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Rascals Pg 121: getting settled

Rascals Pg 121: getting settled published on 43 Comments on Rascals Pg 121: getting settled

Mastergodai: Liona sure is a spunky one well i guess you got to be if your a pop star of music movies and such

Crimson: Yeah, spunky… and it seems Raven’s not buying it. Frankly, I don’t think I would, either. Well, it’s getting close to school time, obviously… what’s a pop star doing at college?!


Yes I like where this is going! ^^

this may be going the wrong way, what if raven is going to get quick to fall in love with liona with her curves, try took rock the boat with quick and Chrissy, at least that is what i am thinking

You may be right Niloc! I mean Raven has been appearing in a lot of arcs recently so Quick and Chrissy are not out of the woods yet
She’s differently up to something! Payback’s is a bitch! Just watch out Quick be on your look out!

Does she have something scetchy on her cheek in panel 4?

she looks like she has little Freckles there nothing else so far

Yes, but in comparison to panel 5 the freckles (or beauty marks) seem less accentuated.

Like the spots on the face of the green haired fellow on page 120 panel 1.
But those were covered by hair so that explains why they were just outlines.

So it looks like something “scetched” but not “inked”.

Also, Nigimi, one might want to remember that panel four is a bit of a close-up shot, versus a different ‘camera’ panning in the fifth panel. Even in the previous page, Liona’s side was obscured by her hair; it does have nice, big bangs, doesn’t it…? Liona does have freckles, or something like it for furry-ness. Thank you for enjoying the small details we work hard to keep straight.


I seem to have disregarded the colorful dialogue of this page.

This is just my interpretation and might be very wrong, (I have a bad habit of overthinking.):

Raven might have a case of breast envy since “booth babe” refers to women whose best assets are their funbags.
And since “bosom buddies” refers to friends who remain friends despite their hormone fluctuation cycles, Lionas response could be interpreted in the way, that she wants to be friends despite the fact, that Raven is acting at the moment like it’s that time of the month. I don’t know weather Raven noticed the hardly noticeable and interpretion dependant criticism of her behavior. It, however, directed the conversation so close to puppies that Raven begun to feel insecure so she tried to get the attention back to the task at hand.

Now that you mentioned it, Liona does have quite alluring forelocks. Enough to avert my attention from the apparently absent cheek stripe in the forementioned close-up in panel 4. It may seem like nitpicking, but, as you said, I enjoy details. And I happen to be quite fond of those cheek stripes.

Funny thing. If this was bird watching, (and it kinda is, though I’m not British) it would be called a malar stripe.

wait say whaaaaat?!?? Raven is a “Campus tour guide” and she knows Liona ? this is very peculiar of sorts, and it appears that she’s gonna help her get Registered at the School, (could this be part of what she got in mind?)
and just as I thought Liona looks like the Bubbly carefree looking type of gal with a funny personality (sure you don’t wanna be bosom buddies) wow what a line, that kinda line would get Reiko started if she heard it from her X3, over all some interesting times are coming

Raven is so… shes being a bitch.

Even to her friend like that, someone needs to slap the shit out of her and make her wake the fuck up.

Now, Ravin… have you not learned by now? πŸ˜€ When did we EVER say that Raven has become Liona’s friend?

If that’s the case, though, why did Raven call her up in the first place? Or was that even her on the phone?

Don’t really care if its her friend or not. You don’t even act like that to a stranger. I’d backhand a person for that. Shes like a spoiled child.

Sorry, disrespecting someone is one of my big no-nos. I was brought up better than that.

I wholly agree with you there (I was also raised better than that), but there’s a big discrepency between how she was acting on the phone and how she’s acting now. Ethical behaviour aside, I have to seriously consider whether that was Liona on the other end, which brings into question just who she WAS talking to.

you are 100% correct as that type of Sulking is totally improper for someone who’s “Job” is to orient newcomers onto the school’s rules ETC
after a few mins of hearing her talk i’d say in mind (what the hell’s her problem why do I have to put up with this Stuck up “primadonna”)

you are 100% correct Ravin as that type of Sulking is totally improper for someone who’s “Job” is to orient newcomers onto the school’s rules ETC
after a few mins of hearing her talk i’d say in mind (what the hell’s her problem why do I have to put up with this Stuck up “primadonna”)

Gleaned information:

1) Raven is apparently not too thrilled with being Liona’s college tour guide. Most likely, she’s a regular volunteer for helping new students/transfers and just happened to be assigned to help Liona. She seems to be doing the tour guide thing for a reason, but for what is as of yet unclear. Her grumpy and PO’ed mood would likely be because of losing Quick to Chrissy, which makes me wonder if she’s ever been dumped before?

2) Liona, being the cheerful and spunky gal that she is, would like to make friends with Raven. She might also be a new room mate for Raven too, which would help explain why she wants to get along with Raven too. Her career so far has not been mentioned in-story, but only by “Word of God” comments. Other than that she was/is a teen-idol pop and movie star, there’s really not much else known about why she’s so popular. However, if she’s really that popular, where’s the security protecting her from an onslaught by rabid fans. And I do mean rabid because…

3) …the fans are likely still mauling Ravin until there’s nothing but a red stain on the concrete. Which might also explain why she’s not surrounded by fans. They’ve got things to do… people to kill.

4) Skye has no idea who Liona McGraw is.

5) Reiko has no idea who Liona McGraw is.

6) Arzo’s taste in clothing is still just as God-Awful as ever. Reiko had it right. “Cookie Monster” all the way.

7) The heck is so great about this college anyway? Fawnavere District College?! Whooppity Doo! I can see there being that kind of enthusiasm if you’re accepted to an Ivy League School, sure…

…but FDC?! That sounds like a community college! WTH?!

8) The panels on a page that don’t have anything to do with the other panels kind of breaks the whole “Sequential Art” flow in a way. Maybe it’s just me.

As usual, OtakuMan, I am impressed. One: you’re right, she’s not, but you’re not quite there on why Raven’s not thrilled. Maybe she just doesn’t like pop stars? Two: you’re right, she loves making friends, but her career is not quite as big as you may think. Maybe she’s ditched the mod-squad? Three: Yes, the assaults on the charmer have indeed waylaid the rush of fans trying to glomp her. For now. Four/Five: Why would they know who she is, exactly? I don’t know who half the recent pop stars are… and I don’t care to, either. Six: Yes, but we like him that way. It’s unique and original…. and easy to poke fun at! Seven: You ever thought there was a REASON why a star like her would go to the college? Method for the madness, OM!

About the switch in scenes, well…. yeah, some things just have to be done sometimes. I don’t think we’ll be breaking flow all that often, especially in the future. We’ll be sure to keep that thought in mind, though. Thanks.


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