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Wait….I’m first?!……..whoa…..

*throws a big blue shell!*

*passes the finish line before the blue shell hit him* HA! SAFE!

Gah, not the blue shell!

The most epic way I’ve ever dodged a blue shell: I used a mushroom just as it was about to smash into me and juked it into the ground as I zoomed off
This was in MK Wii, mind you, so the mechanics were a little wonky

Damn is right I bet!! She’s even more sexually active than Reiko!!

On a much bigger note, I think we all know where this is going. Liona is TOTALLY Preggers!!!

Most likely, or could just be false alarms and she is having stomach issues XD

precisely there is still too much speculation about it, buuut it is kinda leading to that conclusion tho

Nope, there’s a bun in that oven.

I know it’s not really relevant here, but I wonder if Chrissy even actually wants to be with quick, she always seems to get pissed off at him for the smallest offense, I was re-reading the archives and she got mad at him just for not telling her that Leona and Skye were cousins

I haven’t reread through in a few weeks, but If I remember right, Chrissy has some trust issues from her past, that we know of at least. At least as far as I remember XD

trust issues or not, getting pissed at one guy for not telling you that his friend is cousins with a pop star is just stupid and honestly, I’m starting to REALLY dislike Chrissy and I feel Quick should go with Jazmin

Then Godai is doing his job making you feel attached to characters, and actually make them seem like human beings XD And who knows what will happen farther down the line. My hopes is Reiko creates a massive Harem of all of them XD

Wait a minute…Is…is she pregnant?
I thought at first based on the last page that she got overly excited; however, if she did throw up this morning, that could be morning sickness and thus she’s pregnant. This…this should be interesting as this would ultimately effect Nick and her career, more so Nick as he’s her bodyguard.
Then again, I’m probably looking way too much into this. It’s probably nothing more than food poisoning or something.

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