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is rei even WEARING any panties in this pic? or bra for that matter?

I can’t see how you could see whether she wears panties or not from this angle.
But it made me think about something. If she has panties, what is their name?

I mean Panty calls her own Backlace. And, according to, Scanty has her Double Gold Lacytanga.
Stocking calls her weapon Stripe 1 & 2. Kneesocks calls her own Double Gold Spandex.

For a ninja bunny like Reiko a ninja thong seems fitting, as seen in page 133. Pardon the pun.
As for the name how would Cottontail sound?

Jazmin could call her socks Shimatatabi. (Shima=stripe matatabi=catnip[ I know she is a bunny,
but catnip has an intoxicating connotation. ] tabi=traditional japanese socks)

well quick is loaded (knew it hi5) and chrissy ended cus he didnt tell her………………..i would tell no either to much of a hassle and beside being coompared to jason bourne JASON FRIGGIN BOURNE AWESOME

why does Rei look anorexic ._.

I prefer “slender”.
Because of the pose (she is not facing straight forward so that makes her look less curvy),
clothing and because I decided not to emphasize her midriff. (I tend to do that.)
Oh, and maybe because I did something that defies logic and drew her Puppies a bit smaller
than usual.(To get a more balanced figure and because Panty had smaller ones than Stocking.)

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