kinda Mirror your own Comic about life in college except there’s a larger cast involved!
Now then I most definitely know you’ve been with us for a while now and can surmise their apparent and clear relationship that Chrissy n Quick have developed, if she still has doubts in her mind about Quick’s feelings then a good (sit down and talk) session will clarify it for her indubitably, buut that seems un necesary as Quick clearly confessed his feelings for her and they already got a mutual claim for one another but an involuntary “wandering eye” did send a mixed signal to her (thus the am I not enough for you quip)
But also displayed a sense of insecurity in her of sorts, IMO she has probably not been the recipient of a serious steady relationship for her to be in that mind set, but that may come to light eventually. As for the romance and “action” part of the storyline consider the fact that it’s just everyday life setting going on not pre determined in any way otherwise as an example the events in today’s comic page could have taken a very different turn with an actual fight after the provocation done by the random restaurant patron who seemed eager to get into Chrissy’s pants and Quick would have had to get down n dirty with the guy after he shoved him 1st (the insidious fennec fox)
*NO Pun intended towards our Writer* mere coincidential likeness

:yawn: Morning, guys… wonderful commentaries, both of ya. And by the way, on the species of the patron? Mentioned it in my weekly commentary, am rather surprised neither of you observant fellows noticed that… the guy is a red wolf, canis rufus. Anyway, I’m back to bed, g’night… :yawn: Gotta love the comments from you boys…


Wait…you actually read my comic? Thanks.

Also, I do see your point; however, the action comment was actually referring to the ninjas. Yeah…they probably need to explain that or something next.

Finally, OHHH….That’s Crimson isn’t it?

Heh. Well, BlackWind’s not the only one that’s scoped out your comic, Amp. However… when have I ever said that it’s MY red wolf that’s shown up in the pages of Rascals, hmm…? 😀 My species is not so rare as one may think, furs… perhaps that is simply a fellow canis rufus. Ever consider that, hmm? 😀


Uhhh.. wandering eye? the bunny with short skirt happened to be right before him when the skirt flew up a bit.. and “tends to put himself in awkward situations”?, umm.. nope.. he does not know what is going to happen so he never puts himself in any “situation” it is just that the Universe wants to bully him a little and puts the situations right before him.

On another note, really?, having to explain the web of friendships to your girlfriend so she does not get angry at you? really.. please..

Hmm well now Chrissy getting off work late and Quick was waiting for her when unscrupulous dubious character from earlier Shoves Quick 1st and tries to hit on her? Well now *pops knuckles n wrists* someone needs a swift kick up the pooper for being full of themselves
And we go back to their train of thought and see that they are still “reeling” from the events earlier in the day, and Finally when they get home (conveniently under a Lit Lamp) the folder/envelope finally rears itself, what sort of news does it carry that Chrissy is silent about it? We’ll find out soon enough. All I know is that besides the letters news the two will need to sit down and have a talk about things in general, hopefully it will come to pass without further incident We Hope

All I feel comfortable saying here is that “We’re not in the clear of this yet!” I don’t wanna spoil it because most likely I’m wrong and even if I were right I wouldn’t wanna be right but things just seem to be heading… *puts on sunglasses* in THAT direction.
All bad jokes aside, hmm. I repeat, “We’re not clear of this stage just yet” and also “I totally do NOT wonder what the mysterious message out on the table says NOR will I claim that will have a large part in the next misunderstanding!!” … Really! In the meantime, who the hel–uh, heck, is buff-bro with the blue shirt? Quick from the future come to speed up their relationship? A likely story. Trevor in disguise to f*(& up their relationship? Even less likely, yet somehow more probable. A new character who will somehow end up going after Raven, Liona, or Jaz…? Doubtable.
Until later…


why is she crying

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of strips.A lot of character development. Usually I don’t write comments but this strip just demands it, so here’s my opinion about Chrissy. First – there was the whole thing with Raven which, yeah it got sorted out, but really shook her. From her reaction then I think she was hurt and lied to by someone in the past and has trust issues. Then Lyon showed up, kissing and hugging Quik, saying he was “her Quick”. Chrissy felt threatened, and began to doubt Quick – what elese is he hiding. Did he deliberately not tell her about Lyon or just didn’t think it was that important? The revelation that Skye and Lyon were cousins was just the last straw and that’s why she got angry about something so trivial.Now she jsut wants Quick to ensure her that he truly loves her and isn’t in this relationship just for the sex (I don’t have to censor that word, right?). Chrissy is the type of girl that you need to prove your love all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that.(although in her case trustissues are a factor…)
I sincerely apologise if there are a lot of spelling and/or grammar mistakeс as I’ve been awake for the las 56 hours(too much whining and personal information..? ;d)

Fenrir there is 1 word for that and it’s called Insecurity. Chrissy feels insecure for X Reasons and that’s not making her look good and
the trust issues are there sadly so despite her accepting Quick as her boyfriend (not for sex anyways) but for who he is which is why she cried briefly for jumping to conclusions

wait hey i just relized what was diffrent! no black lines except in some spots 😀 dude thats sweet!

It’s strange, one comic Chrissy seems like she really needs some time apart from Quick, to gather her thoughts, and the next comic, she’s wondering why Quick didn’t say anything.
I guess she calmed down while working?

Also: Quick is psychic.

Actually, she’s referring to not saying anything about Skye and Liona’s being related to each other, as well as his own past connection to the both of them.

Ah, I see. I get it now. Actually, that slipped my mind until just now. I don’t usually read the previous comic again before commenting, but perhaps I should have.
What I thought she meant is that, why didn’t he say anything when she started “working” and flirting with your cameo. But the relationship between Liona and Skye makes much more sense.

What the last panel reminded me of:

Chrissy: The day after he disappeared, I found a letter addressed to me at our dorm.

It said,

“Chrissy, I am on my way to a life or death duel. If it is destiny that I not return, you are to take the Dragon Sword of the McCloud family and go to Minnesota to see the archaeologist, Walter Smith. Chrissy, be always brave…”

Chrissy: “I will get my revenge!”

okay first bitchnuggets?????????????? define please need to update urban dictionary and i leave to hid in canada waiting for quick to get his lucky sob and i come back to this ITS TIME TO MUNTINY ARHH MATEY GET YER SWORDS WE TAKE THE SHIP TONIGHT

Hahaaaa…Was reccomended this lovely piece of awesomesauce about 2 hours ago, just read through the entire thing….Aaaand stuck with a cliffhanger, Thanks alot! *grumbles quietly*…keep me waiting….two days….robble robble……

All unsatisfactory halts to my eager readings aside, I have to say, Im in love with this comic (And not just looking to tap it like a radioactive bunny at Easter). Ill be sticking around, twiddling my thumbs weekly while I wait for the next strip. Keep em Coming!

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