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aww damn she’s daring him to do her while still “concious” (plus are the walls thin enough for Quick to have heard Reiko’s comment?) well have to await til next segment to find out
on another note Woo woo look at Reiko’s Rack up on Skye’s face, plus Jazmin is talking in her sleep some eh? got to wonder who their sensei was hmm

an offer Quick is trying to refuse! Good lord Rei’s chest looks way massive in this comic, great comic all the way!

I think the curry made Rei’s boobs grow. I mean, seriously, check between 102 and 103. MAJOR size difference, don’t ya think?

i think its just that her puppies aren’t being held back as more than when she had them covered…
quick ill most likely not do anything i doubt it`ll go that way he loves chrissy for her and not for her body….still someone with a weak will would take advantage of the situation.

When the time comes that he does get together with Chrissy, let’s hope he really DOESN’T live up to his name. 😛

Anyways, my money is on that he’s a gentleman who doesn’t take advantage, Chrissy remembers the way she acted tonight and thanks him for not taking advantage (incredibly unlikely with quick’s luck, but I hope for the guy) and as a result he’s one step closer to being together with her without having to have her intoxicated.

Poor Quick. One girl seduces him, who he was attracted to, yet not the one he really wants. And the girl he really wants is seducing him, yet he under the influence. Like I said, ‘Poor Quick.’

Looks like Quick has no choice. Besides, what’s he got to lose?

It would really be bad if Quick were to pounce on her at this moment. Reminds me of Bittersweet Candy Bowlwith two chars, Lucy and Paulo. Lucy wasn’t drunk, but Mike, the boy she loved, was (and is still) distancing himself, harshly, from her. She turned to Paulo for “comfort,” and neary had him take advantage of her. In the original arc, he did not, but the artist made an alternate arc where he did. In the end, the alternate arc had a better ending than the main arc. I can’t see that happening here.

is it just me or does chrissy’s body seem . . . not “correct”, if we were to pull the blanket away? the legs don’t seem like they’d rendezvous with her hips and torso in a pleasant manner. Otherwise hothothot Chrissy is omnomnomnom furry goodness. My god rei’s chest really blew up now that it’s unleashed loololol ;p

As the next update draws near, I have a sinking feeling it’ll be a filler page.

yo don’t jinx it by saying that it’s a filler page when everyone here is eager to see what’s gonna happen next, *readies a pitchfork to lynch a jinx*

*puts on magic superman glasses* He went that way. —->

I have the arsenal at the ready for lynching, COME GET YOUR TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS HERE!

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