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Quite heavy on the fanservice, Godai…not that I object. 😉

no objections here

Objections? What is that? And she didn’t hurt him again! I’m betting the fans are half and half on this ship.

I think that the split isn’t quite 50/50 (if only because there are a couple Raven partisans), but I would also say it isn’t a bad guess, either X)
It’s pretty clear the story favors Crissy, but shippers gotta ship :3

Well, I prefer Crissy.

If I needed a reason, I’d say because she ditched him when she found out he had been lying about his finances (because truth is more important to her). Now she realizes she actually likes him enough to go thru the hassles now springing up, but she’s willing to let him go so he could be happy.

To me, that is maturity and devotion.

I wonder how long it’ll take before she realizes she simply can’t lose him (Raven and Jasmine sure know). He’s too dang devoted to her (reason #2).

i saw everything and i can honestly say, Quick you should put your serious face and set your mom straight and jazmin should also speak seriously with her mom and get the facts straight so no more shenanigans continue running amok.

sure Jazmin looks great there in her training Gi but Quick tread carefully as to not send mixed messages when talking with her there.

Nothing to see! Nothing!

unless you have a death wish

Wait, why did Quick exclaim a british metal band?

You know, that is not how I’d answer. A better answer to “What did you see?” is “My friend, upset and in need of cheering up.” or something like that.
(I’d personally answer “a beautiful young woman feeling down,” but then, I wouldn’t have stayed hung up on Chrissy, and would have given Jaz an honest date. -I love it when my honesty and suave collide.)

Eloquence at its finest good sir.

d’awww, you’re just saying that. *blush*

About as smooth as a rusty bone saw.

ive seen gravel roads smoother than that answer

i can honestly say that when Jazmin asked him “what did you see” and he said “oh nothing I didn’t see nDDo silky firm pink thighs yah! nothing at all” and if she decides to smirk and say “oh really eh?” and decides to “flash him” thinking they are alone down there, with both parents still around she will Doom Quick into both her mother and his parents suspicions of them two being in a relationship, out of just a heat of the moment thing XD

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