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Skye at least got to hear, but that probably made it worse for him. XD

First Skye is going to need some consoling. Then he’ll probably need somebody to stop him from going on the warpath. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to sit by while someone else is discriminated against.

But that becomes a problem in itself because so far no one else knows about it and if by chance they go blabbing about it that she is gay then some unscrupulous person might secretly either blackmail her or end her wrestling career once more especially after 6 times of trying (there’s always some jackass trying to get over someone out there and you know it)

Probably half her problem is that her sponsors are blabbing to each other. If they are insensitive enough to chuck someone for their orientation, outing them to others probably doesn’t strike them as a “no no” either.

Both very good points. However, it cuts both ways.

If she can prove that her contracts were ended because she was gay, then that opens up the opportunity for lawsuits against her previous organizations. Since Skye is a big source of revenue for his organization, he probably knows a good lawyer, and depending on how friendly his organization is, that lawyer probably knows other good lawyers. Even if that’s not the case, there are probably many advocacy groups who would be willing to help her.

However that gets resolved (probably an out-of-court settlement if she does have proof), it still brings the situation into the court of public opinion. How many fighters do you think would be willing to stick with an organization known to be homophobic? Even if they can’t get out of their contracts, it’s doubtful that they will want to renew them, which means lost revenue for said organizations in the long term. Furthermore, if Rippy up there is correct, then that’s conspiracy, which reflects badly on the sport in general, and you can bet that there is a governing organization that will want to avoid being accused of homophobia.

Furthermore, how much would you be willing to bet that Miss Kane is not the first person to go through this? I don’t know the average spread for gay athletes vs the total, but if Isabella has gone through six organizations, chances are at least one other person has been burned as well. And if that person sees someone else like them taking a stand, that’s encouragement for them to do the same, which instantly doubles the amount of trouble those organizations face. Once is an anomaly, two is a trend and all that.

Of course, all of this hinges on there being proof that her contracts were cancelled because she’s gay. If there is, well, we also know two ninjas who aren’t likely to sit around either.

First up – nicely done! You did this well.

Minor issue, even if they were cancelled for her preferences, she’d still have to prove it. Depending on how her contracts were written, it may not be so clear cut; for example, if it has a clause related to outside behavior conforming to a code of conduct, they might claim that they chucked her for the debauch, sexuality non-withstanding, and then Izzy would have to prove discrimination based on uneven enforcement, not straight homophobia.

If it’s written so that she can be cancelled without explanation during a grace period, the company literally doesn’t have to defend themselves, and can claim anything they like.

Now, I still think she could fight it, and win – 6 instances is a lot, and with Skye and Reiko backing her, she’s got the cash to back the suit. And your point about the ninjas is also great. But the fight can be complicated, if her old employers are canny. Conspiracy is also sometimes hard to prove, depending on how the legal system defines the burden of proof in such cases.

Well, fights like these are never easy. Odds are all the stupid opponents got beat already, which leaves the smart ones.

Obviously a great deal depends on how her contracts were worded, as you mentioned, which is where getting a good lawyer really helps. I’m not one myself, but I imagine knowing what all the jargon actually means goes a long way towards protecting yourself.

Still, she’s about to learn that she’s got some strong backers in her corner now. Very often winning these kinds of battles is about knowing the right people, and there is such a thing as bad publicity.

I thought that usuallu the discrimination was always one sided. As in hypocrisy
Man + Man and they go: Ewww nope we don’t like it go away
Woman + Woman: Booyah some lesbiam action

Love the Mega Con ad. Reiko is all “you mad bro?” 😀

Strictly speaking, acceptance of lesbianism is somewhat higher than gay relations, but it’s a difference of something like 10-20% (depends on the study and segment). Lesbians get plenty of discrimination, it’s just not as fervent.

At least some Booyahs come from lesbian porn, with some of those playing with the mental assumption that the viewer is a “participant,” in a voyeuristic sense, which cognates to a threesome with one person who likes to watch. Assuming the viewer is male, this in turn can translate into “my harem, under the lesbian tab,” not “lesbians” (women can do this too, but the harem would then still be lesbian, obviously) – a term that doesn’t pan out in reality. That percentage (again, not everyone) is still as likely as their traditional segment to react badly to lesbians in real life, especially if they don’t conform to the fantasy expectation, even though they support “lesbians” as a fantasy construct.

ps- That ad, your statement, so true.

lol, Skye’s gonna need some Reiko-loving to cure him of that, LOL

I can see him sitting on the other side of the door (which has scratch marks on it from him) with the look of a puppy on his face (like on a dog after you kick it out of your room for the night)

Im not to worried about what’s gonna happen, I mean come on, Skye is allowed to continue in this, and he has Reiko for a girlfriend, and with how this organization seems to play out, I doubt they will worry about her being gay, so my big question is…. is Reiko an F cup or a G cup…. also, Izzy’s are probably a large DD, or a small E…

I really really really really need to say that being honest we can only tell that Skye had fun just once in the comic, on the beggining of it when he was yellow and Reiko’s breasts were not the wonderfull things they are now, after that Skye has been taken aside and honestly we can’t really tell how many times he have had fun on the comic xD
Being it good or bad I need to say also that I’d like to see more “inner porn” like, not only for the commissions that people reques that are more usually to be a character from the one that buys the commision and a Rascals character (more likely to be a girl xD), seriously, Godai could do that of showing more of his character on action, that’s something I always like on these comics, the sexy pics between the characters from the story, not only with characters from out of it, like can be Skye and these beauties, or just Skye with Reiko, can also include Chrissy and Quick, that’s something I find really attractive too.

1) Issy, put some clothes on and let me make you a relaxing cup of tea. And here’s a hug. Seriously, those fuckers don’t know what they’ve missed. You’re a good good wrestler.

b) Her sixth organisation?! May I get the names of the previous 5? You know, for curiosities sake. (Cocks shotgun and turns on kinetic barrier) Purrty plz :33? With itty-bitty chevvy on top?

III) Poor Sky.

δ) At least tell me Reiko secretly recorded everything so she could show Sky later.

Huh. So I wasn’t too far off the mark with that guess. And this raises a good point. Why are so many people against same-sex relationships? I don’t see a problem with them.

As a person that lives in a country whos main export is homophobes, I thought about that subject a lot.
Some people just fear things they don’t understand. Others were raised from birth to believe that same-sex relationships are wrong.
There is also the fact that some bearded dude in a robe, some 1-2 thousand years ago, said that his god isn’t cool with the whole gay thing… something something sin… something something eternity in hell.
And don’t forget that there are people and groups that hold certain, high positions in society (conservatives, church etc) who see homosexuals as a threat to their regime. Basically, if they don’t do something about it, they’ll loose power and that’s a big no-no for them.
It’s a stupid thing to hate someone for his/her sexuality. Come on! it’s the XXI f***ing century! It’s time to move forward.

You know, deep down inside, I think Reiko is looking up at Issy’s face and down at her finer “assets” with some sort of ninja magic.
And poor Skye. I guess strong men cry too. Then again, he should’ve seen that one coming with all the lines and back talk she threw at Skye over the last few pages.

With all the humor comments out of the way, I’m rather intrigued with the direction of Issy’s story as it does highlight more current events in this industry, specifically MMA. I’m also looking forward in seeing the interaction between Issy and Skye now, considering she’ll be spending more time with the group and her new gal pal!

Poor Kane. Most companies may not be like that anymore, but she seems to get stuck with the ones that still are.
And Poor Skye. Kicked out of Paradise. I can see him now, curled up in a ball outside the door. Perhaps they’ll show mercy and give him a group hug or something…

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