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And so the best laid plans of squirrels and rats will oft be led astray. We actually managed to get those two comic pages that we promised you guys! I can’t tell you how thrilled that makes us!

And yes, you’re all correct; the $h!t is just about to hit the fan. We all know that it’s not gonna be pretty, but HOW are things gonna go down that explosive path?? Even the ninja bunnies are worried! Stay tuned, fur-friends!


*Reiko* Jaz escape jutsu Now!!!
*Jazmin* not enough time
*glaring sights*
*Zoe* hiya Raven long time no see
X_X;;; Deathmatch about to take place and Quick n Skye are oblivious to the impending Doom
*I lay down 3cards face down and end my turn*
Crimson if you came up with this scenario I just got 2 sentences for you
Tatsumaki Zankantou & Revolving Bomber!

Well, BlackWind, I can’t say that I’m completely responsible for this; once more, it’s a dual partnership with MG and I…. but rest assured, something WILL go down in the near future!!

And no thanks…. those moves are over-done. I’d rather hash out some new jutsu of my own. 😀

HONESTLY! Sometimes I just wish a romance detective like from Girls With Slingshots, cue up this music:

And set everything straight.

I’d really like to see some focus on what happens once the relationship starts. But that’s just me. Also, the Detective Conan theme makes any big reveal 10x more awesome.

The bomb bays are open. I see a nuke being seconds away from dropping

erk! No he said it. He just sealed his fate & it ain’t a pretty one…

Here’s 50 NetDollars on someone is leaving this w/ a Black Eye or bleeding. >.>

…. :mild sigh: Heh. Now, speaking as a big-time fan of Detective Conan, I can say this much. T’aint happenin’, at all, period. Case Closed. And yes, the pun was intentional, tyvm.

Though, yes, when things do settle down (and we DO have a general timeline for when that happens!), there will be more focus on the relationships and how they blossom or wither, slice-of-life, et cetera. However, I can’t really comment on anything beyond that; have to have a FEW cards up my sleeve, right?

Oh No Not Good At All.

I’ll get the headstones.

NEVER SAY ” WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!” It’s like an invitation for disaster.

people people please. now two things could happen here. yes, there COULD be a cat/mouse fight (kinda hard to know what the outcome to that battle would be if youve ever seen tom & jerry) OR…..there can be an orgy. all you need for that last one to happen is to have some convincing motivators. reiko? ravin? any further statements? 😀

This has death wish written all over it.

ok last message of the night now answer me this either of you Crimson or Godai
why do Chrissy n Raven look at each other like they want to kill each other?
as far as we know they barely know each other and Neither is Quick’s Girlfriend/Steady so each other suspect they are his girlfriend?
or are they both claiming him and neither wants to give him up?

How so wrong you are…so wrong you are

oh C’mon now you honestly don’t expect them to calmly talk things over like nothing happend and tag team on Quick to decide whom does he love? that’s just NOT HAPPENING Ravin (and no cute pick up lines or Mr.Smooth talker is going to prevent what’s coming)

I think this page can be summed up with 3 simple words:

“Quick.” “Is.” “Screwed.”

The poor bastard better think of something good to save his skin… err, fur.

As others have said, with that glare that Chrissy’s giving Raven, she might as well eat her. It wouldn’t surprise me; She looks like she’s ready to give Raven more than hell.

As for Rei and Jaz, it’s a jutsu… How long does it take to perform?

Honestly people, 1.) Quick didn’t have sex with the drunk girl, he’s better then that. 2.) Chrissy doesn’t deserve a good guy like him when she past him over for a dosche bag, 3.) Raven could kick her butt and 4.) Quick will get pissed off at everyone put them in their places and both girls will be even more determined to get him for being the good guy he is.

:grins sadistically: And you know these things because of what, Werefox?

There will be a cliff-hanger or two, but at least one of your statements, I can verify as accurate in part. Chrissy and Raven both want Quick for being the kind, quirky underdog that he is. And for being a squirrel, that’s a pretty-damn good feat, let me tell you! But the other stuff, well…. you’ll find out eventually, but I can’t verify anything else as true or false, sadly. That would be cheating, yes it would.

well everyone its been nice buuuuuut the universe is gonna implode worst possible situation ever kiss your butts good bye cus the unthinkable just happen quick is a deadman and we all suffer cus of it damn ist been a good run too bad…………………..*BOOOOOOOOOOOOM* universe gone it like ur current gf and ur ex gf that still has a thing for you meeting D:l

I’m still selling tickets to the nearest bomb shelter for $10 each!!! There will be plenty of food, water, power for TV, computer, entertainment and etc. There is also a eco friendly green house and farm house for fresh and organic fruits, vegies, grain, and meat. Also there are activity areas to play sports and training rooms to get some good work outs and there is also a Yoga room to train as well!!! Come get them while “we” still have HOPE!!!! :O *still is wearing bomb squad riot armor*

I get it now so they all think he banged Chrissy and then left her for Raven like a two bit whore. The pin is pulled all that’s left is to see where the grenade will land.

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