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Rascals Pg 128: attack of the Horndogs

Rascals Pg 128: attack of the Horndogs published on 58 Comments on Rascals Pg 128: attack of the Horndogs

Mastergodai: Ta Dah! Presenting the sexy high school outfit doesnt Jaz look so cute in ithad lots of fun making this page enjoy folks enjoy

Crimson: It’s a pirate… no, it’s a ninja… NO! It’s Jazmin Asagi, school girl! Here she comes, to save the day! … or Azubah’s profit margins, that is, heh~heh. Loved you guys guessing last week, but here she is, furs… and she’s freaking out over all these guys, too. I’d raise the shop’s insurance premiums, if I was boss. What’ll happen when the change hits the coffers? Find out next week! Toodles!


Black and blue. Probably what she’s gonna make some guys look like or wants to if they try anything funny.
She looks great though! Let’s hope nothing will the line of legal fees.
Poor Jaz, hang in there girly. I’m sure they aren’t allow to try anything xD
I do like the necktie. And the guy with the phone number is hilarious.
Comic pages just keep looking better and better Godai!

Well Ashura you’d have to get in line to get to feel them puffy ears,very nicely done and I thought
Jazmin was not afraid of anything, heck she was kinda eager to try out the whole dressing up thing
Goes to show you. Be careful what you wish for it just might become true.

Aside from being an awesome comic update I’m still wondering 2 things still
#1 how did things end at Liona’s Place and #2 where did Rei leave Chrissy’s Envelope marked URGENT
At. Must stay tuned for further developments

I thought of something a while back that might interest you. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t Trev on the phone with Ravin? Perhaps he sent some “interesting” photos of Quick and Liona (how he got them, I still don’t know.

Trevor was on the phone with RAVEN not RAVIN and as for photos, what makes you think that?
Where does it show Raven taking photos of Liona n Quick? I haven’t seen anything of the sort
And I’m usually very detailed on what I see in the comic page (puts away spy lens+magnifier) :p

Sexy school girl Jaz i hoped it might be this when i was looking at some of MG’s old art and saw Jaz in her Japanese school uniform. love this look it cute

Well, I can’t help but to admit that this picture DID influence our decision on what to have Jazmin wear…

Just curious did the design for her socks come from Panty and Stockings with Garter belt.

*Cue the music*


Their hormones are taking their toll!
They saw hot chicks while on a stroll!
And now the fanboys… are out of control!



Jaz thinks her sister’s gone insane!
Rei relishes the love and fame!
And Azubah gets… profits all the same!


Well, OtakuMan… I hereby bestow upon you a singular honor, not to be confused with a shiny new cellphone. 😀

I hereby decree this comment of yours to be The Most Influential Comment for a Rascals Page EVER!! For you see, from now on, whenever a fanboy here on the site comments on one thing or another… :glances at Ravin and BW meaningfully: that song, with those lyrics, will now pop into the back of my head. I nearly wet myself laughing so hard at this. Thank you, OtakuMan, tyvm. Enjoy of that honor whatever you wish.


I saw this earlier and I might have an idea what the store sells or rather is.

Going back to page 12 and 13, I suspect that the store is actually an anime/cosplay themed restaurant. At first glance, it appears to be an anime/cosplay/comic store; however, those have unfortunately fallen out of style due to the internet.

Again, just a thought.

oh my crap, thats tails in the middle panel isnt it? ISNT IT?! you cant throw me off with the red highlights godai, dont even try it!

no it isnt ^^;;; his name is ashura … he is far from tails and hes gold not orange…

If Jaz wants to, I’ll bring the firehouse to “calm” the crowd abit… 😉 Or we can make things interesting by havin a wet T-shirt contest. ;D

that only works with white shirts

It doesn’t have to be white for it to be wet now. 😉

Wet t-shirt contests are to see who can make their shirts so wet to get the most revealing content out of it. basically, how to make your boobs stand out the most. therefore, white t-shirts are needed for their transparency when wet

@_@… Dude your fanservice artiste gets better with every page. I congradulate you. Now I am really wishing that bunny and cat people were real.

BTW think maybe you could make that nutty twin tailed guy at the window a semi recurring character. He just seems like someone who would keep showing up at inopportune moments.

Well I didn’t really mean recurring as he shows up alot and has lines or anything… just maybe a running quick gag now and again. Filler pages and such might be a good place for him… Kind of like some of the flash gags in Family Guy; they only run them like once a season but it is just enough to make you remember where it happened first and get a laugh.

Just an Idea.

Great plan Jaz they definitely never go for the busty tsundere school girl. They’ll just walk away as you blush and threaten to beat them up if they so much as think about doing dirty things to you.

Ok I can’t even keep a straight face thinking that let alone saying it.

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