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Rascals Pg 134: Cousins?!

Rascals Pg 134: Cousins?! published on 88 Comments on Rascals Pg 134: Cousins?!

Mastergodai: Chrissy’s Pirate costume is that of Pirate Madeline Randomode’s web comic which can be found at 

Crimson: Ohhhh, slag…! Have we EVER seen Chrissy this pissed before? Flirting with other guys, talking about moving out… what’s going to happen to our rarely-happy couple? And Liona is Skye’s COUSIN?! Whoah. We’re coming to a climax and quite fast at that! More to come next week…



Hmm talk about a mindblowing revelating experience. Liona being Skye’s cousin and Quick meeting Skye thru her as childhood friends.
And obviously Chrissy noticing that Quick had a brief wandering eye with Jazmin’s outfit makes her toss an average fit like if she weren’t
Enough for him (even tho it was an innocent stare) but now she is over reacting to the fact that Skye n Liona are family is kinda childish and deciding to suddenly work O.T and look for a new apartment is probably just a heat of the moment comment…….or is it?
Siiigh next segment isn’t close enough u_u

wow… jasmin can be a bitch if she wants to… i mean rei is trying to help him out, but her sister is right out just rubbing it in. and chrissy… talk about lack of understanding and learning about the person you are dating as time goes on. almost seems like he should have went with raven instead. this is getting ridiculous… i know my spelling has probably gone to crap. i dont care.

WOWOWO…Too much to analyze at once so I’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

Hmmm…I really didn’t see the relationship between Skylar and Liona as relatives coming at all. But then again, that might’ve explained the small dialogue between them on Page 132. I’m somewhat curious to know why he wasn’t all over meeting with his cousin when he first heard about it back on Page 121.

And boy oh boy did Quick mess up yet again. Oddly enough Chrissy forgave him for his “wondering” eye yet blew up at him yet again for not mentioning the cousin factor. I hate to be that guy, but she does appear to be somewhat “aggressive” with Quick even before they actually started dating to the point where it just seems overly excessive. Then again, it probably didn’t help that he brought Raven up again. Despite that and based on the comment made, it’s as if she doesn’t want him to hang out with anyone but her. That aside, her recent actions have led to the following three conclusions

(1)She’s the jealous-type.
(2)She’s a control freak.
(3)She had some sort of bad experience in the past.

If I had to take a stab at it, I would probably select choice #3 as she has not made a big deal about Rei’s “behavior” towards Quick, which is oddly interesting now that I bring it up.

Then again, based on the “clique” comment in panel three, Chrissy might be irritated with the fact that she’s the outsider looking in, kind of like Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. I know it might be off banter but that game was somewhat decent. The structure and overall EXP system was horrible but the storyline and character development was on target as always. Anyway, until we actually know more about her past, it’s truly difficult to assess why she’s acting in such a manner. Overall, she has some trust issues to work out.

Also, why does that costume look oddly familiar?

Oh, bubble-pipe, how I’ve missed you…
And although somehow I hit jackpot with both my guesses from way back when in an unexpected way, I must say… I know that feel, Quick. Kind of. Okay, not exactly. Still, (tokes bubble-pipe)… still (tokes bubble-pipe)… uhh… what was I saying again I wonder…
Uhhh… okay okay, this situation shouldn’t surprise me (although after two years of indecisiveness, I have to say it shouldn’t surprise either one of them, either), but with the most recent revelation and progress (wait, just when was he supposed to tell Chrissy that he and Liona were childhood friends, again?), I must say… well-played, mentlegen.


Y’know lots of us fans bring up some very valid points but sadly they appear non escential that it isn’t brought forth since it would require
Many more story pages to bring those issues into view or to quote someone else in comic dom
(I would need more hours in each day and more days in a year to get things done but with all else I have to do
I would still not get anything else done!) Collin Meeks.

You know, somehow, I knew it would be YOU to make me get up out of bed to reply, BlackWind. :sigh:

Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’d love to show every single angle and every single shot, to which SOOOO many more things would make that much more sense. However, this is a webcomic, a static medium, not an anime, which is a dynamic medium by its’ own nature. We can’t pan out to a widescreen and show other things that are going on, with subtle changes in expression to show the evolving dynamics between the characters as things happen. We can only show one panel and try to fit in as much as we can to have the story make sense; yes, that is why there are text-heavy panels at times. Sometimes, you guys are right on the button with the guesses and presumptions made… and need I remind you all, that those things you guys do absolutely thrill me to the core. It tickles my ivories to know that all of you fans actually treat these characters as living, breathing, complex people, not just binary data on an electrically-saturated piece of plastic. However, much like a magician, I can’t give out all the secrets; it would ruin FAR too much in the meantime. I can only promise that the both of us, Godai and myself, work REALLY HARD to make sure that all the essential items and scenes are covered, so that the story actually has some basis in a working reality like this one. When we get cattle-called by Pierrot Studios or Ghibli, the rest of the blanks will indeed be filled in. For right now, however… :shrug: it is what it is, guys. Best we can make of it without taking ten months to tell a day’s story. Don’t let this discourage the guessing, though… I really REALLY like that! <3 Yeah, I know it's girly, but that's how much I like it, damnit! 😀 Have fun till next week, furs!


Yeah keeping things secret is hard like last year when MG told me that Liona was Skye’s cousin when i asked him for some info on her so i could make some fan art. but i kept it secret until now just to make the comic a but more edgy and add a twist. It may seem silly but i hate when a good plot point is ruined for other people.

Just in case your curious here’s the fan art. (i have gotten better since then)

UHH?!? Why the heck you singleing me out? Surely my comments aren’t all on “the money” my guesses are mere deductions of the characters behaviours when put into certain situations (we study them to profile them B.A.U) 😛
Anyways we treat these characters with more depth because some people seem to Relate to them IRL
Making them just fascinating models of some people’s everyday life n then some

Simple logistics, BW. You post the most often, hence you’re more likely to say something that demands a reply. One of the reasons I actually like ya. 😀 And, once more, here I repeat… you guys syncing with the characters is something that thrills me to no end; not a bad thing, nes pa? As the vernacular goes, chillax, my brutha! Or something like that, anyway.


You final spilled the cousin thing i remember when you told me that last year when i was making my first Liona Image. I kept it to my self to just to make it abit more interesting for everyone else when they found out.

Also quick don’t worry these things have a time limit on them. im Sure Crissy already figured out you had some close connection with Liona in the past she’ll calm down eventually and if not enjoy the dog house.

I guess this was building up. Liona pouncing Quick, him barging into the bathroom while Liona was in the shower ’cause of Chrissy’s yelling, his comment on Jazmin’s panty shot, now Chrissy finding out that Liona was Skye’s cousin AND a childhood friend of Quick’s.
Chrissy had all she could take and is now EXTREMELY PISSED. I just hope she doesn’t do anything rash.

Aw 🙁 I hope Chrissy is just over reacting…

Well, Chrissy was pretty pissed when she thought that Quick took advantage of her that night she got wasted off that sauce from the curry Jolty made. Other than that, I really hope Chrissy is just overreacting on this one. I’d really hate to see things end this way for them:(

Screw the Kibbles and Bits and fetch me some JD and some Capt. Morgan’s Rum!!! Chrissy being a bitch tells me that she NEEDS to get laid fast and now STAT!!!! D: Ssrly Quick can’t help being a DUDE with his HORMONES and just INSTINCILY looking at Jaz’s costume and Rei’s as well… But now it’s going to get worse from here… I can tell… >_> /Rage Rant.

Wow. Just wow.

It’s one thing to feel left out of a group, but quite another to get that mad about it. Why is Chrissy THAT mad about it? She knows how Rei can be, they’ve already settled the problem with Liona, and there’s nothing to worry about from Jazmin. She knows all that.

The more she opens her mouth, the less I like her. Quick oughta ditch her.

i got a random request. dont worry its not to have anyone naked. no matter how BITCHIN that would be i know you guys would never do it. keep it “clean.” anywhore, i wanted to know what your thoughts would be on making……pony versions….of a few characters? go or no go?

that could be a go i know alot of people have been doing that as of late hmmm stay tuned

Augh! Not MORE ponies. Talk about played out -_-;;

wait till the second season comes out in October/November (i think) you`ll be drowning in so many pony remakes that`ll you`ll have to join the herd…on another note crimson is that your avy next to chrissy in the restaurant? he looks very similar.

oh yeah. its gettin debated buddy. 😛 im asking because i know strawberry deathcake did it and i love that comic as well as this one. so i only figured maybe you guys would look into it. lo and behold i am indeed a brony so ponies wont exactly go overdone with me. and on a side note: theres a hell of alot more to being a brony than seeing every episode, putting pictures and news on fan pages when in a good mood and reading fanfiction and all that other fandom gobbledygook. ive seen the various giant character #s this box can hold and i dont even think it’ll hold all that i can say bout bronyism that people dont even know.

I am going to use a Redwall reference which will summarize quite nicely why Quick never “bothered” to tell Chrissy any of this. And that is simple Mole Logic- You never asked. Seriously, sometimes, Chrissy can piss me off. She is clearly overreacting to all of this. She knows he is better than she is making him out to be. It just pisses me off just how temperamental she’s being. Maybe Reiko (or even Skye- or Leona even) can set her straight.

I don’t think Chrissy’s overreaction is all that bad. After all, quick just publically embarrassed his girlfriend by being bitchslapped by another woman for staring too overtly and commenting inappropriately. It makes people think she doesn’t have her man in check

Chrissy is upset, and she is making it known, even if she has to exaggerate. Maybe she’ll get some nice jewelry or an amazing date out of it when quick moves to do some damage control. I don’t think their relationship is damaged or in any worse shape than it was before. It’s pretty obvious those are words of passion and that she doesn’t really plan to find a new apt.

I mean, haven’t you ever had your significant other say something like “I changed my mind, next time I see you, i’m running you over with my car”…

… Or have I just been dating crazy people?

I honestly can’t enjoy this comic anymore because of Chrissy. I also can’t tell whether she’s been intentionally construed as a character for us to dislike (which is weird for a protagonist) and as bitchy, overreactive and stringently controlling, or whether this is bad writing coupled with the writer/author’s hilariously inaccurate idea of relationships (e.g. Men will -always- look and it’s not something they can control, so reprimanding them for it with this kind of emotional blackmail (“am I not enough”) is quite possibly the worst thing a girlfriend could do). Not to mention little things like refusing to talk/listen to other characters, assuming things and then flying off the handle.

At least the art style has gotten better in such a short space of time, significantly.

Well, FFS, both Godai and I value our fans quite a lot. Now, while I can’t say much, because that would be telling, and that’s never a good thing… I can assure you that there are reasons for everything that happens in the comic, and speaking as the writer for Rascals, I have plans in particular for our emotionally-aggressive civet. Once more, very sorry, can’t tell you what they are quite yet. However, to quote my second-favorite television-chef, “your patience will be rewarded, viewer.” So just stick with us a little while longer, hmm?


And you picked Chrissy over Raven why, Quick? Choice between the girl who likes what you like, easily accepted you, and full of perky niceness and the one who goes off on everything especially things that come under the heading of ‘why does that even matter?’ and the decision is the latter? That’s like the women who take the guy who beats on them over the guy that dotes on them. He really needs to be reevaluating his choice, as the relationship isn’t healthy for him.

Damn.. Weeeellll, EXCUSE HIM for living on a planet with girls everywhere!!! Quick my Man!! you sure it is a good idea to be all mushy on such a neurotic girl??

Man i am starting to dislike Crissy, “Were you looking at that female mosquito that flew in front of your eyes 500m away!!??” geez..some one smack her one upside the head, hard.


Say… *checks watch* It’s gender difference stupidity time!

Today we see Quick exhibit one of the things guys do that make us the idiots that we are. This is Gender Difference Stupidity Item #458:

“Man not realizing something is extremely important whereas the Woman knows important it is.”**

In today’s story, we learn that Quick knew all along that Liona was Skylar’s cousin. Quick also knew that the only reason he met Skylar was because of Liona. This is information that Quick thought was no big deal. Trivial stuff. After all, he knew it for a long time, and he didn’t think that Chrissy even needed to know this.

Quick… is an idiot.

If he had been paying more attention, he would have noticed that Chrissy is feeling very insecure right now, especially about learning that Liona has a thing for Quick. (Something Raven didn’t know either) What’s more, Chrissy went out of her way to make it clear to Liona to stay away from Quick because he’s her guy. If she had known what Quick knew, she may have done things differently, or actually come to understand Liona’s close-ness to Quick. And for that matter, more about Skylar too.

But did Quick tell her? Noooo… He was too oblivious and thinking “Liona… meh…”

Granted, this does reflect well on Quick who was so not interested in Liona, that he didn’t think her as a rival for his affections. He’s wrong on this assumption of course, but that’s because of sheer naivete and innocence with a dash of moron. But when Chrissy learns all this, she wants to know why Quick didn’t tell her about all this. If he had, she might not have accosted Liona like she did earlier. She also wouldn’t have been feeling so insecure.

This then leads to her being pissed at Quick. A natural response, but her actions to get back at him were uncalled for. Using “Gender Difference Stupidity Item #352**” never makes anything better, and only runs the risk of driving them further apart than bringing them closer together. Of course, she’s also being so blatantly obvious that it’s BECAUSE she’s mad that she’s doing it in the first place. Of course, the fact that she’s mad in the first place means that she still loves Quick because if she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be mad to begin with.

So thank you Quick. For glasses that big, you sure miss a lot of things. And now you’ve demonstrated Gender Difference Stupidity Item# 458.

*Not to be confused with Item #457 previously: “Man thinking something is extremely important, whereas the Woman recognizes it as insignificant.”

**”Woman hitting on other men to try and make her man jealous in attempt that he will pay more attention to her. Man instead sulks and leaves, thinking she has abandoned him, which leaves the woman with no man that she wants near her, thus isolating both.”

Afraid I can’t see where there’s any stupidity on Quick’s part (other than taking Chrissy over Raven), seems more the stupidity of anyone who expects someone to be able to read their mind to know what they consider important. Of which ‘oh yeah they’re cousins’ isn’t something to be going postal on or even of any reason for her to care. Why someone else’s family relationships would be deemed relevant for Quick to be stupid in not mentioning it is quite inexplicable to me and not like she’s got reason to be flying off the handle like she’s doing after he so painfully rejected Raven to choose her instead.

“…seems more the stupidity of anyone who expects someone to be able to read their mind to know what they consider important.”

Or as I like to call it: “Being in a relationship”

If you’re ever going to get married: knowing exactly what your significant other considers important, being able to read their emotions and what will or will not trigger emotion X, and always being super considerate of the other is ESSENTIAL!

What you call “psychic” abilities is actually just common social understanding.

And the fact that I have to explain this means…

…say…*checks watch*… It’s gender difference stupidity time!

Today we look at Gender Difference Stupidity Item #098: “Dismissing the advice of others because of your pre-conceived notions of the opposite gender.”

Calling someone an idiot for pointing out it has nothing to do with gender differences and just general stupidity is quite stupid in its own right. There was no ‘dismissing of advice’ going on, there was pointing out the stupidity in saying it’s about gender (and calling it gender-based stupidity one would assume is on the list, since ascribing to gender-based stupidity what’s normal human stupidity must be considered a gender-based stupidity).

I keep saying dude. Dump the civet and go with the mouse. Atleast she has a terest in you and doesn’t fly off the edge whenever you have a minor screw up. Take it from me, I actually have a redhead. Best decision I ever made. Drop the kitten and get yourself the mouse. >~>;;

Yikes, typo city there. I actually intended to say “Atleast she has an interest in you and doesn’t fly off the edge whenever you have a minor screw up” ; But yeah. Anyway, Crimson and MG, awesomeness comic as always. 😀

How come nobody else in the group ever points out what a huge -bleep- Chrissy is? Are they just ignoring her? I can see why they wouldn’t like her and leave her out of the ‘clique’ when she can’t ever get over herself. I sure wouldnt wanna be her friend >.>;

I just wanted to say, that I understand its part of the artstyle and all that, but, the character’s tails are really starting to get out of control. Everyone who is not a rabbit seems to have a tail that is as large if not several times larger then the rest of their bodies now, and they are always in that curled-pointing-up pose, the first panel and second panels are a pretty good example of what I mean. Its starting to look a little silly…

Hello, Tendo. How’re you doing? I think that you might be interested in a few animal facts from Wikipedia. Here we go, in no particular order: “Cats average about 23–25 centimeters (9–10 in) in height and 46 centimeters (18.1 in) in head/body length (males being larger than females), with tails averaging 30 centimeters (11.8 in) in length.” “Squirrels typically have slender bodies with bushy tails and large eyes.” And having looked at SEVERAL mouse pictures via the site, well…

Now, while each person’s preference is their own, technically, in the real world, several animals have large or long tails in proportion to the rest of their body. Have you seen a person with really long hair? Or perhaps someone with a large afro? I realize that you used exaggeration to make a point, because NONE of the characters have tails “several times larger than the rest of their bodies”; if that was the case, then the tails would never fit in the frames. However, many of the proportions come quite close to realistic norms for both the character’s species, their emotional state at the time, and our intended fashion for them. On a side note, Zoey is not a rabbit, she is an ursine. Thank you very much for stating your concerns, and I hope you continue to enjoy Rascals in the future. There will be lots to look forward to, very soon indeed…!


Heh 😛

Yes I know, there are animals with tails as long as their bodies, or animals with larger tails… but generally those with larger tails (such as squirrels) just simply have very bushy tails, if not they likely would not be able to even move them. Well, first of all I was just saying that it looks like silly how everyone seems to hold their tail up and curved at the tip, namely in panel 1 where their tails are practicality symmetrical.

But another example is Sky and Liona in the second panel, especially in Liona’s case her tail is as thick if not slightly thicker than her body, and just as long, thats not just a pile of mostly fluff like a squirrel’s tail would be 😛

Why are there so many Chrissy haters???

I personally love Chrissy, and I always thought she was far more attractive than Raven. Sure, she can be extremely irritating at times, and is not a very understanding person. But, obviously, the creators (and I, and a few other fans) want Quick and Chrissy to be together. This kind of stuff is good drama material, and of course, every good piece of entertainment, be it a webcomic, an anime/manga, a novel, etc. requires a form of drama, light-hearted like in the case of children’s cartoons, or more serious, like in many anime/manga series. Since we see a lot of Quick and Chrissy, I believe it is safe to assume that they are integral to the overall plot (they are two of the main characters, after all). Though this is a webcomic with hopefully no end in sight in the near future, every author/artist must have some idea of where they want to go with their work, if it has a story at all.

My point is that, whether or not Quick and Chrissy are destined to be together (and I hope they are), their relationship is good for the comic, even if it is only to provide some drama in the main characters’ lives. Regardless, it is the creators’ decision what they want to do with their webcomic, and if you don’t like one of their decisions, take it up with them without overreacting. If one character alone makes you want to stop reading or enjoying a comic, that is unfortunate, but don’t get mad about it. Just try to look past that character’s flaws if you can, or look for something that you can like.

By the way, just to be clear about this, I am in no way an expert or specialist on these sorts of things. Just inputting my 2 cents.

Haters Gonna Hate.

I wouldn’t be too quick to judge his comment. This person does have a few valid points.

I actually wasn’t judging. I was agreeing with him about Chrissy and Quick. As he said ‘look at all the Chrissy haters’ I implied ‘Haters are gonna hate Chrissy’.

Yes, I thank you for your concern, MrAMP, and thanks to you too, Ravin, for not judging me (I guessed as much, but I didn’t want to say anything, lest you actually were).
I suppose there’s nothing really you can do to get people to stop hating a particular character (look at Light from Death Note, though that’s totally not within the same context). However, I was just trying to understand why so many people hate Chrissy.

That was a Mature reply. we’re not perfect, at first i too kept wondering why she was so insecure and not relaxed, but after seeing that story line with her and that torquoise haired guy i now understand why she feels untrusting towards men especially when it comes to getting into a relationship. i also like how Quick and the other guy are in a similar financial status but both have a different view of the world. INSANE! LOVE IT!

That was a Mature reply. we’re not perfect, at first i too kept wondering why she was so insecure and not relaxed, but after seeing that story line with her and that torquoise haired guy i now understand why she feels untrusting towards men especially when it comes to getting into a relationship. i also like how Quick and the other guy are in a similar financial status but both have a different view of the world. INSANE! LOVE IT!

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