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Finally after all this time first XD
I don’t really see how can anyone even stand by Trevor by now seeing how much bpm this guy can drop.

the guy is smitten by Quick’s sister and wants to really try n get in her pants in which case there is NO way she is falling for his corn dripping cheese rotted pick up lines, but Quick imagines she knows best

Now there is one thing that worries me.
Since Quick and Jen get along SO WELL she might start dating him just to piss off Quick.
Not likely but i have seen it happen.

No doubt in my mind about that.

wow Jenny must be using a supple push up bra to have her puppies almost in Quick’s face when that is Chrissy’s job XD but seriously why would she want to amuse herself at his interview for? geez some moral support there 0_<;

Siblings do that.
Personal experience.

which part the boobs in his face teaser or the amusing herself at his job interview at his expense? please don’t say both that would be just wrong

unfortunately, for me, it was BOTH.

Remember, in situations like that, the brother has no control and the sister enjoys herself a little too much. Well, maybe more than a little.

Hell, she enjoys it way too much.

My guess is that Jen is daddy’s spy to verify Quik went to the interview, in exchange for a gift. I don’t see any affection for the other’s well-being. And, Quik must have received the intelligence from the family and Jen, the looks.

I find the situation strange that Jen receives a free pass in her attempt to professionally model with a low probability of earning a comfortable lifestyle, while Quik was most likely pushed to enter college into a pre-selected field. Maybe their father will use Jen as a method to form a business alliance through a pre-arranged marriage? That guess though, reeks of misogyny.

Did you miss the recent attempts for a ‘quick marriage’? (bad pun intended)
An arranged marriage for his sister is par for the course in this webcomic.

Despite all appearances, I doubt Jen is even slightly mistaken about Trevor. I believe she has already had lots of experience literally playing with guys like him. We’re talking about a girl who very likely has been accosted not only for her looks, but for her family’s money.

Plus, she is trying to get into an industry that’s not exactly known for its ‘purity of heart’.

Trevor is about to be have his heart shattered into a million pieces.

Oh snap now.

Hey if the interviewer is a guy this could work out in Quick’s favor.

Interviewer: Alright Mr……WOW! Forget the interview give me her number, and you’ve got the job!!!!

It’s amusing me that Trevor is staying somewhat truthful here while speaking to Jen. Trevor is trying SO HARD to get on her… um… good side. It is also obvious Jen isn’t even starting to fall for this.

I guess you can say Trevor is trying… very trying.

Crissy is still there watching all this, isn’t she? Can’t we get a little input from her about the admittedly hilarious situation. Crissy and Jen may not see eye-to-eye on many things, but I am pretty sure Trevor is one they can agree on.

Be interesting if they discuss it right in front of him, but I suspect Jen’s going to have some fun ****-teasing him.

Unless either some good parent decides to enter this scene and put and end to the shenanigans like maybe unexpectedly Dad showing up to check up on “sonny boy” because after all he did set him up with the job interview, or his buddy Skye thinking the “coast is clear of Jenny” go figure XD

*Dry heaves* Hey no vomit. I think this is the first time lame pick up lines, and an act has literally made me sick. I hope quick move that mountain cause I may have a rover ready if this dude keep going and his sis actually falls for it. (if she does well there goes my faith in I guess furry kind for whatever the people called themselves as a species in the rascals universe).

Still love the art style, and the story. 🙂

Buddy I don’t think she’s that much of a dim bulb to believe those lines

Hey pal you would be surprised trust me. There is always that small margin of error that get ya when you least expect it.

Welp. Documenting it for her own amusement make it seem a tad mean but I’m holding off on that thought for now 😐

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