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Rascals Pg 117: now we are even

Rascals Pg 117: now we are even published on 80 Comments on Rascals Pg 117: now we are even

Mastergodai: Huge Page this week I really was thinking of Posting this without no text because i thought the images spoke for themselves  but after some Hard thinking Crimson and  I decided that it probally was the best thing to add text to it  maybe i’ll post the clean version on my DA / FA  Page



Blueball special.

more like black and blue ball ravin

No no no, it’s:

“Looks like someone’s been…”

*Puts on Sunglasses*

“Black and Blue-Balled.”

Followed by the person responding to next comment adding


or a link to this:

Come on people! Even Jim Carrey knows this meme:

In a way, it could have been worse. Chrissy, in her drunken state, could have cracked Quick’s nuts multiple time, causing him to pass out. Then, Chrissy could have passed out on top of him. Finally, in the morning, both would wake up with no memory of the night. Talk about a “surprising” morning.

well the changes in moods is quite believable but I must commend Quick for his restraint on “jumping her bones” but well Quick must have had a “viewtiful” time despite the nutcracker moment, well glad that Chrissy took the news ok and has decided to put it behind them and “make out” a fresh start.
so hopefully the night may end on a lighter side perhaps on a more intimate way >:D

That was wonderful! I love Chrissy in the third sections. She’s so adorable! And then that last part just made me laugh even more. My conclusion is she should be drunk more often, yup! Very well done guys. And I like having the speech bubbles there. It helped clarify a few points, and help add a tone to the page.

Clean as in without the texts, or clean as in with the proper colors? Either would be interesting to see! And this was simply hilarious.

i spy with my little eye….something in the middle panel….*cough cough* chrissys ‘dirty pillows’ *cough*

Applaud for Quick, much applause.

Now that thats settled, in the words of a certain Adam Sandler film.

“You can do it! You can do it ALL NIGHT LONG!”

Cant wait to see what other storyline tales are in store.
And yes…I didnt miss that lil pepper even on a quick glance.

I knew it was one of my options, but with a twist to boot. Quick tried to resist, but Chrissy took advantage, but ended up in a “bent” situation of Quick’s “ammo” supply if you know what I mean guys/gals. ;D Also that Chrissy got her’s “knocked” out as well could’ve been worse. Now it’s Jaz’s turn to know why she was talking bout her teacher??? 😀

i like how pretty much anyone couldve guessed this was gonna happen and by all the pent up anticipation nobody really did. HOWEVER FOLKS……we still dont know what was said in that big confrontation with chrissy and raven. and why jazmin got p.o’ed over this when it had nothing to do with her. oh, oh dont tell me: “in due time?” i hate anticipation as much as i love this comic -_-

in due time…..muhahahahhaa!!!!

Hah. Hah. Very funny, guys. However, whether we tell what happened or not (and we might just NOT point it out, you know) is indeed up to the future. Some things are better left unsaid, right? “Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Sometimes, there are going to be things that we just do not show, because of one reason or another. I only said the “in due time” thing for this scene, because back when you guys asked about it with such resounding verbage, I had already PLANNED to showcase that night right around now…! Yes, there was a method to that madness, furs. Now, I’m not saying that what happened between Raven and Chrissy will never show up again, but I do want to remind that sometimes, you don’t get to see it all… and sometimes, the mystery makes the imagination run wild in the meanwhile. Look back over the comments about what happened in this flashback, if you need a refresher. 😉 Class dismissed. See you on Friday!



Laughed so hard the first time i read chrissy say ‘bitchnuggets’ XD such a useful saying.

Did anybody else notice that when quick said ‘you kind fell on top of me’ the comic actually shows it’s Quick that falls on top of Chrissy? thus getting nut cracked. (see third flashback panel with yellow tail on top and knee from below)

Hm I’ve seen it b4 in soaps and movies! Raven may lie to everyone that she’s pregnant and that Quick is the father! 0.o
Nah I don’t think Raven will do something to that extreme!

he is the father! while his evil twin helps plot revenge against him for stealing his wallet which he didn’t do it was his cousin who was secretly banging raven who is actually the father, but was cast out into exile from the family because of his dastardly ways

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