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is rei even WEARING any panties in this pic? or bra for that matter?

I can’t see how you could see whether she wears panties or not from this angle.
But it made me think about something. If she has panties, what is their name?

I mean Panty calls her own Backlace. And, according to, Scanty has her Double Gold Lacytanga.
Stocking calls her weapon Stripe 1 & 2. Kneesocks calls her own Double Gold Spandex.

For a ninja bunny like Reiko a ninja thong seems fitting, as seen in page 133. Pardon the pun.
As for the name how would Cottontail sound?

Jazmin could call her socks Shimatatabi. (Shima=stripe matatabi=catnip[ I know she is a bunny,
but catnip has an intoxicating connotation. ] tabi=traditional japanese socks)

well quick is loaded (knew it hi5) and chrissy ended cus he didnt tell her………………..i would tell no either to much of a hassle and beside being coompared to jason bourne JASON FRIGGIN BOURNE AWESOME

Uhh Soup I’m not exactly an authority here or anything but Crimson has stated many times to keep on topic
Therefore your comments about the events on the last comic page is where you should post that as these are pages of the FAN content only
So y’know comment on pic not the end story

why does Rei look anorexic ._.

I prefer “slender”.
Because of the pose (she is not facing straight forward so that makes her look less curvy),
clothing and because I decided not to emphasize her midriff. (I tend to do that.)
Oh, and maybe because I did something that defies logic and drew her Puppies a bit smaller
than usual.(To get a more balanced figure and because Panty had smaller ones than Stocking.)

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