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Well this has got to be totally awkward for Chrissy and Quick.

On a biggernote, Quicks mom is seriously finnay and cute when she’s drunk! Plus that clevage looks seriously plump!

Someone shut her up before Chrissy decides to take notes!!!

wait, wait, wait. I want to hear what she’s got to say, maybe it’s important.

You just wanna hear the best “techniques”!

My verdict. I like Chris’s Dad. He tolerates no nonsense and commands authority and discipline. The Mother is a complete fool, and if Quick is smart, he should listen to him more than her and get him to talk some sense into this jackwagon.

“How would you guys handle a situation like this?”

Disown my own parents. Forbid them to ever speak to me or anybody I know ever again. This kind of shit pisses me off- it’s ruined the relationships of many friends I’ve had when their folks wouldn’t wise the fuck up and listen to what their adult children are trying to tell them.

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