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Rascals Pg 132: Hunt some Doe

Rascals Pg 132: Hunt some Doe published on 44 Comments on Rascals Pg 132: Hunt some Doe

Mastergodai: hehe Reiko’s face still amuses me everytime i look at it for this page now that skye has entered I wonder what’s on his mind  hmmm

Crimson: The Smack Heard Round the Page!! And it seems Rei’s getting a little desperate, with Skylar coming into the picture now… who knows what will happen? And Liona knows Skye?!



Quick hasn’t learned yet? There are some things that should not be said.
As for Skye and Leona getting to the bottom of something, could this have something to do with Raven?

Ok what the Heck is going on now?!? Rei wants Chrissy to join in the madness now. Jazmin threatens to tell their mother about this and casually out of all people staring at her rump only poor Quick gets smacked for it?!? Then Skye shows up to see Rei in that Risque outfit only to briefly run into Liona in which he calls her Lyon as they appear to not only know each other but been talking with her for a bit? And also he’s there to get to the bottom of some nonsense going on with a serious look. This story just took a turn for the Unique in more ways than one!!!

Well…I’m not quite sure what to make of the events that have unfolded thus far.

Let’s start off with Reiko here, whose (for all practical sense) in the nude. It’s clear from the series thus far that she’s been more “risqué” than the other characters thus far, but I have to admit that she has taken it to a whole new level, almost to that of a whore (my apologies…that was not intended to be an insult). Based on recent events, it appears that Reiko is acting this way because she’s jealous of her younger sister, perhaps some sister rivalry in the past or something.

Is it just me or is Jazmin acting like a spoiled brat at the moment?

Hm…I guess I misunderstood what happened back on Page 121. I assumed that Skylar didn’t know her. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what history Liona had with these people.

Also, Quick…not the best idea in the world, considering that you have a girlfriend and you experienced something similar to…twice if I recall correctly.

Finally, is the colored lines on the characters a new art style? If it is, bravo good sir.

Amp calling Rei a “whore” is kinda extreme as far as I know she is NOT sleeping around with everyone else
As for her having a rivalry with Jazmin is unlikely as she is the most “mature” and independent from her family
Whereas Jazmin appears to have grown up a little spoiled and ‘coddled” because of her inexperience to be able to even go shopping for herself much less handle herself on her own. As for Quick well he casually had a brief “wandering eye” moment and well Jaz put a shiner on him for doing so, and yes it does appear that with at least 3 people there seem to have a linked past of sorts but will probably be unravelled at a later time or so.

I’ll somewhat apologize for that comment. When I said “whore,” I didn’t mean in the sleeping around way. It was intended to show that she’s trying to grab as much attention away from Jazmin as possible. That in itself led to the speculation regarding Jazmin and Reiko’s past and the whole jealousy route.

:looks up at AMP and BlackWind: …. 😀 God, I fucking love you guys~! Always willing to remind a comic writer just why it’s soo damn good doing these pages. Though, both of you should know by now, that things will be revealed eventually…! However, in the meanwhile, once more… you two made my day! Thanks.


Hunt some doe?! Why would he, of all people, need to go lady hunting when he already has Reiko? And get to the bottom of this slag?! The heck does that mean?!

The slang makes no sense!

However… what does make sense is what Jaz did to Quick off panel. While at first it looked like one smack… it was actually…



Otaku if Jazmin did such a thing then she’s being hypocritical about it as she’s been oogled by dozens of strangers who have seen her bloomers and more off her and didn’t do a thing. I’d half expect for Chrissy to turn around and spot her smacking Quick and waltz over there with a spark in her eye and tug one of Jazmin’s ears and say *and just what do you think you’re doing to my man there?* you allowed yourself to be stuck in this get up and just because he casually spotted your panties you’re giving him a shiner?!? how’s about I give you one too fluffbrain *shingg* nails pop out 😛

Taken from the Urban Dictionary:

“Slag” = 1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax. 2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasant situations. 3. Physical trash, often scrap metals.

See #2 and #3. Thank you for consulting the Internet for your informational needs.


Great, now I can’t wait to see if they’ll get Chrissy up there.
I know I sure want them to.
When I first checked out this page on the RSS, I had to go back to the last comic to see why the heck Reiko was so…
pink. You know. Clothes-less?

1) Rei always wants Chrissy to get in on the madness, 2) the mother comment is easily missable plot development, 3) she knows Quick and kind of maybe still owes him one for helpin her back at the beach (yeah, so long ago, right?) and his answer didn’t help, aaaand 4) I repeat my claim from ages ago now, bet Liona, Skye and Quick know each other from way back when (maybe not way back, but you get mah point), aaaand I got nothin on teh “doe” thing.

Since when was this story ‘not’ Unique?

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