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Once the blood rushes back to his head, he’ll realize he can’t keep this job and stay with an insecure Chrissy.

I dunno where I remembered it from, but the panel that Rally Ryder came in I can hear that line “OH YEAH!” right in my head

Stressful!? More like a stress reliever. Quick, you hit the JACKPOT my friend

Nope negative this job has all the makings of break up material written all over it, especially when it comes to Chrissy’s insecurity with Quick being around other girls especially her best friend which he does Not know!!!

yep it does, stressful times x13 divide by e=mc square to the power of 3 and you will see that chrissy and quick’s relationship is going to be in turmoil with how Chrissy insecurities this is going to end very very badly for quick, on the other hand Jazmin might get another shot at quick

Oh my friggin god that’s Rally Chrissy’s Bf from before they met, damn please don’t do anything dumb while on assignment Quick or you’ll regret it

Do you think Quick will reveal the job details to Chrissy? Or will Chrissy learn of the job details by reading a magazine and noticing Quick’s name in the credits, possibly in a nude/extra revealing photo shoot for a magazine?

If he really does care for her he will inform her of the type of job he is doing, because to conceal it would lead to disaster, and no I don’t think Jazmine would jump at his misfortune just like that, she values his friendship too much to take advantage like that

Okay so, I saw Rally here has a spot under the Cast tab, so right away I’m guessing we’ll see more of her! What worries be are her “likes”, It’s porn, Quick is currently looking at someone who is possibly as big a pervert as Rei. So there are a number of ways things could go wrong right now, sure hope they don’t!

It is uncertain if Ms Rally is going to try something perverted with Quick as his Sister probably not going to let her have her way with him

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