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I thought Issy was a boob woman.
Also, this is the first time anyone has brought up her height.

third panel screams supervillian

This sinister, sexy Dr Jugs, who’s evil plan is to mind-control the world with her bewbs. So far, it’s working!

at least on us it is

And who will stand up to the tyrannical reign of her and her bewbs? Who will save us from the warm, mind-controlling embrace of her terrible cleavage?
*insert super hero intro music here* Never fear, Tit Woman is here! Stronger then a pair of rabid girls fighting over the last peace of designer clothing. Faster then a 10-year old girl running to a last minute Justin Bieber concert. Has tits more memorable the Laura Croft. And with that power she will stop Dr Jugs’s tits of terror.
I don’t even… No, really: I have no idea what I was thinking while writing this. ^3^;

There are 4 powers in this world- NAY; the universe that can counter bewbs. First is willpower, but it’s a gift very few people posses. 2nd is love and commitment, but even then, those who posses that are vulnerable to temptations. 3rd is male homosexuality, but we can’t use that because of… reasons… And 4th are bewbs of equal or greater magnitude. That’s why Tit Woman, a horny, bi bunny ninja by day and a sexy crime-fighter by night, is the only one who can stop Dr Jugs!

I…I’m having a crisis of faith here. Jasmine is best girl, but…Issy is making a really strong push for the title.

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