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If I remember correctly he used to be an old fling with Jazmin. I bet he wants to ask Quick about his relationship with her. After all, she was thinking of getting back with him. One thing bugs me, what is Quick going to do with the girls and how would Shiro fit into all this?
Seriously, doesn’t he know that he can’t be with all of them? Even though many make jokes about him being with all of them but I know Quick isn’t dumb enough to try and do that. That would just lead to broken hearts. What do you guys think?

I think personally he’s already been bamboozled into sleeping with Raven, Chrissy, and Jazmin all at once, and is being left as the one to make all the decisions as the others don’t care (Raven’s case) or don’t want to confront it (Definitely Chrissy and Jazmin).

My guess? Quick’s about to be attacked. Possibly beaten to a pulp, or Shiro will be officially declaring war for Jazmin/calling out Quick for playing gigolo. Or maybe even being told he’s welcome to have her, given that she can’t find it in herself to honor a relationship long since assured by their parents…another reason Arranged Marriages should be made when both parties are adults and able to decide if they like each other…

Anywho, if Quick is told he’s welcome to Jazmin, that is NOT a compliment or good thing; Shiro turning his back on Jazzy is liable to set the whole harem to the torch, and we already saw how horribly unbalanced relationships can go a la Skye and Reiko. Those two were lucky they figured it out quickly.

Personally I’m rooting for Quick to wind up happily in Paige’s arms, and let the girls here figure out where they went wrong in losing the best damn man they’d yet seen. THough Quick has some fault for even letting things get to this point, so it might very well fit that ALL FOUR wind up alone.

Jarek if you have read this comic entirely you should know that Quick is only interested 100% in Chrissy and after all the drama and heartaches they went thru he’s NOT going to give her up.
secondly the brief “interlude” with Jasmin was originally from a drunken stupor she had to being sober in which SHE kissed him and they became better friends but Quick already knows that one slip up with her and there’s Hell+broken bones to pay. (Tho there was a meeting between Mrs Bourne and Mrs Asagi (Quick’s mom and Jasmin’s mom) that they wanted an arranged Marriage between them but when Mrs Kyoko spoke to Quick and saw their interactions she knows there’s someone else in Quick’s mind/heart so she’s not forcing the issue,
as for Raven she’s the least attached to Quick as she came onto him but didn’t get anywhere with him so yeah that just about sums it up
any other “stragglers or nuisances” getting in the way is just a test of his resolve and determination. Case closed.

If I remembered correctly, in one Panel, Quick did say, after Jazmin passed out, “If I didn’t met Chrissie, I might’ve had fallen for you” or something like that. While I might be a Jazmin fanboy, but QUick going with Chrissy is just as likely as Jazmin. As for Raven, she’s more of a One-timer. They have more of a Gamer Rivalry relationship then a Sexual one. Yet all the girls like teasing Quick about it.

Wow. Out of 13 previous Comments, only 1 mentioned the very thing I was thinking. That Dude look like Ranma. Fem!Ranma to be more Precise.

Plays Aerosmith’s “Dude look like a Lady”

Oh I did notice Shiro looking like “Ranko” (female Ranma’s nickname) but I wasn’t paying enough attention to him since the situation at hand is the concern

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