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Seriously, how is this guy not dead?

because Amp there is a limit of how far police are able to "manhandle" a perpetrator without getting sued for excessive use of force.

I love this Eliza character, this crossover was awesome! x3

Crossover to what? I saw a very obvious reference, but I'm not aware of any crossover. I desperately need more entertainment and this sounds like a good lead, so can you help me out?

Master Godai has a couple of other comics that tie into Rascals. One is Goyokou, which is hosted here as a bonus donation driven comic – (It's about Skye and the Usagi sisters growing up in ninja training school together)

The other is Project Zero, another donation driven comic hosted over on PS- (It's about Chrissy's cousin, Eliza, and her adventures with her SWAT squad. So… SWAT… Cats? lol)

There's Knuckle Up too, but that doesn't have anything to do with Rascals as far as I know.

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