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Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words

Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words published on 93 Comments on Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words

Mastergodai: I wish I had Quick’s smooth moves with the Ladies ^_^ Β oh Crimson you had something you want to say to our Audience ?

Crimson: I am so glad that everyone enjoyed the Double Month. It was a huge success, as far as I’m concerned and it’s proven that we have one of the best fanbases around! There is going to be a lot more going on in the future, especially here on Rascals, so keep an ear to the ground and a sharp eye on the horizon, because we’re moving forward with the comic! Yes, some future projects are quite well-known by now, but there are some surprises waiting as well. One of them is coming up faster than you might think. On a side note, thanks for all your birthday wishes, guys! Toodles.


Oh great… A jealous physco bitch with a hunger for revenge…

Good thing they are in a restaurant.

I'm volunteering calling the bouncers and kicing her out if she doesn't leave those two alone. quick did not only the gentleman part, but the moraly correct one. and she can't be happy with that, because she thinks with her hole, the way too many of our gender thinks with our sticks. well thinking with them is not nessecarily bad, it's acting on them without thought that is x3

Damn we’ll never know what’s happen last night T.T

Anyway, Quick is so lucky <3

Aaaand Quick words to not fall through with Raven. Sorry, dude, looks like you used up your conflict-defusing skills for the day… but hey, at least you’ve got the rest of the night, right? And then the obsessed chick with the glasses with mess you up, but– uh, yeah. They didn’t even get to eat their dinner (… when did quick get his glasses back?) so one would -think- their night ain’t over yet… I wonder, will they meet anybody else they know as their first date continues? And this one doesn’t mean Skye, Jaz, or Reiko…
Eh, speculation.


welll all I got to say is that Quick has got to have more lives than a cat to be able to skim through so many close shaves in his life,
I’m Mistifyed at how he was actually able to diffuse the situation with average ease (maybe because Raven actually gave him the chance by listening to him)
i’m also surprised Chrissy calmed down and let him talk her down without throwing a fit and actually saying their date is not over yet (hoping for the pleasant night’s end)

Not what I was hoping for in the back of my mind, but I knew my desires wouldn’t be fulfilled now. Quick’s just too much of a gentleman to let them fight. =3 But, I’m really interested to see what Raven’s plans are later in the comic.

I put my glasses on like that sometimes >.> It’s convenient because it IS the longest finger. She’s certainly taking advantage of it right now!

Now, now, Tigerlady… if nothing else, we try to fulfill our fan’s desires. You just have to be patient with us, that’s all. Raven, genius evil that she is (not!)… needs to plan for the future to exact revenge on the naughty civet and reclaim her loving squirrel-man! All hail RAVEN!!

(No, really, Raven’s not leaving the cast anytime soon, but since this arc is heading out, well… certain things have to happen first, before the fisticuffs.)

Am I the only one that will suggest that Raven needs to get “laid?” She’s in a bitchy-revenge-angry-mouse-mood-of-death and she’ll need someone or something to relieve the stress on her… 0_o Even though that I’m going to get a HUGE target on my back of thinking bluntly of it, it might be the only way and thing that Raven can just move forward and just forget Quick… If not then it’s a love triangle all over again…. Unless all three have a threesome and get it off of their chests… >_>” Which will probably not going to happened… -_-“

*Raven sits back down at the table with Lloyd*

Lloyd: “So that guy there… ex-boyfriend?”

Raven: “Would have been boyfriend if that bitch hadn’t stolen him away from me. I’m gonna make her pay.”

Lloyd: “…I’m not getting any tonight, am I?”

Raven: “Pfft! HELL no!”

Lloyd: “Can we at least have a nice dinner?”

Raven: “I know I will. You’re paying.”

Lloyd to the waiter: “I’ll just have a water.”


*Quick and Chrissy at a new restaurant*

Quick: “I know this may not be as swanky as the last place, but at least now it’s just you and me.”

Chrissy: “Yeah. I’m so proud of you too, Quick. You held your ground and actually let her down as nicely as you could. Not every guy’s sweet enough to do that.”

Quick: “I think things are going to go nice and smooth from here on out. What’s the worst that could happen now anyway?”

*THIS music plays over the restaurant PA radio*

Chrissy: “…well, playing the Star Wars Imperial March on the radio would signal that whatever it is, it is an evil most dark and foul.”

Quick: “Me and my big mouth.”


Kudos for Quick for actually standing his ground. Apparently he’s been taking lots of “manning up” lessons since he’s showing lots of signs of maturity here.

Although note Raven flipping them the bird while adjusting her glasses. One of many ways that adjusting your glasses can reveal a lot about your personal character.

So yeah, Raven is up to something.

And like how I envision Skye: “Quick, dude. This is RIPE for a Menage a Trois! Are you SURE you’re not gonna try for one?!”

Quick: “YES!”

Nice middle finger there.

Raven is now a super villain! :O Kinda like Ivy, without the sex.

Aww this just seems like another case where the woman always gets mad at the other woman, but not at the guy. why the heck does that always happen? xD I’m also surprised Quick hasn’t been hit in the balls by any of the girls yet, with how angry they’ve been getting at him. Major luck.

I’m gonna miss the double updates every week, but I’m excited for more. I also think the new header is cute <3

This Sunday Sunday Sunday! It’s the cat vs the rat! Chrissy and Raven duke it out for the one they love. Tops will go flying (not saying which type) Tune in and find out. No cameras allowed.

Well I know this is not going to happen buut maybe people might like this to happen next.
*Quick* uhh Chrissy I’d like to apologize how the night has turned out I never expected for us to actually run into Raven in there
*Chrissy* yes I know that was so surprising and unexpected I mean what were the Odds of running into her in there,
*Quick* well the night’s still young so where would you like to go?
*Chrissy* uh anywhere is fine *glances up into the night sky and a shooting star falls*
*Chrissy* Quick look look a Shooting star let’s make a wish
*Quick* naw I don’t need to make a wish as my wish has been granted
*Chrissy* huh? How has your wish been granted Quick?
*Quick* because I already have you Chrissy
*Chrissy* Blushes n smiles
In the shadow of the full moon background Chrissy n Quick kiss sealing the start of their relationship as boyfriend n girlfriend n_n (but I don’t believe this ending would be made) ^^;;

ok people you may all be entitled to your opinions but with this “Revenge” theme you guys/gals are looking waaay too deep into it there was no fight with a bad loss or marks on her body to warrant Revenge,
the current outcome isn’t a tragic one to bring about such resentment feelings, so weigh the possibilities and look at this from a perspective angle of sorts and you’ll see it’s not horribly bad.

Man I do hope Raven doesn’t turn up like that creepy nurse Annie Wilkes from the movie Misery!!! Quick gets into a motorcycle accident then he’s rescued later on not by a total stranger but by Raven!!! 0.0
Nah Raven is not that EVIl right…?

Why do people assume the last panel was an intentional use of the middle finger in the sense of flicking someone off? I have glasses and I’ve often used my middle finger to push them back up when they’re out of place. I even use it to keep track of reading and to change stations on the radio when driving. Just because someone uses their middle finger doesn’t mean they’re saying “F you”

I’ve never used my middle finger to adjust my glasses or anything else and I honestly don’t get why anybody would…in my book it’s a pretty stupid thing to do and it is proof that you’re not putting any thought into the proper and polite way to adjust your glasses as using the middle finger WILL give off the wrong signal because, it’s NOT NORMAL to adjust your glasses with the middle finger…I got into a discussion with my father about a similar thing once (him using his middle finger to gesture “come here” or whatever…) and he had a similar pathetic excuse… that the middle finger isn’t just for giving somebody the bird. It would one thing if all your other fingers are broken or something but since the people that have the bad habit of doing it have nothing wrong with their fingers, it’s just a really stupid / thoughtless thing to do.

These past hundred and some odd pages have been just awesome. Way to go Mastergodai for following through on the dream. Geez I went to school with the guy, I’ve have known him for 13 years and watched all of this come to fruition personally , so I shouldnt be surprised. All of his influences spring to life in this comic. I cant wait to see whats next. Good Job Mr. Challenger. Its an honor to have been best buds this long. -A

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