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total hotness that’s what, CUE THE LESBIAN MAKE-OUT XD

ah ah ahh just wait a while longer little one 1st she needs to know who she is before any “shenanigans” can happen (if at all) X3

(never suspected jenny would be kinda bold and lil pervy XD)

Reiko nearly jumped the melons of a random fan of SKYE’s that asked him to sign her breasts, not to mention pulling a total rape-face on our little drunk mousie friend (who’s name has just eluded me XD) you really think she’s gonna wait to find out who Jenny is? of course the instant quick tells her that Jenny’s his sister, I’d LOVE to see Reiko’s reaction to that XD

Where the hell did Reiko come from?

From the shadows would be my guess. She’s a ninja after all.

Why can’t hotness just *poof* into my room?

cause it doesn’t happen like that happen in real life

It’s not so much a blue hell as it is a purplish pink hell… at least for Jenny anyways.

I am a tad curious though as to why Quick isn’t more surprised about his sister and Skylar having hooked up in the past… but then I remember what kind of place the reality is in this webcomic. I’m guessing Jenny has done something similar in the past.

i’m guessing that reiko doesn’t know that jen was skye’s fling, or that she intends to win him back. I can see a fight coming up, and hopefully it involves skimpy swimsuits and a kiddie pool filled with olive oil.

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