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Bwahahahahaha sooo Ravin thought he could get Ms Liona as part of his conquests eh?!? well the other guys do not think so heh he’s getting his now (sorry Buddy but being a “Don Juan” doesn’t look good hope you won’t be offended by it)
also wow the smashing Actress? is coming around for a while right or “gasp” a permanent newcomer?

So if this is what happens to Ravin by the guys… whats gonna happen when his girlfriend finds out? :intro jaws theme:

What girlfriend?

Didn’t we see Ravin earlier in the comic with a chick when he and Quick were IMing each other? I just assumed Ravin was with someone. Or was it Ravin who got the number at the diner after the “chrissy got drunk night”?

I’m expecting Ravin to be using crutches and covered in bandages next time he appears. That or he’ll be stuck in a full body cast with limbs propped up in a hospital bed.

I knew his come-uppance would come eventually. Just imagine the pain he’d feel if he started wooing everybody’s “Seesteer” (Think of it as being pronounced in a Speedy Gonzales cartoons).

Also, I sure hope Liona McGraw isn’t a country singer. I can’t stand country. Tim McGraw especially. The only way I’d let a country singer fly is if they sing country-style, but about definitely un-country topics. Instead of singing about tractors, cheating lovers, God and religion, and being a hard working blue-collar type person…

…I want to hear a country song about thug life on the streets.

Yeah, that’s right. I want to see the themes of country music and gangsta rap music to switch places. I want to hear a country song about big pimpin’ and gangs and a gangster rap song about tractors.

This is why I love Filk and Fump

The ocelot pop star with the wonderful curves cant wait to see what going on

I thought she was a cheetah. What makes you say Ocelot?


Poor, poor Ravin. He’ll be feeling that one for a while by the looks of it.

But anyway, glad to see her finally pop up in the actual comic. And seriously, hair? You could’ve at least gone with…wait…yeah hair is the better option than what I was thinking.

Flying closeline. Thats how you do it.

I almost feel bad for myself, Almost. but rule number 1 of anything.

Its /always/ worth it.

On a personal note, I think they’re all jealous.

-Slips trollface on-

Ujelly, mob, Ujelly?

not a single regular cast member in sight
just like PR Turbo

Wait a minute
1. Couple comics ago Chrissy and Raven clashed placing Quick in the Between.
2. Quick finally admits his love to Chrissy.
3. Quick and Chrissy went on a date and once again clashed with Raven.
4. Raven gave Chrissy the bird.
5. Quick and Chrissy made love that night.
6. Perivous comic show Raven making a phone call.
7. This HOT— randomly pops out of nowhere!!!
-_-? (thinking,thinking)

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