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I can’t expect a comic to live up to my personal standards, but yeah.

You don’t take advantage of someone who’s drunk. You just don’t.

does it count if the drunk person is taking advantage of you? 😀

Then there is nothing you can do about but either to flow w/ it or start running. I REALLY doubt he’s running anytime soon. ;P Plus, if someone ran out on you, giving yourself to them, no matter how drunk they are, they’ll remember that one for a while. Roll w/ the flow Quick. There ain’t nothing you can do about it! XD

That last pick of Reiko deserves a pinup


well, in the comic/cartoon world two or three stages are possible. one would be Quick holds on to his morals until crissy goes to sleep on her own. he falls under the woo’s of her and she passes out just before the deed is begun or at the middle of it. and third…….. they go to either his or her bedroom, fade to black, they wake up “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?”! or maybe im missing something or getting something wrong

looks like quick is going to get what he wanted anyway what would chrissy’s reaction be when she wakes up in the morning im betting she will do the classic scream loud enough for people in 10 miles range can hear along with giving quick a punch in the face

ok, I wanna be in quick’s position as much as anyone else here, but so far the actions he’s taken through out this comic aren’t dissimilar to what I’d do in such a situation, so by that I just have a feeling deep in my gut that he’ll be the kind of guy to not take advantage of Chrisie while she’s intoxicated.

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