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Blackwind published on 23 Comments on Blackwind

Crimson: Here we have one of the first fan-filler project submissions! Hopefully soon to become one of many, this particular piece is from one of our strongest fans, BlackWind, showcasing Liona on stage during one of her concerts. I hope this reminder inspires all of you fans to submit your fan-art, so that we can appreciate it properly. Check back on Tuesday for some more fun stuff during our break. Have a good weekend, folks!


interesting design (although I can’t figure out how those lyrics are supposed to go…) and style, although… how, exactly, does her skirt thing stay up???

also, is this what you guys meant by filler content? just to be sure.

Who’s is she?

I want to smack you.

Oh yeah? Well you were already smacked by the group for trying to sweep her off so if you can do better toss a piece together

Thanks otaku hopefully your work will get to shine here for all of us to enjoy (I’m surprised that I was 1st up n_n)

Oh I can’t take all the credit. I can’t draw worth a hill of beans. My friend DYW, however, now SHE can draw. But what we’ve been doing is working together with her drawing and me working with her to find ways to make the drawing better. Like an editing process almost.

Still, she has been doing a great job, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Forgive me for this, but I’m still celebrating the break up soooooo…..

Ding dong the B@?th is gone, which old b@?th? The chrissy b@?th!!! Ding dong the chrissy b@?th is gone!!!!

Let freedom ring, let the whole world sinnng, let the whole world know that to day is a day of celebraaationn, let chrissy be goooone, let Quick be stroooong… Ok I suck at improve singing, but I’d say I hate to see chrissy leave, but I hate the cheap b@?th too much to waste my breath. Let her stay gone, Quick can do better waaaay better. So bring on the days without that useless whiner, the comics better without her cheap drama. >: ( I’m calling out to the Chrissy haters to stand and announce yourselves, let us band together brothers and sisters!!!! Boot the b@?th! Boot the b@?th!! Boot the b@?th!!!

Wow, for once I actually agree completely with BlackWind, if not his own fervor. Red letter day, this is. Were, really… :sigh: while I do appreciate your passion for the story, please calm down a little bit. I think we all understood your stance and opinion on the current situation with your FIRST post on the latest page, thank you. I look forward to more comments on that matter with the return of the story next month.


Oy oy!!! No reason to call me a boob lil man, as far as I knew comment were comments, as long as the pretain to the comic, “waves hand over page” no where does it say that the comments have to be about the filler above, mind yer manners and show respect. Whats done is done, if the folks running this comic wished to all “they” had to do was ask me not to do it again. With that said I wont do it again. Sorry all.

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