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OMFG!!!! To quote a famous line *of all the Jin joints in all the towns in all the world you had to stroll into THIS ONE!!!*
Chrissy’s face looks drained of color and wishes to hide somewhere and glad she “skipped” work today buuut if Azubah
Spots her he might make her get into her new “work” outfit and that will be the most humilliating experience, so
I believe an *about face forward march* move would be best here (unless the crowd spots Liona taking the attention away from the sisters)

Hmm Liona’s in the mood for something kinda *naughty* some Mood food 0_0; and Quick says he knows a couple of places like that?!?
And he says that kinda nonchalantly with Chrissy there? Makes one wonder what kind of places did Quick used to
Hang out at before he hooked up with Chrissy o.o

Well, BlackWind, for a pop-music star, what could be more naughty than good ol’ cmfort food, what with the calories, carbs and fat? 😀

And remember, back in the day, the boys had all gone to the diner to get the girls’ breakfasts, so naturally Quick would know more places than Chrissy; heck, I’ve been at my apartment two years, and I barely know where there are good restaurants.


only 2 years how Ironic I too have spent 2 years in the room I rent and I know of atleast 5 chinese restaurants 2 subway’s 4 pizza shops 1 steak house and 3 McDs in my area alone not counting the spanish bodega’s that serve home cooked meals,
You need to explore more on your free time Crimson (otherwise having a date would be awkward ;;>_>)

Well it seems that we’re off to yet another interesting week here at Rascals.

To start off, we finally have a name to the restaurant; however, we only have the initial PVN.

I’m somewhat surprised that Chrissy doesn’t know any other places than this one. I would assume that after living in the area for so many years she would have some other places in mind.

And finally, before I head out to work, I’d be more surprised if Reiko didn’t pull a stunt like this, considering she’s jealous/envious of her little sister and the attention she’s been getting.

Uh I’m unsure that Chrissy has been “living” many years there Amp as far as we know maybe close to a year or so Chrissy has been there but remember that she has been under so many crazyness to actually enjoy herself by going out, now Quick on the other hand has been out and about but has yet to show Chrissy around for some nice places to spend the day at or hang out

My apologies for that. I somewhat went off of the details here

hey i’m not an authority in continuity here all I know is that chronologically barely been 2 1/2 years Real time so y’know
and we’ve seen some significant progress with the characters and the art style that makes this phenomenal to watch/read on a weekly basis (now if we poll our resources together maybe we fans could possibly get a compilation book of rascals 1st season in color at an affordable price for us to have on the go? 😛 )

What?.. Only 9 comments so far? 10 with mine.

Wheres the usual 40-60-80 comments? That amount of comments is what keeps me from commenting.

And MK9, youre talking my language now Mastergodai!
Also, love that expression on Chrissy’s face in the last panel.

Too bad Raven can’t get a job there and wear that. lmao. Nice job on the stip, seriously. >;D Poor jaz. She looks like she’s about to keel over, be it from shame or just sheer annoyance. Either way, this is simply funny. as. hell.

Ok I’m calling it out before it happens
Reiko spots Chrissy with Quick n Liona and asks her to get into uniform and get to “work” while Chrissy’s face becomes colorless and she says (you’re not serious are you?)or (why me T_T)

Yes Chrissy, you called my name? I Azubah find this “fitting” for “ALL” of the customers and the other people… >_> So by all means let’s continue on with the show and I’ll be asking Crimson for a “uncensored” version of Reiko, so that Sky can have is “fun.” If you know what I mean ;D

Hello, this IS Crimson. How do you do. Forgive me for this, but I believe that someone else can answer this… request… far better than I ever could. However, I quite know that Azubah would even have his limits with an “uncensored” Reiko. So, while I know what you mean, dear guest… here is that one response, done sooo very well. Thank you so much, Cox.

Toodles. Crimson.

HAHAHAH! I love everyone’s expressions in the last panel, though Jazmin’s makes me want to hug her. It sucks when you’re the serious type but drawn into silly scenarios that you feel so awkward in… ;_;

My favorite expression is probably Chrissy’s, though. XD

why don’t you add a nether person a human at the school named louie

…because of either too many Jerry Lewis in-jokes to support the story’s natural flow, or not enough 14-royalty jokes to keep such a character around.

If you want a page cameo, we are commissioning them, at our discretion, for a modest fee… but thanks, we’ve got a full roster for now.


My first impression was that someone had TPed Reiko. Seriously people, those extra rolls in the bathroom are NOT meant for that!

On the other hand, given how much she seems to be enjoying herself, that TP theory went straight out the window.

Have not seen Mileena’s alt outfit, but if that’s really what it sort of looks like, then I am surprised she’s not part mummy.

This comic is awesomesauce. Glad I finally got caught up.
On another note…
Mastergodai, where have I seen you before? Unless I saw a few pages of Rascals and forgot (not likely), you (and your avvie) have been around…

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