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that’s what’s great about MMA fights. even if you lose you still get paid a small amount.

X_X SMALL PAY you say??? dude that is a $50k check he just handed her for a NON Contract Match, Imaagine if she had a contract + a representative + a sponsor it would have been a larger sum (like winning a local lottery prize)

Calling it now, she will make friends with the crew and get involved in the love polygon.

She is sooo cute in the last panel.
Also i don’t believe there is such a thing as a fair businessman but he since he did pay her bills il’l let it slide.

Not every suit has proffered their soul when they begin the path in a for-profit enterprise. Most do possess ethical and moral standards when in business and completing transactions with other individuals.

Swish swish…yup all is forgiven

ok then she may have been beat but today’s story is all about her, look at that form that build the ssmooth curvature there that you want to slide your hand on, her semi silky curled hair, even if she still has spunk she can still look cute most likely another prime target for our resident bunny to try n molest X3 nevermind her being added to the group of people she doesnt look like the sociable type just yet

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