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Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job

Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job published on 54 Comments on Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job

Mastergodai: Hey everyone As things Hopefully cool down elsewhereΒ  lets see what the Bunny Siblings are up to

Crimson: Well, here’s the scene change that was promised; time to spend some time with the bunny sisters. Yeah, I know you’d want to, as well, so don’t deny it! And look-see; Reiko has even gotten little Jazmin a job at the cosplay store… isn’t that sweet of her?


*spies from behind a counter with a scope* hmmm I spy with my lil Eye an important looking folder addressed to Ms Mcloud marked URGENT!!! Right beside Rei’s perked tight looking sleeveless top, I just hope she remembers to put it where she can see it. (Yes I’m not too mesmerized by their tight looking shirts as we get to enjoy that lots)

“You want to look at the bouncy breasts… That is not the thing you’re looking for… There is nothing hidden to reveal…” πŸ˜€

It should be interesting to see what Jaz is forced to wear for the job.

Also, I wonder if we’ll see more of that urgent folder in the near future.

Thanks Amp for reinforcing the interest in that Folder deemed URGENT for Ms Mcloud and the obvious distraction tactic used by our esteemed author to take attention away from that with a link πŸ˜›

Rei must take her matchmaker status quite seriously if she keeps files on all the people she “takes under her wing”. Meanwhile, since when has Princess Ayeka, I mean Jazmin, been such a slacker? I mean sure it’s been hinted at, but she’s been more mooch than ninja bunny lately. (And when did she start taking classes too?)

Anyway, nice eye candy in today’s comic. And I’m sure we’ll be getting more once we see Jaz in her work outfit next page.

Although cosplay store? I thought Rei worked at some arcade/cafe thingy?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve always thought of it as “the cosplay store”, for obvious reasons, heh. And since her “mission” was to keep tabs on her elder sister, if one would recall, to which the younger bunny ninja decided to start off with going shopping… since Reiko is still attending the college, why not try out a few classes of her own, nes pa? πŸ˜€ About the noon-wakeup call, well… lots of noise for big bunny ears makes it hard to sleep, dunchanow. About the files idea, well…. you never know what’s known about you, even online, do you really…?

:sinister grin: Toodles.


Can’t wait to see Jaz’s uniform now!! πŸ˜› Also with that folder for Chrissy of something THAT urgent would be a TF2 Spy of finding out what’s inside. *Goes into Spy mode and steals the folder* >:D

This page seems familiar like the URGENT Crissy McCloud folder and Rei holding it, man dejavu

i Don’t get it man so weird this feeling im certain ive seen this before

I feel like i know who it’s from too but i can’t place it ahhhh so frustrating

But i have a strange gut feeling that its from Trevor but im probably wrong

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