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OMG! my thought on when this next page would come was right! cody was gonna have a three way with chrissy. ya know, part of me had a feeling this was gonna happen when I read rascals #160 and I took an obvious guess that this would happen. I bet that after she's done telling quick about her past it'll be quick's turn to tell her his past or maybe they'll kiss and make up?

A three way? Dang, I knew he wanted her, but I never considered him to introduce that at first bat. Also…yeah, he should be dead (or at severely injured), but I doubt it due to him actually being around again.

Well Amp buddy sadly since this is Chrissy's Tale of woe the sleazy bastich lived to see another day unfortunately,
but Rejoyce next week we'll see how Eliza Dealt with him and his friend in her style of "justice"

YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING His A$$ Belongs to Eliza now with a full dose of Police "brutallity" of the worst kind (with a Tazer up his Rectum) but seriously for him to actually trick Chrissy and offer her to his friend as a 1 night stand is downright sleazy and uncaring the bastard scumpuker declaring he owns her is Inconceivable!

While a Tazered rectum would indeed be painful I had more of a "Michone vs the Governor thing planned" for those of you who read Walking Dead. Also, Eliza will probably leave witnesses, I don't have such compassion in this case. However, if you step the Tazer up to a an Arc Flash then I will happily stand aside. (google it)

I feel this cody character needs some more background. becoming an ass so quickly just from having his dad hitting the jackpot? still feels the turn was too quick and easy, not to mention simple. There has to be more stuff to it, the author just prolly haven't worked on it yet…

Well, here's the thing. While Quick's story hasn't been revealed, his ethics, especially when it comes to money, means that his parents either earned all of that money (or carefully invested it), or another generation did. Cody was practically <i>handed</i> that money, so technically, it was never really his. And at this point, with everybody wanting to be his "friend," he feels <i>entitled</i> to things that he really isn't. Quick might have been betrayed, too, at a younger age, and makes it a point for people to get to know <i>him</i> first, which is why Quick kept his money a secret.

Okay, seriously. On top of the knock off Chalosan drawing style, I'm seeing major differences in the coloring/shading style on this page compared to the previous one.
Are you just really inconsistent or did you get someone else to color this shit?

Let me share something with with you. Take a look at Las Lindas page, just at the bottom of the green bar on the right side of the page. Oh, Look! there is a link to this comic!. Could this possibly mean that even Chalo likes this comic? What do you think about it?. And yes, I know what I said about starting flame wars, but I am just curious to read your opinion.

Dear Darguyver2020,

if you had bothered to read the description underneath the page you would have known that this page was in fact coloured by MasterGodai's pal Tony. Godai has let him colour a few earlier pages to give him the opportunity to showcase his considerabel colouring abilities.

I understand that the descripion is easily overlooked and the two colouring styles are indeed immensely different. However, both I and many of the others commenting would appreciate it if you abstained from immediately resorting to making rude remarks.

You have made it clear that you dislike Godai's drawing and you have the right to express your own opinion. Chalo's influence is definitely apparent, but he doesn't mind the similarities, in fact he sees past them to quite enjoyable comic they are part of.

UNderstand that I am not scolding you, I merely request that you maintain a certain degree of etiquette even when discussing something you dislike.

I apologise if I have offended you with this message, but I felt it was necessary. I hope that, in the future, you will join me and many others in enjoying the delightful webcomic that is Rascals.

Yours sincerely,

Ah yes, I forgot to mention something:

Congratulations on joining the Katbox MasterGodai, you have definitely earned it.

And don't be disheartened by the likes of Darkguyver2020, I'm certain that in due time he'll come to see just how deserving of a position in the Katbox you are.

Oh boy, well this asshole's a good lesson in letting money go to your head. I hope there will be a beating next issue, at the very least I'd like to see him try and justify saying he "owns" someone to a cop and someone he just struck, that allow is worth a police trudgeon to the jewels a dozen times.

I had a lot of fun coloring this page.

So not only does Mastergodai rip off Chalosan's drawing style, but he's also too lazy to color it in.
Why are you even on Katbox?! ಠ_ಠ

I have to say that I love this comic. Its nice to see something mildly realistic for a change. Its been awhile since I actually checked it on Petite Symphony so its nice to see it on here. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for more :3

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