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Rascals Pg 107: shades of Brass

Rascals Pg 107: shades of Brass published on 59 Comments on Rascals Pg 107: shades of Brass

Hey, guys. Glad you all like the page. Just so you know, we’re doing something REALLY special this month; for the month of February, Rascals will update TWICE a week! Tentatively, we’re talking about Tuesday and Friday, but there WILL be two pages a week for this month! Hope you all enjoy our hard work. Hasta!



lol quick is wearing a fairy tail t-shirt XD

yup its one of my fav shows

Holy Cameo Appearance Batman

Once a cameo, always a cameo.

ACTUALLY I have know Godai for a good while when Rasicals first started kicking off. I used to post on his forums here before he closed them down. I liked the comic so much I have spent possibly around 250ish dollars in commissions and various art. We had talked about adding me into a story arch a long time ago. but did I buy my way into his story? No, hes doing this because I am his friend.

Nice, I noticed how many commish he did for you, and I was mentally doing the math as was like, wow! But, hey, what are friends for. I’m glad that Ravin is getting to be good pals with Quick and Skye.

Guess I will go into a small background of Ravin and my friendship with Godai.

I have roleplayed now for about, Mm…maybe 14 years almost. About ten of these years Ravin was a Neko. I started reading Rascals about a month after it came out (Godai actually popped my comment virginity on FA) And thats when we talked about Ravin as a Wolf. I sent him many photos and we spent hours just talking or passing emails to get it right.

Ever sense then. We have always talked or chatted about his comic. Even tried playing some WoW together and played SC2 a bit. We even considered buying a comic strip from him about us playing SC2. I suppose Godai sees my character as a ladies man because we often talk about pretty hot girls and joke around a lot about /b/. In this universe Godai depicts, it doesn’t bother me if people think I am a tool or jerk. Its the internet. πŸ˜€

Id hardly consider that the art I buy from him makes me a fanboy, or even as a Cameo. I am his friend and supports his comic. Guess instead of most people who say ‘You have an awesome comic.’ I am one of those few that support and purchase art from him so he can continue to do the comic.

Anyone sense some girl on guy violence approaching?

girl on guy violence you say? how about a cuffed T-shirt and probably doubleslap action and a forehead table smash all in a quick motion? the man is bold to tell that Racoon gal to take a seat on his lap like that,
anyways Tiggs is in da Houuuuse!!! woo woo and she briefly looked back at Ravin’s comment but kept on walking, awesome double cameo 1 from behind and 1 full body look
also heh Quick is very wise to not “spill the beans” on the events from the night before as people do seem to stretch the facts sometimes and he can’t have that happening.

Your renditions of Las Lindas characters is pretty good. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell yours and Chalo’s at just a glance. Very nice work. As for the Raccoon girl: She seems like she has a “I don’t take s*** from no one” kind of personality, but might end up being hypocritical. Kind of like Jasmin, but more serious.

I just have two questions:
1) Is that Tiggs from Las Lindas?
2) Where did Quicks glasses go?

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