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O_o;;; whoa Jenny is Quick’s big sister what a surprise. and Skye comes to “save his bacon” only to be surprised by her wooo woo next page will be Fun!!!

the look on his face is more of a “Oh Shit” look

in which case it’s an awkward feeling for him because maybe obviously she has a crush on him as a studly tiger can get yet she probably don’t know he’s taken

Woooooooooo!!! Things are starting to get juicy now!! I got 10 to 1 odds Jenny is totally love struck for Sky!


where to? and why? wouldn’t that be suspicious?

its the classic fan girl chase.

Hm…you know, a thought just occurred to me. Where is Quick’s pimp hat? He really needs to get one XD

I miss Jazmine. And am still shipping QuickxJaz.
On the other hand Jen is a new addition to my favorites

if you like her so much wait til the fan art of her comes up X3

Or draw some yourself … like I’m totally not doing right now, okay, maybe I am. DON’T JUDGE ME!

and when i meant fan art that i meant making one myself to share upon once done. and yes as the Imperial Mage i do judge and pass sentence upon you, Feed him to the sharkticons!!!

Can you give me a link? I’m a little busy at the moment, since right now I have to make 5 drawings. The deadline is next week, and I’m only finished with one. But, that’s mostly because I procrastinate until the very last second. In the limited time I have then, I can do wonders. I once finished a full body of Goku from DBZ in less than 30 min. and it had all it’s shading in.

holy crap, hot chick with a really fluffy tail, this day just got even better

it would of been better if she didnt somehow set off my fangirl alert senses which is like a spider sense but alerts me of any fangirls trust me i know abit of them fangirls are 10 times more scary then a army a demons

does it sound wrong if I want to use her tail as a blanket???

normally yes but this i would say heck yes its wrong

ok fellow Rascals here is my Fan art of Jenny hope you like it

NOT BAD, but her tail isn’t fluffy enough

well Geez excuse me for not getting her tail exact! XP
let me see your version.

I didn’t mean to offend you man, the drawing was really good, I’s just saying id draw her tail( if my drawing skill was better than a preschooler) a little fluffier

Next page is going to be EPIC, can’t wait to se Sky’s reaction, is he going to take it easy and try to sort stuff out or is he gonna make a run for it?
Also i can’t decide on what to vote, i mean Jenny’s seriously hot stuff just like all of the other girls in this series, but i get the impression that she’s completely nuts to (probably not gonna take the situation with Sky to good)

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