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Quick… teach me your ways with women… I must know…

it’s easy, Be a gentleman, be honest with them, but gentle not to hurt there feeling’s to bad unless it’s for there own good. actually care and respect them honestly, don’t think with your stick. show heart and intelligence to there life and/or problem’s, because 9 time’s out of 10, women like that so much better than men with muscles thinking sexual obscenities is a compliment
that’s what I do at least if I get along with a woman

Ok thi is quite the resoution that Liona understood their situation and still wanted to 1be good friends and even finds Chrissy cute to be Quick’s Girlfriend, Io absolutely adore that Hug that Liona’s giving her it proves 2 things #1that she is being sincere in being friends with Chrissy #2 that with a grip like that you sure do not want to be on her bad side, as it looks like she could snap a person in two, anyways what was Raven’s “role” there is beyond me tho she is acting sarcastically as always and even tho Liona is Treating them to dinner why is Liona looking back while outside with a “worried” look? And who or What is The Horde? (I’m not aware of this whatever it is so take it slow people)

The Horde is an alligence of 6 different races(species: Orc, Troll, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, and Goblin) that wage war against (or some times help) the Aliance(Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves, Dranai, and Worgen.) in the online MMORPG game World of Warcraft.

I’ll start simple. The Horde is one of the two factions for World of Warcraft. Quick and Raven were even playing it at one point in some earlier comics.

Now pushing that aside. Though it does seem she sincerely does wish to by Chrissy’s friend, that look doesn’t read as worry, I have little doubt it’s disappointment. Just because you except something, doesn’t mean you like it. Knowing the person you like is taken doesn’t change how you feel about that person…at least if you’re feelings are true.

In short this comic shows to the two sides of the “lost the one you like” coin. Raven whom is being cynical and bitchy about it, and Liona who outwardly excepts it but is a little depressed and disappointed on the inside.

Of course I can’t deny that this is all conjecture on my part. After all I am neither one of the creators of this series, or linked to the creative process in any form. I cold be totally wrong about everything except for the Horde part, but based on what I see and on experience, these are my thoughts on the matter. Hope this was informative at least.

=3 hmm.. well atleast liona is bein nice about it and im glad she gave the hug of death to chrissy XD its an awesome sign of friendship! lol atleast it is to me and my friends X3 tho i rlyrly do not like raven.. tho.. ::3 now, quick is in the dog house! go chrissy!

Well, that was a timely resolution; however, it does open up quite a few questions.

1) Who or what exactly is this Horde that Raven was referring to? Unless that’s a WoW reference.
2) Is Liona really over quick? I should note that although she appears to be sincere about wanting to be friends with Quick and Chrissy, she does seem somewhat disappointed in the last panel.

With that being said, it does raise yet another question as to why Chrissy seems to be so “worried” about Quick and other women. Unless something happened to her in the past, she’s somewhat over protective of him.

Amp being overprotective is a mild understatement as even before they were a couple she was having brief jealous “fits”
Now you do bring up an interesting point that is valid, Chrissy might have had bad dealings in the past in a previous relationsip which is why she’s kinda weary and “jittery” but the fact remains that she’s Proclaimed Quick her boyfriend and she’s not willing to give him up without the proverbial “Catfight” with whomever it may be. Quite admirable IMO since Quick isn’t a skirt chaser and she’s not a Flirt 🙂

I agree with you to an extent there.

If I remember correctly, he originally just wanted to “hit that like a radioactive bunny on Valentines Day” and wanted to take a “joy wide on her Swiss Alps.” Also, he wanted to just let go that one night. I know that it was intend to be somewhat humorous, but it does somewhat question his character.

I do agree that it would be interesting to learn more about her past and see why she’s so protective of Quick. Also, as a side note, I only said protective rather than overprotective to see if anyone would catch that. I mean seriously, I can understand some protectiveness, but the way she’s acting, it’s like she doesn’t want him to be friends with any females outside the roommates.

Well Amp then there’s no helping it because look at it this way
1st you got Reiko that is a flirty friend to Both Quick and Chrissy then you have cuddly lil Zoey the sexy looking Bear that is also an average teaser to Quick (if you’ve seen her before) then you got Raven that wanted Quick badly enough to try n force herself on him (but failed for his luck) and now you have the bouncy beautiful Liona a pop star singer and “long” time friend of Quick which also liked to cuddle n smother plus pet name her best friend, Quick has gone from shyguy/bookworm to the proverbial “Pimp Daddie” without almost no effort at all on his part. So that’s why Chrissy has claimed him since he confessed to her because basically she won’t find anyone else to treat her and love her like he does (despite a certain student teacher with the hots for her who’s plotting against our hero now

Okay, I’m a little confused here. Why is Chrissy being mad at Quick for?

Chrissy is possibly m ad over him not telling liona sooner instead of letter her hug him and call him all those pet names makin chrissy jealous in the first place. but thats my veiw cause well im a girl and i can see from chrissy point of veiw

But Kia dear the thing is Quick didn’t know that Liona had just Enrolled into the school and casually sharing a class curriculum with him soo evidently she at the sight of him was overjoyed buut did not know that Chrissy n Quick were a couple so she innocently greeted him in a “lovable” way (which I wish I was in that situation with a babe like that)

yeh, guess im just someone whos kinda like chrissy ^^;; im jealous prone *shrugs* id get upset if someone was clingin to my man lol tho liona did make a simple mistake, quick just shouldve been more quick to say sumthin along the lines of “liona this is my girlfriend :3 chrissy”

Quick used “Explain things rationally to old flame.”

It’s Super Effective!

Quick used “Invite girl that’s bitter about being dumped by you out to dinner with friends.


I’m sure it was meant as a peace offering, but seriously… Quick… bubbeh… BAD IDEA!

Otaku we know it was a bad idea to invite Raven to dinner but it was the general gesture of courtesy to her
Wether she accepted or declined at least there was a gesture of generosity n friendship offered and that in the eyes of the other ladies is a good thing, meaning you don’t hold a grudge against someone who isn’t friendly to you (yes I know it’s unlikely but true)


Get on it Quick.

hmmmm? O.O wait is that i think it is HTE LOOK OF WORRY dum dum duuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm………………………better get the bunker ready gotta stock up on pie and dryed fruit………………….this anit gonna end well

thats a weird looking hug there. is that…is that lionas arm curving around chrissys wrist or chrissys wrist just looking very thin and sharp at the knuckle from a certain angle. im just askin cuz i dont think an eye candy jar comic like this would look good with thunder-ceps. :T

Shadebeast you have to remember 1 detail there, no matter how sexy these girls look they can handle themselves pretty well
Liona being an Ocelot proves to you there that despite her sexy look she’s quite physically fit and strong (much to Chrissy’s surprise) that
You can’t judge her by her looks alone, get on her bad side and it looks like she can snap anyone in two or worse
I believe an angry liona would be a fearsome sight o.o

Liona’s expression in panel 1 makes me want to hug her. ;_;

Also, I have to wonder if Liona’s looking at Raven in that last panel, not Quick. She seems to be worried about something… perhaps she’s caught on to Raven’s machinations?

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