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Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful

Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful published on 110 Comments on Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful

Mastergodai: We finally have Contact how will Quick handle this scenario ? I really Love how this page came out it was a great day I had plenty of sleep and i had lots of awesome 80’s music on hand 😛

Crimson: And we finally have a clue on why Liona has signed up to attend F.D.C. Not to mention one mousie and one civet swaying in the wind… Don’t you just LOVE chibi?


Lol, wow, And sweet

Thats all I can say 🙂

……..ok, first off: fluffy nutter? that sounds like one of the cutest and dirtiest words ive heard. Second, chibis kick ass no question. and third,…….what the hell?

I Know! Here I was thinking that Raven was talking with her to make a plan to make it seem as if Quick Cheated on Chrissy AND her, but their BOTH shocked by the development. Which can mean one of two things. 1. They both didn’t know a thing about this possibility. or 2. Raven’s putting on an act, which, at the moment, seems a bit impossible.

In any case, Liona got some explaining to do and she best do it in under 20 seconds, or their going to be jumping sharks. Sharks, AKA Chrissy and Raven.

HA!!! Deep down inside I knew something like this would eventually happen.

But I’m curious to know how Quick and Liona know one another. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with Quick’s mentioned financial status back in the beach arc.

And you actually have to wonder if Skye isn’t jealous now, considering Quick has 3…yes 3….women chasing him now. It should be interesting to see how all this pans out now.

Also, Skye…please don’t suggest a four way.

Oy oy nanda nanda naaaaandaaaa!!! what the heck just happend there?!?? L..Liona knows Quick???? and she’s all lovey dovey all over him with (ohh my fluffy Nutter how I’ve missed you my Honey Roasted Peanut?!?? let me give you some sugar!!!!) I call REALITY CHECK!!!

That’s hilarious! I’m very curious about how she knows Quick, and I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but I agree with others, it must have something to do with why he’s loaded with cash. I love Chrissy and Raven’s reactions, it’s just perfect. And no, no you certainly can not go wrong with chibis! ♥

Now, my dear lady… whomever said that Quick has any kind of financial advantage? 😀 I don’t remember saying any such thing at all… But Liona’s history will eventually come to light. Eventually. 😀

Oh of course not, nothing was ever said. But there were strong implications. A seriously expensive dinner at a very swanky restaurant, a limo ride with an excellent choice of champagne, I’m sure. Not to mention how he was able to afford to pay for everyone’s weekend stay at the beach. As far as I’m concerned he is (or his parents are) rolling in it. Either that he knows people and gets favors.

I noticed Quick’s message. “What the glorp?” and not “Who the glorp-” Obviously he’s not looking at Liona’s face, but somewhere else.

(_( Hmmm… as probably the only person who would willingly try to think of this, you know, “maybe they’re related…”

… NAHHH. But then… eh? Nah, that wouldn’t happen… )_) or WOULD it??? that would be so evil… I like it.
Seergram for Quick: You’re screwed.

According to plot lines, there are three explanations. 1. Childhood friend 2. Family friend or 3. (Which I’m gonna throw my lot in) Relative.

Childhood friends is a possibility but maybe unlikely family friend is yet another good possibility but a relative is completely out of the question as they look nothing alike, but hot damn the fact she knows him is mindblowing and the idea of her having been Quick’s Girlfriendat some point in time and him letting her go is beyond train of thought as hot as she looks (awaits for swimsuit pin up of Liona in next Bios page >XD)

She looks nothing like a civet, her ears are WAY too pointed, and don’t they have spots and stripes down the tail? >_< And I read the Quick's a squirrel?! I think we need a reference sheet of who is what animal because I'm confused…but good comic, look forward to seeing what happens next!

While I can understand where you’re coming from, Silky, there are no pink rabbits, and Skye has always been a tiger. :shrug: Art isn’t an exact science when it comes to things like appearance for a character. More information will be forthcoming, rest assured… In the meantime, please, enjoy the comic!

As I said before Quick knowing Liona must be out of something in his past found only in GOYOKU which should be due soon
Now as for the reaction of Chrissy n Raven well them both being speechless is from the moments shock
To such a blunt display of Kissing Quick on his cheek at least, but the one who
Should be most concerned is Chrissy as she is now His Girlfriend!!!

what is this GOYOKU that keeps being mentioned?

Something waiting in the future. Which has NOTHING to do with this page, whatsoever. But you will probably like it, anyway. 🙂

Bwahahahahaha!!! oh man.. two things are going to happen, 1.-Jealous hissy fit from Raven and Chrissy who will obviously want an explanation, and 2.- the rest of the boys (raving fans of Liona) who already pummeled Raving to a bloody paste will be wanting some answers from Quick. Damn, i love this comic 🙂

The funny thing is Quick doesn’t look like player ladies man like Ravin is so its doubtful he’d get jumped by her fans for that, after all she tackle glomped him and kissed his cheek so he’s. “The victim” there and as the mediator that he is he’ll talk his way out of the problem like he’s known for so much X3

*loling so hard can’t breathe* This is funny!! XDDD “Fluffy Nutter” and “Honey-Roasted Peanut” it’s too much!!!! This is going to be good!!! A love triangle against these 3 girls would be awesome!!! I wonder what happen between Quick and Liona way back when??? @_@ Also having a *WTF face* @ panels 3 and 4 is going to be some explaining to do…. >_> Now let me go grab some beer a nice comfy chair and some popcorn and having a little Jerry Springer montage happening!!! 😀

But can’t you guys see he’s the victim here, as where would he have the time to go n play with some hot pop star in the time he’s been in school all this time, only Goyoku can shed light upon this tale big time (rather than her past revealed in the comic)

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