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Yes, boys. The shit is starting to hit the fan. Is it me, or is Quick being smacked often? And Jazmin is giving our boy the glare of death, to boot! Someone talented in the trumpet start playing Taps for our poor squirrel, quick! How can he survive such feminine rage? Will he end up in the hospital again? WHAT did happen in that fateful evening, and what does everyone believe occurred? Will Quick and Chrissy ever reconcile, or does Raven have a new fluffy boy-toy? All of these questions will be answered in the future pages, so stay tuned, fur-friends. Same Quick time, same Quick address!


Well now an unseen dialog happend not a phisical altercation buut Raven is leaving in tears but slapped Quick without a single reply nor reason, in the meantime Reiko is playing as Quick’s Lawyer defending him (mighty nice of her)but then why the heck is Jazmin playing the accuser at Quick (when she owes Quick a favor) and Chrissy doesn’t want to even hear anything else before he can even plead his “case” Be here on Friday to find out!!!

My prediction:

1) Quick tells his side of the story.
2) Chrissy doesn’t listen.
3) Reiko talks some sense into Chrissy.
4) Quick leaves to see if things cool down.
5) ????
6) Everything went better than expected.

Ok here’s my prediction to yours (After Quick hears Reiko’s story on what happend there he puts on his “Serious” face and tells Chrissy to Sit down Jazmin comes to cut in on him he turns around with the same glare in his eyes and tells her to “shut it” and reminds her she owes him 1, turns to Chrissy with the same look in his eyes and tells her (you’re mad at me? When this whole situation is from your own doing!) Chrissy blinks and says (how is it my fault?)Quick says (the reason I went to Raven’s house was to clear things up with her that we are just friends and that it’s you whom I Love! But when I came back here you are “punch drunk” and tell me to come to bed with you before you “change your mind” what did you think I did answer me that!) conversation ends and there’s silence in the room

And here’s my prediction to both of yours. Sorry, try again! 😀 Both of those are interesting scenarios, guys, especially yours BlackWind… but that’s just not gonna happen like that. You’ll have to keep reading to see what REALLY is gonna happen! But I can promise that you guys won’t be disappointed.

And people wonder why we christians advice against sleeping around carelessly? course I feel sorry for the characters, but they kinda have themselves to blame for living life in a such… "unsafe" way x3

Altough ofc most of us, even I, prolly agree with skye's comments on the female body, a gentleman or an intelligent man, does not say such things out loud, nor does he think with his stick. really why i like quick. he doesn't deny his own mortality, but knows how to keep his moraily in check, mostly :3

oookay, seems the feces hit the fan a little early, before he actually makes it home. this does not bode well. looks like he woulda done better showin’ up when it went down then now… although, on the other hand, he might be dead by now if that had happened. screwed if ya do, screwed if ya… didn’t.



ok now for my opinion on this either #1 Chrissy refuses to listen to Quick thinking he might Lie to her or #2 she turns around and also slaps him and probably tells him that she hates him,
now the semi good news is that probably Raven won’t want to see or talk to him so that “takes a load” off his problems, but the main concern is how will Quick patch things up with Chrissy unless he decides to give her a time out or so (while consulting with Reiko about what went down while he was away, while preventing Jazmin from doing painful things to him)

what? Quick can’t help that the ladies are getting attracted to him. But, in all fairness, he only ‘led on’ Chrissy. Raven was being sorta…forceful so she is causing her own pain right now….

…and just what the hell is Jazmin saying right nowz?! D: Also, …does it seem Chrissy is getting…bigger? O.o

I wish there was some type of subtitles for Jaz, ‘cuz I can’t find any language translator that recognizes the words. What language is it?

It’s Romaji. Not a language, it’s a transliteration of Japanese into Romanized (Western) characters. No translator online will ever recognize Romaji because of what it is.

Well, Dragonrazor, you’re absolutely right, that is Romaji. Sorry, Lloyd, but the bunnies ARE ninjas, yanno? However, being that as it may, since translation IS difficult, I will post a “subtitle” of sorts for Jazmin’s mini-rant. Hey, at least it wasn’t full-on Japanese characters, right? Stay tuned.

As someone who has taken Japanese classes, understanding what she’s saying can be tricky because while her words may be correct, the grammar seems off. This likely the work of “Babel-nese” where what you get is somewhat correct, but because of the Babelfish limitations, it comes out like this.

Babelfish: Causing God to disappear in a puff of logic since when Man went on to prove Black is White, and then get trampled at a Zebra Crossing.

To be completely fair. This sounds a bit out of character for Raven. Considering she knew from the start of the comic she would be a ‘get laid’ girl. They were hooked up on a one premise hope of sex. It seems out of character for her even more so, when Quick was at her house and she seemed perfectly willing to tease Quick about sleeping with Chrissy when Raven implied he had ‘shagged her rotten.’

It just seems a bit off in the way Raven would act, to me at least.

Indeed, which means that something has happened in between last comic and this comic to bring Raven to tears and make her upset at Quick.

What we don’t know is what Chrissy and Raven said to each other in between when Quick and Skye left the Waffle House and when they arrived at the co-ed housing. Chances are some nasty and powerful words were spoken to one another, some truths revealed, and some misconceptions made.

My guess:

Raven and Chrissy fight over Quick.

Chrissy tells Raven that Quick slept with her last night. Chrissy, being the one doing all the talking, does not allow Raven the chance to tell her that Quick DIDN’T sleep with her because of the interruption that happened. Therefore, Chrissy now thinks that Quick is a two-timer, having slept with both Raven and Chrissy in the same night.

Raven, however, is feeling upset at Quick because she now feels rejected. She’s mad that he wasn’t man enough to refuse her and come straight out that Quick likes Chrissy instead. This makes Raven feel like she’s been led on. The other possibility is that she thinks Quick DID want to sleep with her when he came over last night, and that it was merely an unfortunate circumstance that they were interrupted. Therefore, had they not been interrupted, it’s possible that she believes Quick WOULD have slept with both her and Chrissy.

The truth: Quick didn’t sleep with any of them.

Quick being the nice guy that he is, while turned on by Raven’s advances, was too nice of a guy to say “no” to her. He may have been, but before he could do anything, the two were interrupted. Upon returning to the dorm, Quick is pounced on by Chrissy, and she made it clear that Quick could have her if he wanted. However, Quick did not consummate with her because any guy worth his salt knows that taking advantage of a girl when plastered is never a good idea. Therefore, his virginity is more than likely still in tact (unless he lost it sometime before the series started which is doubtful given his luck with girls).

The solution: Tell the truth. He has to stand his ground, tell Chrissy what happened, and more importantly, admit his feelings for her. He has to tell Chrissy that he went to Raven’s last night with the intention of ENDING things with Raven so he could go steady with Chrissy without any loose strings. Once he has made his confession, the ball is then in Chrissy’s court for her to respond in kind. How she does so… well that’s up to her and whether she can get past her hurt feelings.

[/end Detective Mode]

Truly amazing, Watson, how the assumptions of a point of view can cloud one’s deductive judgments.

Though, really, guys, we’ll be showing what ACTUALLY happened in that night before long. Just try to be patient with us. I will admit to a bit of visceral thrill in seeing what you guys come up with. It rather warms my heart and stirs my creative soul that our little cliff-hangers and off-scene situations really do get you guys fired up on wondering and postulating EXACTLY what happened on the interim.

I will leave this be with a single affirmative; Chrissy and Raven DID argue heatedly with each other. Nearly came to blows, in fact. Thank heavens for the ninja bunny sisters, too. Even if Jaz wants to tear Quick asunder. Though, you have to wonder what was said to piss her off so very much… and WHY whatever was said could tick off Jazmin that much, as well. Hmmmm…. something to consider, eh? 😀


I presume you’re the comic writer for Rascals, eh? 🙂

Pleased to meet you. I’m currently applying for the webcomic writer position over at We Are Arcade which Kelvin journaled about a few days ago. From one fellow writer to another, I must say that you definitely are doing a good job keeping an air of mystery in the air. However, as Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots has taught me, being a romance detective can be quite exhilarating… if you know what you’re doing.

Keep up the good script work. Perhaps if Dan and Kelvin like my sample submission, we’ll both be part of the “Writers of Comics Drawn by Kelvin” club. 🙂

Also, I have a hunch that either Reiko or Skye will be the “Monk” that figures out what happened and sits everyone down to explain how everything went down. This then proves that they are smarter than they may look. I personally think Reiko will be the more likely choice because as she said, “She knows Quick” because she’s been his roomie for a while now.

Plus, I also think she knows Quick because:

1) Skye and Reiko have an open relationship. They may be boyfriend and girlfriend, but they seem to have an agreement that if they sleep with anyone else, they’re cool with that.

2) Quick, being at the time the only other roommate in the dorm, is hit on by Reiko and offered a chance to sleep with her.

3) Quick refuses since tempting as it may be, it just wouldn’t feel right to him.

4) Reiko comes to respect and admire Quick more for his morals and ethics, and while still a tease and rather “loose” based on past remarks or appearances (it can be hard to tell when she’s joking or not), she knows Quick is a good guy and not a two-timer.

5) Based on this, Reiko then pieces the puzzle together after Quick arrives when she starts listening to what he has to say.

This is my theory of what you’ve got hidden in your future scripts/plans. Let’s see if I’m right.

-Causally smokes his bubble pipe in the back while taking notes, Having several females on his legs clinging as he wrote. Carefully perking an eyebrow up with a ‘Old Spice’ look as the words ‘The Man your Man could smell like’ form behind him.-

Well Otaku your deductions are quite fascinating indeed, but my only quip there is the fact that despite the help Quick has provided in the past Jazmin is ready to Lynch him without any chance to hear his side of the story (when I remember her clearly stating “as 2nd Heiress to the Usagi clan I plan to make it up for your helping us out) and yet she’s ready to kill him where he stands,
Reiko is trying to defend him because like you said she believes in Quick not being a 2 timer especially with his shyish type streak of sorts,
Then sadly Chrissy doesn’t have NO recollection of the events that night except for waking up naked in his room and not checking herself to verify if she did the deed with him or not, this is somewhat frustrating but understandable at a level of realism of sorts (correct me if im wrong on any of this)

I’ll leave it to Godai to comment on a couple of things, but as regards your assumptions, once more, OtakuMan…. Yes, Reiko and Skye have an open relationship. Beyond that, you will know when everyone else does, about the future of the storyline.

And about Godai and myself. We are partners in Rascals, because Godai has allowed me to assist him in this comic in the areas where my skills are valuable. We write things together, we work on the story together, and we will shape the future of the comic together. I just can’t draw to save my life.


<__> hmm it looks like Jazmin may have stolen a Blue lantern’s Ring to have that aura about her no? X3

Ok time for someone to play a role of a detective and get to the bottom of this to let these two chicks know of what happened!!! D:< It pisses me off that they don't want to hear Quick's side of the story let alone that using thier emotions to take over them!!! I mean c'mon!!! At least hear of what he has to say before beating the shit out of him!!! D:< My prediction is that Quick chases Raven while Reiko get's Chrissy and put them on a couch to listen to HIS side of the story!!! NO IFs, ANs, or BUTS about it!!! D:<

Well, this is about to get very interesting. Either way, one of two events will surely occur:

1) Someone is going to be in a world of hurt (physically and/or emotionally), or
2) no one will sleep well tonight.

On a side note, I must ask the following: why is Reiko so willing to defend Quick? I know that they’ve been roommates for awhile so I wonder if something “romantic” happened between them.

By the way, excellent work on the comic. I only found it today after finding it on the Webcomic List.

well MrAmp Reiko truly trusts and believes in Quick that she is positive he didn’t do anything wrong, plus Quick has stood by her and her sister before so she as his friend feels the need to help him out and I believe if Jazmin does anything to Quick she will answer to her
also I don’t think there are any romantic links between them two just a long friendship

Someone Translate Jazmin please

My geuss is that he didn’t have sex with Chrissy at all! Quick just gave her a message and she fell asleep in the middle of it. It’s possible, right? I mean yeah, he wants to have sex with her, but c’mon maybe he thought it was a little too early for sex… oh and the story gets better XD

Looking up stuff via google…so I could totally be wrong since I’m not fluent in Japanese and barely know any other than the usual “kawaii”, “neko”, “hentai”, “doki doki” , ect.

something something

Desu : A short Japanese word that links a noun and verb, literally translated as “it is” and supposedly you use desu to sound polite….

atashi : possibly ” I ” as in like ” i love chocolate” or ” I hate it when my browser acts up so that I can’t do anything.” …. seems “watashi” is the more used one but atashi counts along with “ore” and others ?

seigi : possibly justice or right , what is correct (man trying to find translation for these is a big pain – annoying and frustrating)

hayaku : something along the lines of quickly, fast , or hurry

mujihi : no mercy

damashi : deception

te morai mashi seems to be a bunch of nonsense words or word salad or something

ta ga subete is also a little hit or miss….can’t find anything on the ” ta ” part but ga subete supposedly means “is everything”

more gibberish and then “just right” / “exactly” , ect for choudo

koto possibly means thing

sorry about the rest of it….ugh

I have a bad feeling that they are made up / non-sense words or messed up versions of actual japanese words or something like that because it’s so hard to find translations for the words…..Really if you just google stuff though you’ll still learn a lot about things….

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