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Quick you sir are now a man! God speed ya lad!!

au contraire Mr Hunk he’s Been de Man buut now he will Be THE MAN! now that he’s been straight with the girl he loves and has basically proven to her that he’s an Honorable gentleman so now he gets a present from her a “Special” present 😛
on the other hand 2 new events appear to be unfolding 1 Reiko about to give Skye a makeover “her style” while he is nervous n reluctant about it,
the other appears to be a phone call made by someone to someone else asking to look up a certain person’s information, curioser curioser

now this is a sweet tender scene Chrissy leaning her head on Quick’s shoulder holding hands mildly cuddling together and she’s calling him Hun woo wooo truly awesome there (am I mistaken or does that look kinda like manhattan behind them through the limo’s window?!? also it sounds like some foreplay in there X3 wheee )

<_< the bottle is empty… hmmm… and if not for that description, I wouldn't know what the heck Skye was doing (more like a tiger? Thought-bubbles the Frosted Flakes dude… nonono)… and who the heck is that bottom-right message for, or from? Ah-HMMM *strokes chin-hair pensively* I wonder…

also, teh lulz for sweet fluffy mercy XD


And even after all this time she still doesn’t question how Quick can afford all the things he has. Quick is obviously rolling in dough and from back at the beach scene, obviously is very wealthy or famous to have Skye shut up real quick about it. Maybe Quick is in college cause he grew up rich and alone, so he decided to go live like the normal, no so rich folk, and has made very good friends.

Oh just to guess what happens in the next page:
Rei begins to color Skye’s hair but finds she doesn’t have the right shade, so she walks to Chrissy’s room and hears some “thumping and banging” going on, she peeks in and its suggested something is going on, so she busts in yelling “WOOT, GO GIRL, RIDE THAT QUICKIE!” and comes to find out they are playing the Xbox Kinetic, embarassment ensues, Rei grabs the bottle she is looking for (Since the dresser is right within arms reach, and promptly leaves.

Well wolfenheart IMO I don’t believe that would happen so to speak so the chances of Rei walking in on them 2 in the act is perhaps improbable (since she knows they went out tho) but there are 2 other people that love to eavesdrop so we’ll know sooner or later how it went 😛

Let’s just hope that someONE or someTHING doesn’t interupt the good “mood” tonight with Quick and Chrissy… >_> Also to note that hoping that Quick’s Solider and his “ammo” supply is on “stand by” if you know what I mean. ;D

If it wasn’t for the comment Godai left, I never would have known that Rei was giving Skye a makeover. And I know the foaming at the mouth is shaving cream, but honestly…

…how many anthropomorphic furry characters do you know that shave? Beard trim, I can see… but shave? Seriously looked like Skye was going rabid. Of course, with a girlfriend like Reiko, anyone would be rabid over her.

As for Quick and Chrissy, I dunno what Chrissy did in the limo for Quick, but chances are it was kinky and show-off-y. Although finishing a bottle of whatever was in the limo… wouldn’t that make Chrissy super tipsy drunk like the curry from the previous night did? She seems sober enough now that they’re home again, so did Quick and Chrissy drink it all? Or someone else? Also, I expect nothing less than “Ode to Joy” and a montage of random clips to play in the background as Quick finally leaves the Virgin club. (Again, not knowing what happened in the limo, he may have left that club already by now).

Finally, the mysterious stranger and the phone call to their cousin. Odds are that at least one of the people on the call is female, since no two guys would ever say “Love yah too” to one another. ONE of them has to be female. And what project involves blowing things up? Scientist or ninja?

So that’s 3, count them, THREE plots going on at once. One main plot, and two sub plots.


Ah ah ah what happend in the limo may have been mild foreplay while being comfortable, but as a way of thanking Quick for such a memorable time Chrissy is going to give Quick a time to Remember XD
As for our mysterious caller yes it has all the sounds of perhaps a female calling a male friend or vice versa to dig up some info on somebody that’s pretty vague there, and the fact to not blow up anything it could be a male on the other end of that message so time will tell which “evil doers” are up to what.

Oh oh oh oh! I know where this is going I think! That last section is so Raven calling up her cousin to dig up dirt on Chrissy. Thus how we get her surely fascinating backstory I’m sure. Either that she’s looking up Quick and we get his back story, but my bets on Chrissy.

That being said, yay, finally! Hopefully they’ll get to enjoy it this time. And remember it. Though, what they’re going to do is what I thought they did in the limo, but apparently it’s not… so I’m not entirely sure what they did in the limo that involves losing shoes…

me thinks thi wont turn out to well beside the whole getting some hats off to quick but master yoda senses a disturbance in the force O.o the other masters wish you good luck yound paddawan oh dont forget when when u preform a mexican churo you gotta lift ur left leg lol

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